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The small child stomped his foot against the ground. “But why not?!” he shouted, “I want to go to the party! And it isn’t fair that they get to go and I don’t.” His mother cooed sweetly at him, trying to calm him down. “Of course, honey, I know. It’s just not a good time…. How about this: You stay home with Mama tonight and we’ll throw an even bigger party next week! We can invite all your friends, everyone who is going to be at this party plus anyone else you want to invite. We can even have clowns and cake and poneys…anything you want.” She brushed the tears from his eyes gently. “How does that sound, sweetie?”

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Revival – a thing of dreams, evoking a sense of mystery and rebirth. The regeneration of life. Renewal, refreshment. Energy flowing through, empowering where once death had become preeminent. A beautiful rejoicing of the triumph of life.

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Sly … Like wizards and witches in SLYtherin, sly people are manipulative, wily and deceitful.

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But there was nothing … It was complete desolation. This was all that was left of her town.

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She was of a playful nature. Men frequently described her as sultry; a flirtatious, passionate young woman.

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An educated person is someone who has had good education, typically someone who has gone to school and university.

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A coil of wire.
The snake coiled itself.
Smoke coiled towards the open door.

I don’t know, don’t ask me. ._.

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i get on one of these when i need to travel cheaply because the train costs too much. i enjoy listening to my mp3 and looking out the window. The seats usually have crazy colours and u dont wanna get sat near the toilet. i like going places when i can.

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I could delve into the emotions of a thousand flowing streams that curve to form the rivets of recorded consciousness, but that would take entirely too long and my process of thinking would utterly devolve into a mesh of words and precious meanings.

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disease people got. People were killed or were very sick. spread around very quickly

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Without any warning, Bobby went flying into the air. His arms were flailing and his feet were floating in directions that he didn’t know were possible. Bobby was flying. He was living the dream of every child. Gone were the days of jumping off the couch only to land on the cushions below. Gone were the days of staring up at the roof and wondering “what if.” This was “what if.” He was doing it. He was flying. And he never felt more alive.

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I presented a present to my husband that made him think of the past. He smiled and enjoyed every bit of it. I love him so much. This is a very neat tool that can get kids aware of different tools to use

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Relaxing massages by skilled masseuses. The bubbling of the jacuzzi. The hot steam filled sauna.

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My mom use to dress me in overalls as a child. I use to love wearing them actually. I remember when I had my 5 or 6th birthday at Peter Piper my sister and I are dressed in purple overalls while we have our dinosaurs in our hands. Ha

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forward she walked into the unknown that had become her life. forward she walked into the confusion that had become her life. forward she walked away from all that had made her feel safe. forward she walked ready to start her new adventure.

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I don’t know what to write about a reporter? I think i should probably write about…well this sucks.

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One of my best friends got accepted to architecture school at UT. Everyone knows he’s going to be so succuessful. He was our valedictorian of my class also in highschool. I also dated him…

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I lead the way down the dark passageway. I held a flaming torch in front of me, illuminating the dark, slimy walls and ground. “This way,” I whispered quietly to those behind me. The entrance had to be near. It had to. My friends were relying on me to get us out of this hellish underground nightmare.

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petition is when you dont believe in something that is going to happen, and you try your damn hardest to get it to stop happening, and find others who agree with you! I’ve signed many, never know if they;ve ever done anything though

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What are we recycling here now? Do people even know how to properly recycle? No no. They really don’t. I often question what I’m putting into what bin. And I’m recycling words and feelings constantly like it’s my day job. We need to recycle. We all know that. But what do I know about recycling words? Sometimes I find that I’ll say the same thing to a whole lot of different people, is that really recycling because I know they’re all perceiving it differently?

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Well personally I’ve never really been fond of Nelly Furtato (reference to Big Girls Don’t Cry “I need a shelter of my own prudention”). I mean, personally, I think she’s a bit of a whiner, but that’s just my opinion… Gotta respect that right?

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Glance. Touch. Turn of the head. Don’t know if it is more fun to give than receive. But I love it. And I miss it. Time to flirt.

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when she was little, she dreamed of growing up and marrying and getting one of those american houses with those white picket fences out front. she kept this dream to herself through her grade school years, and even as her friends got more exotic, even as her ambitions and her skills grew in capacity, she held onto the same dream.
and one day, she walked by a house and stared at the fence.
with a blink and a shake of her head, she walked off with a sigh. damn, she’d had dumb dreams.

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“give me liberty or give me death!” he cried indignantly at the top of his lungs, the class bursting into a chorus of laughter when the teacher raised on wry eyebrow at the troublemaking student. “liberty for the rest of us is you in jail,” she responded dryly, and the student fell back into his seat with a slack grin.
he shrugged when his seat partner punched him in the arm with a mocking smile. “hey, it was worth a shot.”

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there was no other word for it other than a “strut,” she thought with her face cradled in her hands and cheeks aflame. her best friend, her best man–he was STRUTTING down the runway in obscene designer pants and a ridiculous shirt with damn legitimate cleavage that did nothing to hide his toned body.
“why,” she whispered to herself as she looked away from the stage. “why must we be friends.”

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This makes me nervous, even more so because I can see that time bar edging closer to the end as I’m writing about the word that it makes me feel that I need to do, hurry. I didn’t hurry enough, I think time’s up.

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and lightning, thunder is “god” moving around his furniture, but I just think it’s loud and scary how can god be real when all he wants to do is scare us? I’ve no idea what lightning’s meant to stand for.. but I bet that’s scary too.

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battle scars littered the expanse of her arm, some from the violent demons within and some from external forces of self-hatred and loathing. she’d tried covering them up, at one point, with long sleeves and broken gloves and an assortment of bulky jewelry, but she’d given up with time. her battles were something to be proud of, she’d decided one day as she traced the lines with her fingers. she did, after all, wear her heart on her sleeve.

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he shook the slip of paper, muttering about fancyass digital cameras and their fancyass features and their fancyass automatic panorama as he glared at the photos splayed across the walls, sweeping landscapes of exotic lands and photosets of nature on its closest level. he squinted and held the photo up to the light, trying to discern beyond its shady shapes and vague features. “i’ll build my own panorama,” he muttered, and slipped it into his pocket.

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