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It was a strangely stylish home. I don’t know if I would call it modern. Curved angles gave way to the rigid legs of the sitting room chair. It was entirely made of wood. Not the kind from a factory, but from the shop of a wood smith. I couldn’t help but glance inside the room from my window. The chair was stout, just like the man sitting in it. He ate his biscuit with a bottle of Merlot and coffee.

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I settled onto the train hoping to find myself in a new place by tomorrow. As I opened my drowsy eyes, I wondered how day could look so different from night. The passing city lights were so bright. The lights were striking compared to the dark nights of the mountains. Looking around the car, I knew none of the faces, where they came from, or where they were headed.

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Change. It’s changing and I don’t like it because there is nothing I can do and no one is telling me why or how or what the hell is going on. Someone help me. I can’t breath. I can’t do this, my chest hurts. Please someone! Anyone? Hel-

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CHARGE!! He yelled and we forced our way past the wooden barriers. As the walls splintered around us, knives and spears flew towards our chests. Our shields fought back and a carnage of blades and bodies ensued. Our battle cry was loud enough to topple cowardly men. We weren’t about to give up until we won.

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“What do you think?” I stood in the spotlight and his words were drowned out by the blood pounding in my ears. Silence. My words got caught in my throat. I stepped away, melting into the shadows. I was free. Somehow I felt that my actions spoke louder than my words.

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I was cursed with this ability. Hair grew out of my arms to shield my body. My legs broke, twisting to conform into an animal. Everything changed when I became a wolf. I no longer knew any of my friends. I had teeth that could bite, and eyes that could kill.

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I wallow by the pond in the woods. I love the squishy feeling of mud squeezing through my toes. Giggling and squealing my cheeks are dirty like a little pig. Mud is my favorite. When my mother finds out how I ruined my pretty pink smock, I’m sure she’ll be furious.

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“You are eligible to win the grand PRIZE!” His voice exploded with excitement against my ears. “What kind of prize?” I asked sheepishly. His perfect smile widened. “Only the grandest prize you have ever DREAMED of! Now…” With a deft stroke of his wrist he pulled a booklet from his leather folder. “If you’ll just sign a couple of these papers, we’ll verify everything and you’ll be on your way to win the grand prize!”

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I’ve been around the globe, traveled to many countries. Tell me where you have been and I will tell you a story of living there. I’ve been amongst great monuments and places that would awe any human being. I’ve seen people at their best and their worst. Yet everywhere I go, it’s always the same.

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I am a phoenix prepared to fly. My feet pound over the ground until I leap off the cliff. My heart jumps in my chest. The wind lifts me higher, while the sun shines through my wings as I soar through the sky.

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I rented a boat and drove across the harbor. The island was empty, except for me. A few macaws flew overhead and the sea carried their sounds across the waves. I never knew how great it was to get away, even for a weekend. Now, I never wanted to leave this place. But I’d have to go sometime… I took off my sandals and strode across the sand.

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I was devastated when I found out the news. Soaking wet in the rain, I slipped my cell phone back inside my jacket pocket. Rain dripped down my nose as I stood in the dark waiting by the bus stop in vain. I thought he would be here. As the light from the approaching bus illuminated the street, I realized that my trip had all been in vain. I got on the bus alone.

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I often see a blank slate in front of me. Blank and boring like a piece of paper. I start to write and then the words make sense. Little black markings fly across the page, dotting each line and telling their story. Carrying each letter with a swish and a stoke, I make up and imagine a new word, a new phrase, a new formula.

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Lighting illuminated his dark hair and trench coat soaking in the rain. He gazed up at the climb that he would soon endure.. The black tower was a tall fortress of human invention. Yet it was nothing that he couldn’t destroy. He took one step onto the iron rails with his wet boots and began to climb.

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Claims to what! He exclaimed to himself. Shuffling around the room in a mad dash, he tried to scoop up all the papers before they burned. Get out of there! His brain was screaming at him over the buzz of smoke filling his consciousness. But his body wouldn’t listen. He grasped the documents for dear life before he decided to run out and save his own.

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“Welcome back!” I said, sweeping him off his feet. Of course, he was a little shocked, being nearly a foot taller than myself. His long hair spun around and slowly a beam started to show on his face. His weight finally caught up with me, but soon he was the one hoisting me off the ground. “I missed you too.” He said.

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He looked under the cabinets but there was nothing there. Boss was watching him. Of course it wasn’t there, Alex thought. This was a ruse. The real key is… He studied hard the clay floor in front of him, delving deep into the senses in the back of his mind. He sprang to his feet, striding over to the pantry and reaching into a sack of flour. In just a few seconds, his hand emerged with a small key covered in flour. “Well done.” Boss said. There was almost a smile on his face even.

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Alex drew on the piece of paper until all the lines conformed to a series of lines, patterns, a sketch that laid out the innards of the city streets. Like an architect, only the lines showed where the electricity was. The pulse, the heartbeat of the city. Alex handed it over and the boss took the paper and examined it. A cigar was smoldering between his lips as he contemplated the map. “Good,” He finally grunted.

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The old man buried his face inside the wooly scarf that was bundled around his neck. Lapsing quietly into a slumber, he rested beneath the canopy of trees that provided shade for his front porch.

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His thick upper lip was twisted from so many sinister smiles and his bushy eyebrows needed more than a waxing. Not that he would be the waxing type anyway, for he was far beyond masculine, and perhaps even a brute. Grime glossed over his unwashed skin and he didn’t seem to care. He was a hunter. That’s all that mattered.

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He shook the canteen above his lips, but produced nothing from its dry well. He continued to shake the vessel until he threw it to the ground, collapsing right next to it.

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“Don’t come any closer to me!” She screamed, holding up her hand to protect herself. The move made Lyle freeze.
“What are you talking about?” He said in a barely audible whisper. “I would never hurt you. What’s wrong…?”
The lady slumped down into a heap on the floor, sobbing her eyes out. “Don’t touch me…”
Lyle crept in closer, slowly but softly placing an arm across her shoulders. “Please, Linda. Tell me what’s wrong.” Linda wiped her eyes on her sleeve and turned away. “It doesn’t matter.” She stuttered. “Just…forget…”

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[One sentence] I just wanted to be happy, I thought as I sat at the end of the bench watching him walk off and ending our long standing relationship with each other, leaving the world, our old world behind us along with all the memories and events that had transpired to make us the team, and couple in fact that we were meant to be, making it hard to believe that he would choose this decision, as if leaving just to prove he could keep me safe but instead felt like he was doing just the opposite.

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I put both my fingers together, pinching the skin of the peach like a newborn. It had the texture and firmness of a marshmallow, not a softball or even a fuzzy baseball. Bringing the peach close to my nostrils, I whiffed in its closet boxed-in aroma. And the smell of rotting peach flesh. My nose crinkled and I tossed the peach into the garbage bin.

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The signs were all around me. Frostbitten as my hands were, I pulled them under my armpits, clenching my teeth together and staring at each road sign in turn. I started walking down one of the paths. My footprints fell fresh into the powdered ground. My shins hadn’t reacted from the ice that surrounded them with every step, but my legs couldn’t feel anything else.

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There it was, the help desk. A gigantic circular center of places where help could be received. The receptionist with her nerdy glasses, typing some numbers into her computer like a meticulous accountant, yet her prim red lipstick saying otherwise. The help desk.

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The scene of the crime. Red, velvety satin sheets crumpled across the bed in haste. The pillows were strewn between the bed and the floor. I felt as hot, boiling inside as the smoldered candles had suggested, but I was a far cry from going cold. It was a disaster.

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“I’m afraid of the dark..” Her voice trembled, a heap of blankets shaking on top of her bed.
“Why? Why are you afraid of the dark?” Her mother soothed her and gave a comforting smile. The little girl looked back up at her mother, eyes wide with anxiety.
“Because cookie monster lives in the closet…”

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Despite what I knew about him, I could get past the point that he was going to college. He still wore the same Star Wars t-shirts that I’d seen him with in high school. Middle school really. His hat was torn in two places, and I couldn’t help wondering who would take care of him.

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“I feel alive…” He said, looking down at his hands. His head snapped back up to look at her, and without thinking he reached over and began shaking her. “I’m alive!”
“Yeah, I see…” Was all she could muster in a mumbled voice. “I know… I know…”
But he just grinned. “Let’s celebrate!”

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