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Her nose pointed towards the ceiling, her petite nostrils flaring.

“If you’re hoping to tame me, I’m afraid you’ve begun a fool’s errand. You are not the first to try, and trust me, my dear- you will not be the last.”

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“Speaking of which, have you seen my knife?”

“No. Am I your knife’s keeper?” He smiled at the pout her mouth made.

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She pushed the boxes together, making a makeshift table to eat at for the four of them. She carefully sectioned out the protein bars, making sure everyone got their fair share. In the middle of the boxes she put the flashlight. It shone up on the walls and cascaded a dim brightness around them. It was a centerpiece, of sorts. At least, it would do.

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If she thought and focused for a long time, she could just picture that old sky, vapor trails and pollution highlighting it. Never quite dark, never quite light. It was a very long time ago. It made her sad to think about it for too long. She missed those trails the most.

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She stared up into the sky, wondering what time it was. Time had pretty much ceased to existed for her and her companions. It seemed like a faraway notion, something they didn’t use anymore. It was light, or it was dark. Very little in between. Her biological clock told her that it was probably 11.

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She thought of herself, the way she used to be: shy, soft-spoken, polite. None of those things were bad, she reflected, but they were all part of a much bigger problem: she had been weak.
Now, she was none of those things. And never would be again, she supposed.

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His head swam with fever, barely clinging to consciousness. The blow had fallen, and with it his hope and grip on reality. He pressed a damp palm to his forehead and grimaced, the pain coming in waves from all sides.

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Ellie’s caramel-colored hair spilled around her shoulders, framing her dirty face in something akin to elegance. She smiled a shy half smile, and tried not to think about how ridiculous she must look. She hadn’t felt beautiful in such a long time.

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The card sat at her bedside, daring her to pick it up in all it’s garish cheerfulness. She hadn’t read it. She couldn’t. It wasn’t supposed to be there.

Dead people weren’t supposed to have sympathy for the living.

She turned her back on it and pulled the covers up to her chin.

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The lake was dark and silent. No breeze stirred the trees surrounding it. Mary crouched in the blackness near the water, and blew gently across the moon’s reflection.

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Corn. Corn as far as the eye could see. A faint breeze scented with grain whistled past the man’s face and flew down the road towards another journey.

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