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he was running and so I was running too. I called out to him, over and over again, until he heard me and when he looked at me, there was so much anger in his eyes. “Why did you follow me? Are you trying to get yourself killed?” “No”, I said unable to catch my breath.

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I couldn’t do it anymore. Steve was sinking and I couldn’t save him. I couldn’t make him laugh anymore, heck, he barely even acknowledged me when i walked into the room. But I knew one person who could stop this; who could save him. And it killed me that I couldn’t be him.

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The forest was NOT an easy place to navigate at night. Especially with only civillian training, and trying to follow behind a highly skilled, trained assasin leading you somewhere, when you couldn’t see him or the ground in front of you.

» Posted By Lara Not Croft On 08.26.2014 @ 6:14 pm

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