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“With your superior genetics, you have nothing to worry about,” Doctor Krauss said, tapping his pen onto the clipboard. He looked impatient, as if he felt that this case was not worth his time, that this was no longer interesting to him. Decree 914 had changed medicine for him, after all.

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She looked towards the mirror, hesitant. Her hands grasped onto the razor blade, and she was nervous. She didn’t even realise that the blade had cut into the palm a little bit, and her hand started to bleed, staining the silver crimson. She raised the razor up to her scalp, and started to shave her hair off.

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There was a faint pink aura around her. When she spoke, he focused on her lips and when she walked, it was like the air around him got a little lighter. He was a fool pandering to his ideals and he suffered for it.

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This marks one year of my lifetime sentence. Time had been passing by slow, but I am getting used to this monotonous life. Wake up. Exercise. Work. Eat. Sleep. I can only hope routine can keep me going.

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“Quick, come here.” Saturn held out piece of gauze and some tape to patch up my wound; people had started shooting at me outside. I was bewildered and terrified. I went up to him and thanked him for helping but before I knew what was happening I felt a piercing pain in my stomach. It was only after a while that I connected the pain to the apparent knife that Saturn had just plunged into me.

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“No, go rewrite it again.”

It was the fourth time that Mr. Clark had sent me away with my story in my hand, riddled with red. Don’t embellish, he said. Keep it simple. But how? How can I have a story stripped of flavour? How can less be more?

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I decided to make a home out of it, this damp little space. It was dark and cold, but at least nobody could get to us now. We had each other, and it was all that mattered.

It took ages to learn how to start a fire, but when we did it was worth it. We were more than just two runaways now, we had fire. We had life.

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speak then think, or think then speak whichever it is there’s always something to say.

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Bright and shining
a beacon of light
filling your soul with hope
piercing the darkness

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