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Being religious is about one persons mind. These days we pick and choose which parts to believe in which is absolutely ludicrous, but makes us more comfortable with being a part of a specific religion because everything we don’t like about it becomes irrelevant.

» Posted By Lana On 04.05.2017 @ 12:59 am


fluffy, baby animals, small, adorable. Warm, safe, relief, no stress or worries, relax hot chocolate

» Posted By Lana On 10.30.2016 @ 6:29 am


Jealousy is an emotion that I believe all human beings possess. It is inescapable and creeps up and consumes you quite unexpectedly.

» Posted By Lana On 06.08.2016 @ 12:34 am


The last time we met
You were laughing
And glowing
And sparkling
No one could take their eyes off of you

But since then
Something has

You’re different
I wish I understood you better

» Posted By Lana On 06.20.2015 @ 9:16 pm


I wish I was
The way that she is
The way that her face looks like a doll
But she acts like a diva
The way that her hair looks like she woke up like that

But instead I look like me
As ugly is as normal does
Waiting for someone to find me

» Posted By Lana On 06.18.2015 @ 6:45 pm


So it goes. We’re on our motorcycle. You took a wrong turn and slid across the street, right into the van parked on the other side. I told you not to go so fast. You have children; a wife. The thirst for excitement

» Posted By LANA On 06.16.2015 @ 1:12 am


Some ask me what the worst thing is that I’ve ever seen.

I tell them it’s not a sight; it’s a sound.

It is the sound of someone screaming in agony.
It is the sound of a broken heart.
It is irreparably deafening.

» Posted By Lana On 05.30.2015 @ 6:29 pm


That was one thing about their friendship that he could never think it to be. No, it wasn’t fleeting or brief, it grew and fostered a deep love that they never knew that they could ever find within themselves; between the two of them.

» Posted By Lana On 07.20.2014 @ 10:55 am


Things here were usually quiet, there was a charm to that, and everyday was the same, the crowd of kids would filter out of the school and swarm towards the same crossing day in and day out. Nothing bad ever happened there.

» Posted By Lana On 07.18.2014 @ 4:18 am


I think of that amazing feeling where you can’t stop yourself from smiling and you are genuinely so pleased and happy. Wonderful emotion, makes you feel light and joyous. It can be something small like a text from a friend or something larger like hearing great news.

» Posted By Lana On 07.16.2014 @ 10:29 am

Her laughter echoed throughout the room at the mere sight of her friends. She hadn’t been expecting them, and when her eyes landed on them, she felt a bubbling feeling rise through her veins, up her throat, and she grinned with a spark in her eyes before letting the sound free from her lips. The sound of shuffling, hurried footsteps rose into the air, and then bodies colliding.

» Posted By Lana On 07.16.2014 @ 10:07 am


It’s hard to sleep without my blanket. I haven’t been without it since I was born. I always used to call it my blanky; it was my security device, the only thing that could save me from the monsters lurking underneath my bed.

» Posted By Lana On 03.30.2014 @ 4:44 am


I have an empty mind, can’t seem to think of the right words to say.

» Posted By Lana On 03.04.2014 @ 8:08 am


It’s cold here, but the world is crazy, and I intend to see all of it. I would rather own little and see the world than own the world and see very little of it. With a bed of stars and a pillow of oceans, all I could ever need is music. Life is a blank page and I intend to write a story worth reading, so maybe people will look back on my days and say, ” IT CAN BE DONE”. Don’t tell me no because I have already said yes. “Lana!” he yells “what is the answer?” and I return to cold reality.

» Posted By Lana On 02.28.2014 @ 1:08 pm

I would rather go without it, thank you very much. I much prefer having bare feet and beaches.

» Posted By Lana On 02.28.2014 @ 12:56 pm


a device for holding together objects or parts of something. It keeps something together. for example.. like a relationship, it usually has this clas

» Posted By Lana On 01.29.2014 @ 7:13 pm


She didn’t mean to kill him. He just got in the way. Wrong place at the wrong time. A casualty of war, you might say. His head met the concrete window sill with the a crack three seconds after she pushed him out of her path. Red fluid soaked his own beige carpet. He had died on impact. His eyes, blown wide. Poor man probably had no idea what was going on. Shock, written all over his face.

She ran out of there as fast as she could. Just in time to slip the parcel she had been looking for into her purse.

A casualty of war.

» Posted By Lana On 01.11.2014 @ 8:24 pm


The device is attached to his left ankle. He has no idea where it came from, or why he’s there. The room is dark and damp, smelling of mold and decay. A booming voice speaks, bouncing off the walls while the lights flickered.

“Hello. I want to play a game.” He took a step in slight panic and pain rushed through his body, rooting from that damned device.

“Not so fast, it tracks your every move, so you’d be better off staying put, eh?” The voice teased.

The room was one of which men don’t walk out of.

» Posted By Lana On 01.06.2014 @ 12:50 pm


Dean felt like he was slipping. Slipping from humanity. He had to count the things that made him human every day. But every day he slipped farther into the pit. He was becoming a demon. A monster. What would Sammy think?

» Posted By Lana On 01.05.2014 @ 6:27 am


i feel like every time i try to have an honest opinion i’m shut up by my own fear f being rejected. everyone around me says i’m not happy anymore, that i don’t ever want to leave the house and do things. but what if i just need something or someone to make me happy again.

» Posted By lana On 07.23.2013 @ 11:24 am


Soap tastes bad. I remember eating it when I was four in the bathtub. It tasted bitter. I remember when I used to take baths when I was a kid and my grandma would sing to me in her chair from the open door. She’d sing “Singing in the bathtub, Whoohoo!” I don’t know where she got that from.

» Posted By Lana On 05.10.2013 @ 6:40 am


i have a timeline for my work at school. i think that if i followed this timeline, i might actually get some work done. i very rarely follow this timeline though. that’s probably why i am such a good procrastinator. i get a lot more practice procrastinating than i do actually following my timeline. oh well.

» Posted By Lana On 05.03.2013 @ 2:21 am


My glasses flew into the dashboard as the truck slammed into us from behind. I didn’t see them; my eyes’d been shut. I felt them free themselves from my face. The world slowed down as our car spun sideways into the guardrail. I would soon learn reasons not to run barefoot on the highway.

» Posted By Lana On 04.09.2013 @ 6:28 pm


I wore bagels like bangles, chewing large holes in their centers so that each bit could slide onto my arm. I laugh, twirled about, and chewed. Silly girl, you said, delighting in my decadent display though you didn’t dare let it show. Let me have a taste, you said. I played demur, scooted away, but eventually surrendered to coquettish games.

» Posted By Lana On 04.04.2013 @ 9:09 am


A smudge on his forehead. I wanted to wipe it off, until I remembered: Ash Wednesday. I bit m tongue. I didn’t dare ask if there was anything he felt the need to repent for this holiday. Also, being of the Chosen People, I wasn’t quite sure what the deeper meaning of the day was. So I stood there, silent, and smiling.

» Posted By Lana On 04.03.2013 @ 10:07 am


Stood tall as a statue built of broze, curled unfurled in the wind you were my adonis thought you only stood five foot six i could but reflect on every kiss and the feel of your hands upon my skin. oh darling. you’ll remember me and i’ll remember you and we will pull through, each in our own way and i’ve got nothing left to say

» Posted By Lana On 03.28.2013 @ 8:04 pm


Wheat beer poured into a glass. Hefe beer has to be at least fifty percent beer in order to be considered hefe beer.
I have to know these things for work.
There is little pretty about it. It is just a thing that I have to know. I cannot presently romanticize wheat. I’m sorry, universe. That’s all I’ve got.

» Posted By Lana On 03.30.2013 @ 8:15 am


i don’t think i want a husband, i think i might be gay. ive always dated women, so, maybe a husband, then i could have children as a product of love. or i could adopt. im adopted. i hope if i do have a husband he is attractive and i really think that he would be. or i’ll just marry a woman. I’m to young to be thinking about marriage, i have my whole life ahead of me. my dad was a good husband. i love my family.

» Posted By Lana On 02.04.2013 @ 6:46 pm


BOOM! dead! ummm when japan blew up? destroy….. team rocket? battle ship! destroying is bad. you shouldnt destroy pretty things like flowers and such (or japan). yep.

» Posted By Lana On 01.19.2013 @ 9:55 pm


People always talk about themselves when they should be asking about others. There’s so much one can learn from others. There’s a ton of diversity in the world and how can one find out who they are and who they want to be if they only know about themselves and not the possibilities out there? Take a step back and listen to others.

» Posted By Lana On 11.08.2012 @ 11:12 pm

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