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The crafting of the solution for the great conflict took days, if not years, to finish, and even then the resolution the court so proudly presented the monarchs could be called inept at best – or perhaps this particular word fit their lack of proper abilities better than the thing they eventually produced.

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Hides, scars, hurt, nude, sticky, owchies, hides the healing

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I want to. it can be hard. it is competitive. sometimes i dont know what success means. I think it means happiness. I want to grow old and believe that i had success of some kind. i think to succeed is to live with out regret.

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is a good person who dedicates their life to teacher children the material they need to lean in order to survive in the world today. A teacher is an honorable person who gives up a lot of their time in order to better the lives of the youth of today.

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sideburns amuse me. they pretty much always look awful, but i also figure anyone goofy enough to try them out probably has a good sense of humor. i would hope that someone with sideburns is the kind of person that wouldn’t take themselves too seriously. but really, I wouldn’t recommend them for anyone.

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Darkroom. A place for lover and people with friends. a place for creative and thoughtful people. Nothing separates them from pure thought

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Something’s changing in all of us. We’re crashing along the shores, just waiting for big enough moons to cause real damage. God help us when we do.

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star light star bright first star I see tonight wish i may wish i might have the wish i wish tonight.
How many of us have gazed up at the sky late and night and whispered prayers under our breath, in hope that someone above us would hear? What power do those stars have that we so admire and respect? What is so magical about that clean, blue light that the world gets basked in when those pricks of fire light up our night sky?

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the Clash: the only band that mattered.

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I hate that Owl City song “Fireflies” with a red hot fiery passion.

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lovely. lady. women. men. sex appeal. dressy casual, dressy, formal events. christmas time. weddings. white dress; pure. colored dress; good time. serious? formal? sundress? relax. flattering.

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as he walked down the street and i though that he would turn around, look back once more. just that one last glance over the shoulder, to see my face once more, before he strode out of my life forever.

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This is a once in a life time offer, m’dear! You can get one machine that does everything! COOKING! CLEANING! WATCH YOUR KIDS SO YOU CAN HAVE THAT WELL DESERVED NIGHT OUT! Seriously, seriously now. Worried about dinner. Never fear! Take up my offer and you’ll never have to

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Evidence at the scene of the crime. The passion play: my heart vs his. And hers. And his. And all of them. The evidence shines across our faces in shared lamp light, lamp light reflecting off a ring. Evidence lockers. Lock him up. Lock them ALL up, they’ve only ever done bad things. Their only crime is caring too effing much.

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Feathered and Tethered. Rhymes. Hold me down, hold me up, just fucking HOLD me. Support me. Feathers to trail lightly down my back as I’m lying on your bed. I’m only here for a few short more days, then I’m going somewhere you can never follow me. Just love me now, for a few more hours, while I type and you sleep.

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Proud. I am SO proud of you honey – words I’ll never hear her say. My mother will never tell me to my face that she’s proud of me. She’ll brag to her coworkers, but why can’t she tell me? Her opinion matters more to me than that of any other person. …Perhaps because she’s so reluctant to give it. …You won’t admit you love me, and so how am I ever to know – you always tell me Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps…

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throw like a dog
why a dog, I’m not sure
throw the ball
throw the ball
throw my life away
on top of the garbage can with stupid mistakes and stupid choices
and oh god
Why did I take the chance.
Why did I make the change.
Why did I force her…
I didn’t, actually. Not really.
Did I?
Oh my god, i hope not. I really really hope not

» Posted By Laine On 09.02.2008 @ 8:46 pm


It just came natural for him, the running. Ever since he was a kid. One look in the vortex and you either went mad. . .or you ran like he did. Oh, yes. And he’s never stopped running. With all of time and space, it’s just him and his ship.

» Posted By Laine On 01.12.2010 @ 10:26 pm


It looks ordinary. Nothing special. Just a blue box. If only you knew. It’s alive. It’s the whole of time and space. It’s a ship. A magnificent ship. You’ll see it, out of the way but in plain view. You won’t think twice about it. But the ship, the TARDIS, means he’s near.

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send transmission from the one armed scissor.

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I feel like I’ll never be enough for anyone. I’ll never have “the one”. I’ll never make my mother proud. I’ll never measure up to everyone’s expectations. It’s all gonna build up in my head until I snap on some poor unsuspecting person.

» Posted By Laine On 01.31.2010 @ 8:02 pm


i have never been hooked on anyone else in my entire life. and then something i did made me realize that it can just be taken away as easily. they’re just words, but they were the most spiteful i had ever said, and still to this day i haven’t forgiven myself for it.

» Posted By laine On 01.19.2010 @ 9:30 pm


charming, uptight, suck up, who says swell?, flowers, spring time, good weather, j. crew sweaters, floral print, high waisted skirts, love, happiness.

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My father wrote to inform me that my brother and his wife just had another baby. I don’t speak to my brother. I decided this a while ago. Why my father thinks I care, I’ll never know. That kid doesn’t need me in it’s life.

» Posted By Laine On 01.01.1970 @ 12:00 am

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