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Sometimes I simply cannot relate to other people’s feelings. I think of myself as a compassionate person, I believe I am quite empathic, but it turns out that I am unable to understand what a person can be going through in consequence to my actions.

» Posted By Lady Leen On 10.20.2011 @ 12:24 pm


Often, feelings aren’t mutual. It will always hurt when it is the case, but sometimes, harboring unrequited love for someone is less painful than being its subject.

» Posted By Lady Leen On 10.19.2011 @ 8:22 am


I’m very good at giving advice. Every time I give advice to someone, I launch into an endless speech, in which the frustrated orator that I am comes out with a vengeance. Alas, I’m terrible at FOLLOWING my own advice. Such a shame.

» Posted By Lady Leen On 10.16.2011 @ 6:28 am


I used to be a great Sailor Moon fan. I was amazed to find out that the Senshi are called “Scouts” in English. It just sounded silly to me. I’m used to it now, of course, but the name is much cooler in the French translation: “Guerrières Sailor”, ie. “Sailor Warriors”.

» Posted By Lady Leen On 10.15.2011 @ 10:47 am


You do not need to look far to find mystery. One associated “mystery” with the mystical and the magical, but mystery is all around us, in Nature.

» Posted By Lady Leen On 10.09.2011 @ 8:49 am


This is a difficult thing to do in a novel. If you exaggerate, and end up with too much exposition, the reader will be bored. However, a setting that isn’t detailed enough won’t be immersive.

» Posted By Lady Leen On 10.06.2011 @ 1:58 pm

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