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It was finally the opportune moment. Slicking back his hair and taking a gulp, Adrian walked up to Locker 247.

“H-hey…” he began to stutter. He had to confess before the locker slam shut. He couldn’t bear to see Jess’s face.

“Would you like to go out with me!” Adrian’s rush to say it made it seem more like a statement, his infliction ruined by an unexpected voice crack. He winced, afraid of the answer.

Jess closed his locker shut, grinning lightly.

“It’s about time you asked.”

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Sitting precariously on the window sill in the library, Matt was intently watching the raindrops fall, thinking of how to approach Amelia. He had seen her several times in the hallway, and she had immediately caught his eye. Most of the other girls, over-bubbly with nothing worthwhile to say. But she was different, he couldn’t put his finger on how but she was. During this inner thought, a deep clap of thunder rumbled outside, catching Matt off guard and making him topple onto the carpet. With his face in the carpet, he heard a laugh from above and with dread he rose to the familiar sound. Standing over him, barely containing herself was Amelia, grinning from ear-to-ear. Quickly getting up and feeling his face turning red, he said “I-I was just startled…” Ending her laugh as quickly as she started, she then replied “I love the lightning and thunder. It just brings… this sort of excitement with it, a type that just sets your heart pumping with joy. ” Matt stared at her, mystified at this girl. “I suppose.” he said, trying to keep it cool. “I’m glad you agree!” And with that, she dashed off behind a bookcase, leaving Matt perplexed. “A bit strange, but not in a bad way.” he muttered, as he regained his seat on the window sill.

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Julius’s eyes grew weary. The team had been gone for almost four hours, and he had been left behind to watch the base. He had protested, but Marie insisted to keep guard against the wretched beasts. They should have been back by now, Victor and the others. “If it were just Marie who came back alive, it’d be alright,” he thought, feeling a bit ashamed. As he looked down at the ground, submersed in his own thoughts, the metal gate finally swung open. Julius looked up excitedly, brushed his brown hair out of his eyes, and smiled a large grin for Marie. But as he looked up, there was only Victor, Neil who had his arm wrapped tightly in stained gauze, and a few others in the group whom Julius didn’t care to recognize. Julius dashed up to Victor, his smile faltering more and more each second “Where’s Marie? Is she coming up behind-,” Before he could finish, Victor shook his head sadly. “I’m sorry Julius… there were too many against us, and she tried to fight them off. We lost many… and she was among them. She died valiantly protecting us.” Julius took this news with silence for a moment, and before Victor could react, he grasped at his shirt collar and pulled him forwards. “Why didn’t you stop her,” he snarled, tears slowly coming down his face “Why did you just let her die!” Victor looked up, a hint of anger in his eyes “Do you think I wanted a member of the team to die? It was impossible to rescue her!” “That’s all she was to you? A member of your precious little team? I LOVED HER! And you just let those creatures slaughter her, and you call yourself a leader…” Julius was shaking with anger now, teeth barred. “It should have been you…,” he growled “It should have been you!” Julius clawed at Victor’s face, leaving three scarlet gashes across his cheek. Instantly, Neil and Chris were upon him, holding him down. Julius writhed against their hold, glaring at Victor and screaming his lament for his love into the night.

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It was an ordinary day for the Fredrick household until the dreaded salesman came. He lurked down the street with an attache case, looming at a height of at least six feet. His hair was greased to the sides, shining an oily and sinister black. But the worst part was his glasses, which reflected the sunlight, making it seem like his eyes were only two blank glowing discs. Mr.Fredrick peered out the window, and cursed under his breath. Then he turned to his wife and children and yelled “HIT THE FLOOR!” At this command, the entire family pressed themselves against the ground, and not a moment too soon. The doorbell rang, and with no reply there was a knock. Then, the salesman called out to them. “Hello, is this the Fredrick residence?” His tone was eerily collected and slick, unlike the usual eager and peppy salesman. The Fredrick family shivered, waiting for this horrid man to go away. After a minute or so of persistence, the salesman opened the mail slot and dropped a glossy black business card. As he walked away to find his next consumer-victim, Mrs.Fredrick slowly crawled to the business card, reading the name of the salesman. “Damon King.” Quickly Mr.Fredrick grabbed the card from her hands, and tossed the card into the fireplace, where he hurriedly extinguished it to prevent a smoke signal which would give the salesman a reason to come back.
Later that night, the Fredricks made sure to have all blinds and doors locked in precaution. As Mr. and Mrs.Fredrick rested on the couch, the phone rang. As it rung, their son Davey ran up to the phone to answer it. “NO!” shrieked both parents simultaneously, but it was too late. On the other line, the slick tone of Damon King was heard “Hello, I’d like to interest your family in a choice piece of real estate today…” As fast as lightning, Mr.Fredrick leaped from the sofa and pulled the phone cord from the wall. “You have doomed us all.” he said in a ominous tone.
For the next week, not a single phone was to be answered in the Fredrick home, and then the calls became less frequent. “Well, it seems like we’re safe at last.” said Mr.Fredrick, smiling a meek smile. But what they didn’t know was that a door-to-door Mormon missionary was headed up the block to try to spread the message to the Fredricks…

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She gazed out at the ocean, clutching one of the hottest new romance novels. She sighed deeply, watching the clouds tumble. She didn’t care for this kind of stuff, she just wanted a husband. She was already thirty four and her love life… well, was empty at the moment. She thought about all her other friends, especially Tracy who invited her to be a bridesmaid at her upcoming wedding, and her other friend, Rebecca, who was one of those girls who she never really liked but kept in touch as a formality since they went to high school together. “Hey Sandra, if you feel lonely, you can always get a cat like my aunt did!” Rebecca said once, over the phone. On the other line, Sandra gritted her teeth with frustration, wanting to throttle her over the phone. But now, as Sandra stared over the tumbling waves, she decided that it was time to start trying to find a husband, or else she’d have to be a spinster. But it wasn’t as if she hadn’t tried, it was just that most of the guys she met were self-absorbed and chauvinists. She opened up her book, removing the slip of paper she was currently using as a bookmark. But as she examined closer, she remembered that on this slip, a guy who seemed at least had some common sense had written his number down when they met at the museum. “This could be a start.” she said with a slight smile. She then took her romance novel, tossing it in a garbage can as she went to make a very important call.

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The wall stood, looming over the city with a powerful menace. It’s job was to make sure no one came in, but more importantly it made that no one came out. On the first couple of days, where the people tried all their might to tear it down, they realized their efforts were futile. This imprisoning wall was built hundreds of feet tall, all out of the slickest of steels. For this wall was built by a corrupt ruler, a ruler who wanted to make sure that another rebellion wouldn’t happen again, for no one questioned his word.

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He put down the knife slowly on the table. He took a sigh and looked at the dead body in front of him. Clark had did it, he committed murder. Panic raced through his mind, “I’m a killer, I ended another’s life.” Panic was then replaced with remorse, for he soon realized that the lifeless man in front of him, the former Stan Ericson, was not the cause of the tattered shambles of his life. “I did that I my own.” Clark said in a whisper, as if there was someone else in the room. “I drove Stacy away with harsh words and neglect, after the company closed down. She just found someone new who actually cared for her, and I took that away from her.” Tears were now streaming down his face as he crumpled to his knees, “What’s the point of fleeing? I have nothing to return to.” He said this to himself with utter self loathing, and then broke into piteous sobs.

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There are many different sorts of systems throughout the world, whether they’re ecosystems which reflect nature itself or social class systems that divide the population and it’s people. Systems are a large part of human society, for without systems we would be less organized with government, organization, and many other fields.

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