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Cold reaching into your winter boot, bones buzzing and toe-tips prickly.

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‘content’ is only the thinning layer barely holding together falling pieces by a slowly loosening string

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“They’re not real!” his frustrated arms only add to his every-growing, furious stance towering above her small frame.

But she pursues forward, her latest book strapped tightly within her whitening palms. You gotta fight for what you believe in, after all, right? “So what if they’re not ‘real’! They’re still more real to me than anyone else will be!”

At once, he stops coldly.

A smooth glare points in her direction. She withers under his obvious contemptment, her mind racing back to everything said in the past minutes. But nothing came up as particularly offensive so why was he –

He turns around, even more suddenly than when he dropped his angry posture. “I’m real, Rose.”

Then he pivots on his clicking heels and exits the room, proud and dignified.

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He breathes out contently, “I love you, I love you, Iloveyou!”

He softly rests his nose top her twisting caramel tresses and steadily wraps his arms around her long neck. He knows exactly where each curve and dip of her body appears, where tiny little quirks happen upon themselves, and where he needs to places his soft, velvety hands on.

He bumps their parted lips together for a stone-cold kiss. His eyes are shut tight every time he their frosted lips touch, and he supposes hers are as well.

After all, she isn’t real.

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The faintest breath of a relieved whisper, the tiniest heart-shaped freckle curled around his lowering lashes, and the deep scars sprinkled across his calloused, rough hands – she memorizes each detail of him before she has to leave.

“I love you,” she manages to choke out into the stock still, hanging air draped around them both.

His unconscious response is to only further tangle his long, long fingers into the waterfalling locks of her straw-golden hair. A tiny puff of contentment escapes his rosy lips, and he ensnares them even more together by throwing a heavy leg across hers, snuggling in closer to her radiating heat.

She glares bittersweetly at his carefree, casual, laid-back composure, knowing fully well that the more he wraps her into his arms, the harder it’ll be for her to forcibly throw her aching legs over the side of the bed and simply leave.

But then a sly grin breaks apart his peaceful sleeping face. It’s on purpose.

She needs to tell him before he thinks he can stop her, “I still have to leave, no matter what you do to stop me.”

The goofy, lopsided, mischievous smile drops off his face, and his snow-sprinkled lashes fly open.

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definition: how to find an answer
ex: the formula for density is mass over volume

» Posted By Lala On 10.09.2015 @ 10:04 am

definition: how to find an answer
ex: the formula for density is mass over volume

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lala dada svi su anonimusi pa sta.
buu aj placi malo
makse bjezi sakrij se nedje
probaj pit il placi sve rjedje

» Posted By lala On 06.11.2015 @ 7:23 am

ma sto sad anoniman si.?
i pisala sam vec o ovome dajte drugu rijec
sta sad trebam pisat o sakrivanju u sranjima
sisaj ga

» Posted By lala On 06.11.2015 @ 7:16 am

shitty block
under shirts and sweat
blood and stupid girls
and stupid brain

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the games of thrones has begun. kinship is to be destroyed by burgois. revolution has avenged. the time has come. our place is no loger your kingdom but our place.

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He had made a mistake. He found himself falling, falling, into the deep dark blackness of the pit. His scream was ripped form his throat and all the thoughts were torn from his mind. Nothing. There was nothing except blackness. This small falter would cost him his life.

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When i was six i wanted to join tumbling really badly. My mom wouldn’t let me because she was afriad that i would hurt myself because i was unbalanced and always fell over. So over the years i self trained myself and managed to push myself hard enough to learn to do all three splits cartwheels, and handstands.

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delve I think think think think great good lol whut am I talking about what does delve even mean??!! I think delve is like really weird because its deep thinking why am I explaining what delve is anyway? and even if I am my explanation might not be correct will I be typing this forever? anyway I think I like delving into matters xD

» Posted By LALA On 05.28.2013 @ 1:39 am


we all need soap. soap is used to clear our exterior. you wash your hands and body with soap. What about soap for our interior? soap for the inside of us. if you ask me, we need a lot more cleaning in there. cleaning of our concience. a fresh start. internal soap is what we really need.

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simplify your life. like youre a math equation. 20/4. simplify it. 5. bam, easy. everything should be simple. but its not. why? we dont know. sometimes simplifying things only makes it more complicated.

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a guy was sentanced to death, but he didn’t do anything wrong. he got sentanced to death for not pushing his chair back into the desk. the man had a terrible lawyer who was actually the guy who the judge’s wife was sleeping with, so the judge sentanced him to death as well.

» Posted By lala On 02.28.2013 @ 4:01 pm


applying for documents is a complicated process. Right now I am applying for a working visa in China, but I don’t know how long it would take. especially because spring festival is comming soon.

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The moment had come. He had to choose. He had to make a decision between the pain or alcohol. He wiped the sweat off his brow and slipped a tear out of the corner of his eye caressing his cheek until crashing onto the cold, hard floor. He looked at the bottle of vodka. He wanted it so bad. He reached out and touched the bottle, and fringed.

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Soon it will be noon. Loon!

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Cheating. Knowing that you’re with some girl that’s not me. Worrying. That movie with the woman from the King and I and Cary Grant. Knowing that my chance of having an affair of the heart, in a relationship or out of one, is slight.

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shiny pictures of pretty faces. cut to perfection. as pleasing to the eye as money can buy.
Oh, but don’t mind my hostility, it takes talent to achieve such status.

Are you comfortable? Is there anything I can do for you?
Yes. I want your opinion of every piece of society we share.

Oh, and miss?


Some coffee?

Of course,
she shrugs her shoulder how one would shrug
off the capital a bomb or
the hydrogen
but anyway,
it was someone else
that was entitled to care.

We’re only talking about fashion,
about what’s hip and interesting!
why read so much into a picture book?

oh, so sorry, a magazine.

» Posted By LAla On 08.28.2012 @ 10:22 pm


Helping words
Auxilery verbs are words used to help a sentence be completed. more commonly known in foreign languages
Auxilery power

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When people suggest, I listen, smiling. Always smiling. Yes, smiling and accepting. But deep down I know what they say is shit. But still, I smile.

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Sweating like a pig to look like a fox. That’s what she thought when she was working out. It all were means to an end. Not an end to please everyone, but to please herself. Be happy with the way she looked, by the right methods, the hard way but the most rewarding one.

» Posted By lala On 03.03.2012 @ 9:18 pm


I closed the door behind me, knowing the next time would be no where is the near future. Dropping to my knees the tears began to pour from my eye balls. I simply couldn’t go on without him

» Posted By LALA On 12.06.2011 @ 1:32 pm


compassion is a context in which you feel with or for someone in a moment of bliss or beauty or even sadness…. it is what humans share and idealize for or of one another… it is what differs us from the rest… our uniqueness in essence is through compassion.

» Posted By lala On 10.14.2011 @ 10:56 am

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