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He stood there, seeds in hand. On one leg and panting. Norman tossed the magic seeds on the ground and hopped up and down, singing “I will jump! Jump! jump! On your grave! Grave! Grave!”

» Posted By Louis On 05.06.2015 @ 10:51 am



» Posted By LOUIS On 02.10.2014 @ 5:38 pm


there was quite a queer look about her, she was afncy dressed and short sentenced, not much would ever come out of those red velvet lips nor did she ever intend such a thing to occur, she was just grateful that she was upon us, the living, how could she have ever though such an occurance plausible !

» Posted By louis On 02.28.2013 @ 5:47 pm


THINGS THAT make other things light up, and things that make them go out. Making it fit nicely with something and creating something warm and energetic and brilliant.

» Posted By Louis On 07.23.2012 @ 4:54 pm


The advisor told them no no no! They decided to withdraw their offer. It was bigger than they could ever really afford and now this ultimatum was too much.

» Posted By Louis On 07.12.2012 @ 2:16 am


transform. transformers. to change your form. reform. form. forms to fill. forms to fill out. fill out. reform. transform. reform. form. shape. change shape. change shape. shange chape. change shape.

» Posted By louis On 05.27.2012 @ 1:29 pm


autumn is the best season there is… everything is calm, everything smells good, i like it… it’s also exxtremely nostalgic, you can feel everyone is emotionnally weak (not in a bad way…) and i just like that little “more real” feel…!

» Posted By Louis On 11.07.2011 @ 2:49 pm


Stretchy, Stretching to different lengths to please individuals who do not deserve shit. After all, most people spend their lives chasing after people who mean the world to them but who are in reality total douches.

» Posted By Louis On 08.10.2011 @ 5:00 pm


i justed passed the current level. i am moving on to the next, it will be more difficult but i will prevail, life as i know it will change and grow. its only a matter of time

» Posted By Louis On 08.04.2011 @ 1:48 am


I can fly, i see the sun and it burn i feel the rays and it burns but i can fly and its a crazy feeling the pain is worth the ability go above everything and see it all perceive it all its an amazing feeling

» Posted By Louis On 08.01.2011 @ 1:34 am


muse muse muse i think my muse includes this one thing or another belonging to the world and its mother but maybe its all in my head, an imagination you hear what i said cause i go like fire and burn it down never turn back when i hear a sound

» Posted By Louis On 07.29.2011 @ 1:17 pm


Music and light, a crowd screaming due to the music that surrounds them. They are caught up in the moment. Nothing else would please them. They are in the here and now and nowhere else.

» Posted By Louis On 07.28.2011 @ 10:56 am

I want to form a band. Not just a regular band. But a band of incredible and dubious men and women who make music because they love music, not because they just want some hobby to do. I want to live and breathe music with them. In one breath all together with them.

» Posted By Louis On 07.28.2011 @ 1:27 am


Thunder and lightning. Thunder and lightning. It strikes hard, oh so hard. Where does it come from? i dont know, the sky however that seems to obvious, where does it all start. Im going crazy or maybe thats how it all started.

» Posted By Louis On 07.27.2011 @ 10:36 am


It moves so fast, Life that is. It does not wait for anyone not even the ones who are out trying to do something great. Why are you so difficult? WHy do you move so fast? Time should not exist, That’s my opinion

» Posted By Louis On 07.26.2011 @ 10:31 am


i feel sick. i dont know why but i think im dying. it must be something in the air or maybe its just me. the world is closing in like a missile and im about to be hit. Somewhere i know there is beauty but as of right now beauty cannot be found. It is missing

» Posted By Louis On 07.25.2011 @ 10:38 am


Flowing into the space of many glasses, first filled, then half empty, then gone, the Canteen ebbs and flows with imbibing patrons.

» Posted By Louis On 05.27.2011 @ 7:31 am


people having power over you; not able to function with freedom.

» Posted By Louis On 03.04.2011 @ 12:45 pm


this is a film with tom hanks in, i think anyway, in it he has a friend which is a volleyball called…argh i cant rememeber. Sometimes i wish that i was a castaway then i could get some peace and quiet and i could just paint lots of wherever i was stuck. I would have to have a donkey though.

» Posted By Louis On 04.20.2010 @ 11:04 am


I crossed her today. I found that I never immediately talk to someone I know. Rather. I talk to someone I don’t know a lot faster. I always seem to try to avoid people I know sometimes. Because they know me so well, that it makes me feel like they’re already annoyed by me.

» Posted By Louis On 05.14.2010 @ 8:34 pm


fast run scary loud noisey underpath dark smelly silvery eletricale powerful

» Posted By Louis On 04.14.2010 @ 11:07 pm


Change is a word describing a temporal alteration which has been the subject of great philosophocial speculation and one of the principle reasons that ancient Greek philosophers distrusted sensory experience.

» Posted By louis On 01.21.2009 @ 7:40 pm


branches on a tree, get smaller and smaller little twigs like sprouts out of the sides of the branches become brittle in the winter and catch on the children’s clothes when they climb the tree. SNAP!

» Posted By Louis On 09.26.2009 @ 4:04 am

Thin and little like the model.

» Posted By Louis On 09.25.2009 @ 4:33 pm


comma, punctuation. Punctuation is bloody tricky word when you’re in a hurry! Commas aren’t necessary when doing a freewrite, but it’s very difficult to get out of the habit of using them. That and full stops!

» Posted By Louis On 09.25.2009 @ 3:57 am


check to see if you’ve got your bag before you leave the house. Check for your passport. Get your passsport checked at the airport. Checkmate. Keep looking around the house – check if everything’s turned off. Check,ermm

» Posted By Louis On 09.24.2009 @ 5:39 am


early birds. Ermmm getting somewhere before you’re due. Early babies are very small. Early in the morning is beautiful, peaceful and quiet. If you get up early you can watch the sunrise. Being early to a party is embarassing

» Posted By Louis On 09.23.2009 @ 4:23 am


mercury? A planet the nearest to the sun, so I’m guessing it’s DAMN hot! Mercury is deadly we use it in thermometers. Freddy Mercury was a fantastic song-writer and singer

» Posted By Louis On 09.22.2009 @ 4:38 am


distract – I can’t believe it chose the word distraction yesterday for a 10 mins focused freewrite. Distract – takes one’s attention away from something. Children always distract you. Can’t think – other stuff going on in my head . . .

» Posted By Louis On 09.21.2009 @ 7:12 am


resist. Try hard to avoid something. Resistance. Don’t give in. Leave the chocolates! Resist! They’ll make you fat! make you want more! Don’t let go of your self respect. Don’t go out with dodgy guys just because they are good-looking!

» Posted By Louis On 09.20.2009 @ 2:59 am

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