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“So you consider yourself to be a ‘driven’ individual?” He asked.
“Yes sir, I do. I know that I can do this job.”
“Even if it means lying to the public on a mass scale?”
Sara didn’t hesitate.
“I look at the bottom line for the company I work for, period.”

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It wasn’t about her inability to commit; it was about the fact that they were on show. The whole word was watching them; their images were reaching thousands of televisions nationwide with eventual transmission to other countries. If Scooter didn’t jump through that hoop, both her pride and the prize would be lost.

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He looked through his lens and tried to hold back his emotions as well as his vomit. As yet another student fell to the ground, blood gushing from her forehead and her palms, Steve couldn’t help but wonder if it was all worth it.

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The element of surprise was lost; much to her shock. When she handed him the divorce papers, she expect anger, tears or even petulant rage but nothing prepared her for his easy smile and crinkling eyes.

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She wasn’t pleased with him; not by a long shot. It didn’t matter that he was eight years old. It didn’t matter that he was in the top 2 percent in his class. He had his father’s eyes and she could swear he had the same mean curl of lips–she caught him once or twice.

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Lease was yesterday’s word too. What’s up with that?

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She thought she had a lease on life; she kept everything up to par. She never missed her check ups, never left any ailments ignored. Karen did everything in her power to make sure she’d have the most years a human being could have: but cancer didn’t seem to care about that.

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Every day on my ride to work, I give the ole’ one finger salute to the drivers in front of me. It never fails; every day there is someone who doesn’t understand what a speed limit is, doesn’t understand that the passing lane is for passing only, and doesn’t understand that turn signals aren’t optional.

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He had never carved skin before but it couldn’t be much harder than carving a tomato. After all, didn’t they use tomatoes to teach nurses how to give shots? A wet shiver went through him as he looked down at her arm; that betraying arm.

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Her body felt as stiff as a fossil. She almost wondered if her bones were just as frail and yellowed. Thankfully, she couldn’t see through her skin- at least not today anyway. Slowly she turned on her side and let out a sigh- another day to find a cure. Today might be the day.

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The beach was littered with people; each tent and umbrella seemed like a glaring soda can, misplaced somehow. I couldn’t stand to look at them; all those fat people, cooking in their own grease, watching their kids screw around in the water.

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The shore tide rushed to the beach, dragging large globs of oil with it. There were birds on the beach, struggling violently against the slick that covered them. It was a tragedy no doubt; a tragedy no one would take responsibility for and no one could fix.

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Sara couldn’t bleach the image from her mind; it haunted her dreams, it haunted her waking minutes. It crept behind her eyelids and every time she blinked, it was there. Sara couldn’t name the last time she had smiled, much less felt anything close to happiness.

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It wasn’t much of a leap; really more of a hop. Sara gave a grin to John and rushed forward. There was nothing she loved more than scaling over the cliffs, no safety gear, nothing to slow her down. She let out a shriek of pain as her foot hit the edge of the rock and slipped down, grinding against her exposed flesh.

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It was hard to match the face to the person; she’d been staring at the line up of men for what felt like hours now. It made her feel like she was in grade school again, playing that god awful matching game. She didn’t have a photographic memory and for what wasn’t the first time, she felt herself resenting it.

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No one knew how bad the fallout was going to be–no one could. A disaster of this magnitude had never occurred, not even in the deep bowels of history. John shook his head and ran his hands against his now unwillingly dread locked hair–it was only a matter of time.

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Being driven to be the best isn’t something that happens to everyone. There are only a few select people on this earth that are driven to become something new. These people are the people who shape the future, shape the past, and make the present more exciting.

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Sara didn’t know how many times she could wash her hands but today she was about to find out. She’d never gotten that much blood on them before and she didn’t have much time before they came home. She’d gotten over her blood issues long ago- blood was part of who she was now.

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He lifted the stick off the ground, his eyes running over it. It could be a wand- it was stiff enough but it was inferior wood. He didn’t know if he could disguise it enough, especially to those who would know it otherwise. Tom had found the original wand long ago and now, he loathed to return it.

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The first note had been strung and he was ready. There were very few things in life he was prepared for but today’s fight was the most important fight he’d ever faced.

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