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Even as I entered the cave I had no idea what was going on. Who had lead me here? Why did I even think it would be a good idea to cross the threshold? My mind decided it silly to even consider these things and quickly wrote them off.

» Posted By LCAT On 02.23.2013 @ 11:18 am


Every day was like another brick upon my shoulder. Sometimes I’d think about quitting, but conviniently, the moment after that was spent thinking about what a disaster I’d become if I did. I would have nowhere to go. I would have nothing to eat, nobody to talk to, not a single reason to wake up the next morning. But hell, I was exhausted.
The days got longer. More work. More labor. Less money. But it was all worth it. Barely, but it was. It was worth it because I got to interact with HER. She was the only

» Posted By LCAT On 02.18.2013 @ 10:09 am

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