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it is very difficult for me to be direct because i worry about being perceived as rude or mean. but because i am not direct i am now being perceived as passive. this is a traight that’s necessary for someone in a leadership position and by not having this it makes me seem to not be an ideal candidate to be in a leadership position.

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“Call the editor.” Mark yelled into the phone. “How did they miss this typo?”
“I don’t know, sir.” Alex laughed under his breath. Mark glared at him aggressively. “Sorry.”
“Yeah, you should be.” He stared at the paper. “The presidents name isn’t Tronald Dump… This is the kind of thing that get’s us barred from the white house…”

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“I can relate; I’ve been feeling pretty hopeless myself.” Mark looked back and his mother. She was staring at the ceiling, completely motionless. She didn’t have much time left, and he knew it. “I just don’t know if I can keep going without you. You’ve done so much for me…”

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fragrance to influence others. Making an impact to those around you. Feeling fresh. A good feeling.

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“You are my client and I can not let you do this.” The lawyer shouted as he slammed his fists on the table. “You don’t have a say in the matter.”
“You can’t stop me from changing my plea to guilty.” The man sat, confident, in the chair across from the lawyer.
“Oh I can. And I will.” The lawyer pulled a revolver from his belt. “I will…”

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He sat up and fixed his composure; the news had temporarily sent him into a state of shock. There was no way he would have expected to hear of his brother’s death, yet here he was. The lawyer maintained eye contact awaiting a response.
“Well, I suppose that’s that.” He smiled and stood up.

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She walked into the bedroom and looked around. The mess in front of her would not do; there would be strangers in her house and she could not have them judging her tidiness. She started to organize the clothing and magazines all around the room until it was as neat and tidy as she wanted. When the investigators showed up to look at the crime scene and try to figure out the future murder, they would be in awe at how clean the room was.

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“Well hello there.” The man looked over the little girl. “Aren’t you just a cutie.”
“Um…Thanks?” The little girl wasn’t sure how to react. The fact that the man found her attractive was flattering, but at the same time creepy. She wanted nothing to do with him and wanted nothing more than to get away from where she was.

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“I live in Luxury.” She stared down at the man on the bed. “And you are part of that.” He smile at her in return. She was a bit promiscuous in her ways, but she did have the money she claimed. The fact that he had only just met her meant that she was open to new things. It was sad that he was going to have to kill her when this was all over.

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“Hello!” His voice was a few octaves above the rest. “Hey! Over here!” He continued to yell louder than the others.
“Not another one…” She lamented. To her, he was just another photographer attempting to get a candid photo of her.

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He loomed over the motorcycle as he tried to piece together the previous night. He remembered having a few drinks with his friends, but he had no idea how a motorized bike would end up in his driveway. He was never a fan of them, and none of his friends drove them.

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The smog in the city today is so thick that it is difficult to breathe. Anna walks along and pauses, wiping her brow and glancing at the barely visible skyline through the horizon.

» Posted By lc On 02.27.2015 @ 11:22 am

There is much smog in the atmosphere of Beijing. This comes from the large factories in China, and the fact that there is no environmental protection requirements made from the government. The smog is thick, and can cause health problems for the many people that live in China. This leads to a lower life estimate for residents.

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Are you eligible? Do you meet the requirements? Do you measure up? I’ve been eligible my entire life, but lately I’m not so sure. Life doesn’t have to be about meeting a series of requirements. I think life should be more along the lines of, are you bringing your best to the table.

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N – night time,
E – every
O – one
N – neighs

» Posted By lc On 05.29.2013 @ 1:39 pm


Gum. It’s enjoyable, its chewy. who doesn’t like gum? Tons of flavors to choose from. Not a mint guy? Hey, it’s alright because there’s fruity gum too! Tons of different flavors, even a flavor that tastes like mint chocolate chip ice cream!

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Patents are on drugs for a reason!

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Anything can happen
life is a circle
shit happens
in the end its about being happy
having fun
feeling really
& well following your intuition
if it works t works
if it doesn’t
it doesn’t
thats life
a circle
life is a circle

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Suppose people did not make mistakes. What would the world be like? There wouldn’t be the pain and consequences that comes with the mistakes, but there wouldn’t be the experience either. Suppose everyone corrected their mistakes. What would the world turn out to be?

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Taking a chance on love
That is one of the toughest obstacles every human combats…
The risks are always high, or are they lower than what we make them out to be?
We never

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it’s a dark night in the small town as i gaze outside my window above my bed. the dark clouds are here to stay tonight, so it seems. the lightening flashing, the rain pounding to the ground, and the rumbling of the thunder. i must grab my earmuffs.

» Posted By lc On 07.25.2011 @ 2:16 pm


He threw the wrench at me like I was the one who broke the damn car. Ungrateful bastard! How do I end up with these jackasses! I guess my mother was right, my picker is broken…it doesn’t matter if the guy has a job. If he

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FIrst edition of a newspaper. Remember that Harper’s Bazaar second addition? How could I forget!? That was the only edition that had Toilet paper advertised in it! Who advertises toilet paper!?

Well John, think about it. THere are now more than two kinds of toilet paper.

» Posted By LC On 01.15.2011 @ 4:55 pm


the waltz is such a romantic dance. i think of viennese ball rooms and romance – like the scene fromt he sound of music when julie andrews dances with the father. it belongs to an era i wish i belonged to.

» Posted By LC On 06.21.2010 @ 10:47 am


it is a place that houses someone’s imagination

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the water wasn’t very deep, the people weren’t either, they only cared about appearance and not what was on the inside. The beach was packed, I didn’t know a single person. I felt as if sitting in this water I was being gawked at and judged by every single person. Nobody knew me, nobody could.

» Posted By LC On 07.29.2009 @ 8:33 pm


my senses tell me everything I need to know. My senses guide me. they cannot be fooled.

» Posted By LC On 06.19.2008 @ 12:40 pm


In union square we met, not realizing the irony until much later. I saw you staring at my sundress, and wondered if it was because it was too cold outside to be dressed that way, or if it was because you liked what you saw.

» Posted By LC On 01.01.1970 @ 12:00 am


im so sick of the system.

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The other day, my little one gave me a card she had written to her uncle. It has the funniest words and mis-spellings in it. So cute. It is so strange things like these can make all the hurt and trouble of child rearing worth it.

» Posted By LC On 11.16.2009 @ 11:08 am

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