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Scorpions are great animals, but sometimes can be very poisonous. they also represent one of the Zodiac signs, the Scorpio, hence the name.

» Posted By Kylie On 08.14.2019 @ 2:19 pm


When you pick something up. Gather stuff like paperwork at work. You can gather your kids and there friends.

» Posted By Kylie On 09.27.2018 @ 9:05 am

When you go on forever straight forever.

» Posted By Kylie On 09.27.2018 @ 9:03 am


Side ways, straight, parallel, forever, ever going. Keep on going.

» Posted By Kylie On 09.27.2018 @ 9:01 am


Seeing the pool make me think of good people and good memories. Along with swimming pools I think of summer. Summer is something that is so sweet yet too short. I wish time lasted longer

» Posted By Kylie On 11.27.2017 @ 2:50 pm


it feels so bad to be excluded. I was excluded quite a bit as a child and it hurts. That has made me very compassionate toward children and wanting to always make sure that they are included and that they feel important and valuable. It is very hard on a child to feel like they just aren’t important enough to be a part of things.

» Posted By kylie On 10.23.2016 @ 11:26 pm


changes you spell changes c-h-a-n-g-e-s i don’t know why everything can’t be spelled so simply.

» Posted By kylie On 10.10.2016 @ 7:00 pm


having the power to do what ever you want and being confident in yourself and never giving up and having courage and not caring what people think of you

» Posted By kylie On 10.08.2015 @ 5:54 am


A psycho is a person who is mentally ill. They get enjoyment in hurt others or themselves. Many serial killers are psychos.

» Posted By Kylie On 09.09.2015 @ 6:17 am


“how could you ever love me?” said the girl with the plain brown hair braided in a simple braid down her back, and the simple cloth dress.
“how could I not? he replied.

» Posted By Kylie On 09.02.2015 @ 5:28 am

i braided my hair for the first time today. At first i was scared, It wasn’t perfect but at least I tried. I’m happy about that.

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» Posted By Kylie On 09.01.2015 @ 6:53 am

I was deeply disturbed yesterday. My dog I’ve had since i was little ran away. I was so disturbed that after I spent all day looking for him, i went to my room and cried. I am not disturbed today because he came back.

» Posted By Kylie On 09.01.2015 @ 6:20 am


Follow the leader. Follow until you get lost. The leader gets lost. All the fellow followers get lost. You are all in your own worlds, on your own paths. It is not selfish. It just is. You lead your own life. Let no one hinder your lead.

» Posted By Kylie On 06.25.2015 @ 3:41 pm


Is a hobby that people enjoy doing like sports crafts or what ever you enjoy.

» Posted By Kylie On 05.20.2015 @ 5:22 am


He was there on his knees, shaking with fear and loss, maybe anger. He was never more emotional than he had been right then, when he just lost everything. I glanced at his sword, within his grasp. It was my fault he was here and if he was angry, my blood would mix with the blood of his old team.

» Posted By Kylie On 01.04.2015 @ 2:14 pm


We stood there, staring them down though it was like looking in a mirror. A fight was in the air, on my knuckles, tingled in the soles of my feet. With an unknown trigger, everyone pounced at once, but never made contact. Instead we ran into an invisible barrier set exactly between us.

» Posted By Kylie On 10.19.2014 @ 12:31 pm


See through, jelly fish, glass, chapel, light, science

» Posted By Kylie On 07.12.2014 @ 2:55 am


It was right there on his face, laid out easy and simple like cards on a table. But this wasn’t easy or simple, and he’s better than me at cards.

» Posted By Kylie On 04.03.2014 @ 8:32 am


Adolescent. That’s all he was, all he would ever be. He didn’t want to get caught, to get stuck in the Program, but he did. It was completely his fault. He had no one to blame. That was the worst part. He was caught while helping a couple of kids. He couldn’t even blame them.

» Posted By Kylie On 03.31.2014 @ 8:45 am


It was the color of his eyes. It was ugly. It wasn’t a beautiful gold of fiction, but it was the sickly gold, ugly yellow of the disease that had already killed a quarter of human population on earth. And I was in love with him. This hideous eyed man who would die within a year as his body faded away, wasted down to a sack of skin with bones and shriveled organs inside. I know this, I can already see his cheekbones beginning to stand out more, his ribs when we swim, he tires quickly. But his voice hasn’t changed since it got worse. It’s deep and silky, a bit like an old scarf, a bit frayed. It’s beautiful.

» Posted By Kylie On 03.26.2014 @ 5:00 pm


The library is huge. It’s always been huge, but I get the feeling that it grows larger with time. Imagine the biggest room you can. It’s way bigger than that. It would take lifetimes to read it all. I would know, I’ve been working on it since the moment I was born. It’s in my head, and I’ve always been reading. I just knew from the start what I was doing.

» Posted By Kylie On 03.23.2014 @ 8:40 pm

The library was huge. It was more than anyone could ever read. I know, I’ve been working at it since the moment I was born and I still had a world of books to select from. I tried not to explore so that I didn’t get overwhelmed by the largeness of it.

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buying, selling, money, capital. moguls, jerks, drive. misfortune, greed. take take take

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The crowd was getting overwhelming.

I pushed through the throngs of people cheering wildly, scanning the cloudy sky for a sign of light. The night remained murky, the faint outline of the moon peeking from the clouds. I groaned impatiently; this year was taking forever to end.

I heard a slight fizzle, and I whipped my head up eagerly. There it was. A spark. My mouth parted slightly in anticipation.

The fireworks blasted into existence as a “Happy New Year!” ran through the frenzy of partiers in Times Square.

» Posted By Kylie On 06.22.2013 @ 8:00 pm


She had auburn hair. It was beautiful and golden in the sun. When she turned, the world lit up with her smile and the sun caught her with the most stunning incandescence. She turned. The world stopped. I had never seen such beauty in all the smiles in the world. She was smiling for me.

» Posted By Kylie On 05.12.2013 @ 1:00 pm


rate my personality on a 1-10 scale
rate my face on a 1-10 scale
rate my body on a 1-10 scale
rate my writing on a 1-10 scale
rate my likes and dislikes on a 1-10 scale
i crave your opinion,
your approval
your love

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rate my depression on a 1-10 scale
rate my hair on a 1-10 scale
rate my eyes on a 1-10 scale
rate my body on a 1-10 scale
i crave your approval

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