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“Grandfather,” she pleaded with the old man, but he refused to budge on the thought. “No,” he shook his head, not moving from his chair before the fire. She stuck her lip out, pouting in a way that only she could to try to get him to budge, a method that had worked since she was a little girl, although she rarely abused her power. “No,” he replied firmly and he set about working on paperwork.

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He held her hand, holding tight as she stood with her back to the audience. Audience was relative. The smile that crossed her face, the smile that he couldn’t contain said every word that they needed to say. The witnesses before them could attest to this, everyone in that room knew that the two could not be torn apart, too much together, and too strong of a bond.

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Glaring eyes turned her way and she slapped her hand quickly over her mouth, trying to seem like she coughed, sneezed, something. To show such disrespect in this place was unheard of. She couldn’t help it though, they were acting like the woman was a saint, where she knew otherwise. She also could picture the old woman, sitting next to her, scoffing at every word out of their mouths because she was not some docile saint, she had a wicked temper, a sharp tongue, and her wit was with her through her dying day.

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Holding her hand to her mouth, refusing to speak as she read the letter. Tears were slow to come, but when they did it was like they would never stop. It killed her inside, noticing the unwritten differences in his words, she also noticed the unwritten ending, the little three words that should have been there.

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Quietly, she slipped through her hallway, feeling ridiculous having to sneak in her own home. Well, that’s what you do when you’re trying not to die, she thought to herself. The daggers remained clenched in her hands, her knuckles turning white with the effort. There was glass sprayed from her window when she peaked around the corner, watching for the invader.

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The light filtered in from the doorway where he stood. The light from the street caused him to be backlit, creating a halo around his form. She breathed in slowly, moving away as she hid in the shadows, clutching at her daggers and waited.

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She giggled, knowing how terrible it was to do so. Shaking her head and blushing while he tried to flirt and tease her. She didn’t know what to say, she was awful at this. Even after almost two years together he still got to her, made her giggle and blush. Yet, she could never do the same.

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She tip toed down the corridor, unsure if this was right. Her breathing was heavy as she glanced around every corner, trying not to make a sound. The door creaked as she eased it open, but there was no other way out, it was too far for her to drop out of her window. She rushed into the cold night air and finally into his arms, hoping that the door closed silently behind her but she really didn’t hear.

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They raised above her, the bars that held her into her prison. She pulled her knees tighter to her as she sat on the bed that seemed, to her, to be the only place that light reached. The door was open but no light came through, just the light through the window. Her mind traced her the shadows, wishing for freedom. She stood up, running her fingers down the length of the window, wanting to be on the other side, but the bars that weren’t, held her in her own prison.

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Small, the ant looked up at the blade of grass before it. The water droplet magnifying the bright sunlight, bending the smooth surface before its eyes. Nothing was more beautiful, than the view an ant had, of a water droplet in the sun.

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The cars rushed by, kicking up her skirt in the wind, just enough to catch the boy’s eyes. “How typical,” she couldn’t help but think, blushing as she looked down the avenue. Traffic always caused problems. She didn’t care though, as she looked down the avenue she felt alone on the crowded street. The cars were no company, nor were the angry and tired drivers or the gas fumes that swarmed around her.

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The air was cool, damp, and the stars above shone as her only light. She couldn’t see much, the mist, fore it was far too pretty to be fog, clouded her vision. Light from the stars reflected across the particles that danced in front of her like a soft wall. The wall was a comfort and a fear, she could not see what was around her, but it also could not see her.

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She can’t help but wonder what the chances were. Was it fate? The thought of someone or something else controlling what happened in her life unnerved her. The chances of her going to that dance though, of him asking her at the end of the night? Really? Maybe things just played out properly, maybe the timing was just right but really, what were the chances of her life turning out better than she could have thought?

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Rain fell around the tree, the wind pulling and pushing the poor twig from side to side. The leaves were gone, the branches were holding on for dear life as the storm raged around it. Nothing could stop the wind, the rain. The tree only hoped that the lightning did not set it’s eyes on the tree as a target to destroy.

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The wind shook the trees and she tried to hold the umbrella to stop the rain. It poured sideways, seeming to defy gravity like a horizontal waterfall. The umbrella pulled in her grip as the wind changed directions, the black and red pattern flashing. She held on to it, if for nothing more than something steady in the storm around her.

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She stared out the window at all the people passing by, their voices rising up through the sticky humid night. It was late but the sinking feeling wouldn’t go away. She hoped it would eventually, but the night before and tonight it was still there. She refused to try to sleep until she was too exhausted to think, refusing to let her thoughts sink to where she can’t control them any more.

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The slipping poison in my blood is strangling me. I tears at my heart and my mind, creeping further into every nook and cranny that it can find. It’s such a simple poison but it’s so confining: loneliness.

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She hated this. Well, not exactly hated, she was scarred. She sat in the car, her stuff in the back, the majority of it anyways. They were moving her, she was going to live pretty much on her own now. Fear crept into her heart. Fear for herself and her relationship. She didn’t know what she would do if this cost her him, she knew she wouldn’t be able to live without him.

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The time ticked by
So much slower than I thought it would.
I’d hoped the days would fly
But of course, they didn’t.
I’ve worked and made lists
To try to keep myself busy.
But, honestly, I’ve missed
You more than I thought possible.

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The deer in the headlights look, that’s all she got when she asked about it. She knew the other girl wouldn’t say anything, she was too shy, reminding her of a small fawn as it walked about alone for the first time. “Oh dear…” she thought, trying to make the situation a little less awkward but failing miserably.

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Succeed, had she done just that? Was this how you measured success? Being accepted was lovely, but she didn’t feel like she had succeeded, she was cheating the system. She hadn’t, according to the judges, earned her money to go, she’d borrowed it. Success would have been earning it all, instead, she only succeeded halfway.

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“Repeat after me,” the teacher began but he wasn’t listening. He never did. This was a waste of time and effort on everyone’s part. Or at least, he felt that way. His mind was in another place, past the teacher and the desks. He was out the window, walking among the sunlight and the trees, where someone with wings really, truly belonged.

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The thread dangled from her dress, a distraction as it hung from the end of her skirt. The skirt flared just above her knee, the thread barely noticeable to someone not paying attention. He was though. He watched it sway with her hips as she walked down the road.

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