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My teeth are misaligned
so my mother takes me to the orthodontist
an awful middle-aged man
he takes my teeth in his pliers
and pulls and pulls and
until *poof* they’re all gone
every last one
“All done!” he beams
“A perfect smile.”

» Posted By Kumquat On 12.09.2017 @ 2:46 pm


“I’ve never been religious,” I said.
“Well then it’s a great time to start. Put your hands on your head and turn around.”
As if in a dream, I did as he told and heard a predatory click. Then one more.

» Posted By Kumquat On 04.04.2017 @ 7:56 pm


Revival of the greatest
Master’s glee
Don’t get caught in jubilee

Revival of the master
Slave’s disgrace
Don’t get caught in cool embrace

» Posted By Kumquat On 12.04.2016 @ 5:50 pm


I build myself an armor of secrets but really it’s an armor of tissue paper and with every word you whisper to me parts of it disintegrate
flake off
flutter around and form a vortex of comfort
drawing closer to you
and your sweet nothings pierce the final bit of chain link paper as I melt into you

» Posted By Kumquat On 07.15.2016 @ 8:01 pm


My deity is my love –
It drives me, begs me to be perfect.
Be selfless, be admiring.
Use me unconditionally,
It says.

» Posted By Kumquat On 06.22.2016 @ 3:19 pm


Underneath the wretched sun
My evil laces come undone
Caught like houseflies in a net
I pray for when the sun will set.

» Posted By Kumquat On 05.15.2016 @ 8:04 pm


Angels appear differently for everyone. For me, my angels manifest themselves in the people I love. My family, my friends, my lover. They offer me a holy salvation that traditional angels could never deliver.

» Posted By Kumquat On 03.20.2016 @ 12:34 pm


Peripheral, that’s me
Constantly on the edge
Never the focus
Always the wallflower
People see me
Out of the corners of their eyes
But they don’t really see me
Not ever
They see my mistakes
But they don’t see me
Constantly in the peripheral

» Posted By Kumquat On 03.14.2016 @ 6:44 pm


An acrobat in the bedroom. That’s all she was.
A body attached to a pair of lips, a blossom attached to a body.
Not a woman, not a human, a pair of dark shadows under eyes.

» Posted By Kumquat On 03.04.2016 @ 7:21 pm


Losing sight of him, I began to become unhinged
Hanging as if by a single fraying thread
Snip snip SNAP
Suspended in space for a single moment
Before I fall
Farther and farther from his outstretched hands
Clearing vision, and I see he reaches not for me
But for someone else
Someone I used to be

» Posted By Kumquat On 03.02.2016 @ 6:20 pm


Offer child candy and he approaches the windowless van
Promise puppy a rawhide and he sits quivering
Assure student a scholarship and she will accept your school
Lure me into your trap

» Posted By Kumquat On 03.01.2016 @ 8:22 pm


Shaken up by the prospect of having to make this decision, Kimber squeezed her eyes shut and clenched her fists. What to do, what to do….
And finally she came to the decision.
The wrong decision.

» Posted By Kumquat On 02.29.2016 @ 6:28 pm


Gears grinding within my mind
Solving solutions solvents and solutes
Water washing over in waves my way
Quick figure it out
Before bottoms up and begin the end

» Posted By Kumquat On 02.16.2016 @ 5:47 pm


Puppy whimpers
Lost in the dark
No master to follow
Fear of being alone
Cries in solitude
Poor puppy

» Posted By Kumquat On 02.09.2016 @ 6:44 pm


fateful twist of words from i like you to i love you like nobody’s business is good it is great and i love you rock my world that is flat that is round that has the depths of all seven sea and seven layers of hell satan god i love you i will scream it from the end of the sidewalk i love you

» Posted By Kumquat On 02.07.2016 @ 8:38 pm


Value placed in a vessel of thought
Sanctity found in a sentence
Peace in a paragraph
Words are my haven
Speak a little
To the wisdom

» Posted By Kumquat On 02.04.2016 @ 6:36 pm


Memory hazy
Fingers lazy
Call me sleazy
Call me crazy
Guarantee I’ve
heard it all already.

» Posted By Kumquat On 01.26.2016 @ 8:29 pm


Put up your armor in secret don’t let them see you in your weakness consuming you from the inside of your heart spreading outward into your fingertips tingling with rage and fear.
Fear of them finding the chinks in your armor

» Posted By Kumquat On 01.25.2016 @ 7:11 pm


Try as I might, I cannot seem to hold him accountable for his actions. His eyes hypnotize me, pulling me closer to him with an invisible thread of gold, hidden in the gold flecks on hazel.

» Posted By Kumquat On 11.23.2015 @ 3:02 pm


A white light
Blinding light
Light invades me
Opaque light
Transparent light
Blurs my vision
But also gives it

» Posted By Kumquat On 11.10.2015 @ 9:06 pm


Wear your heart on your sleeve
Out there for the world
But never give it away
For free
Because it’s yours
And no one may take it but you
Becuase it’s yours
And no one may shove it back in your face
Because it’s yours
But I’ll give it away
Some day
Some day
No one may take it away
Because I’ll give it
Just have to wait
Wearing it on my sleeve
For all to see

» Posted By Kumquat On 10.24.2015 @ 5:44 pm


The way he holds me in his arms
The way he tells me I’m important
The way he rubs my back
The way he nestles his head against mine
The way he kisses my cheek
The way he caresses my hand in his

» Posted By Kumquat On 09.05.2015 @ 11:19 pm


Farther from him
Floating down the mississippi
One raft
One heart
One me
One heart missing
Farther from him
I float on

» Posted By Kumquat On 08.25.2015 @ 6:43 pm


I wish I could undo this summer. I wish I could redo it. I want to relive the best moments: first kiss with boyfriend, trip to Bahamas with best friend, drive myself somewhere by myself for the first time. I wish I could unravel the worst moments: messing up at my first job, procrastinating until the last couple days to do my homework. But time travel is impossible.

» Posted By Kumquat On 08.16.2015 @ 10:17 pm


Dancing. Flying like a bird, leaping like a jaguar, bending like a willow. Graceful as a swan, courageous as a lion. She danced to the light of the moon.

» Posted By Kumquat On 08.13.2015 @ 3:19 pm


Algebra flying across the room
Numbers hit the wall
Variables drip to the floor like venom
Luscious math everywhere
But where I want it

» Posted By Kumquat On 07.15.2015 @ 8:08 pm


“It has no…substance. Do you get what I mean?”
“I guess so.”
“Don’t frown about it too much, though, all you need to do is find a better story.”
Yeah, easier said than done. I gather my portfolio and exit the building of my dreams. What makes a good story? Isn’t it all in the eye of the beholder?

» Posted By Kumquat On 07.04.2015 @ 10:07 am


Approached by a feeling of fear
Creeping up my toes
Over my feet
Expanding upward, forever upward
Along my calves

» Posted By Kumquat On 06.04.2015 @ 11:15 pm


She’d hired the private investigator to find her son’s murderer. She expected complete efficiency. She expected complete thoroughness. She did not expect to be followed into work the next morning.

» Posted By Kumquat On 06.02.2015 @ 7:22 pm


his shallow heart swallows me up
false acclamations of love
hope strewn across the roof
of a hole in the wall house
and a bed
that I share unevenly with him

» Posted By Kumquat On 05.23.2015 @ 7:39 pm

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