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“Eagle One, this is Nest. What is your status? Over.” The radio crackled. Lieutenant James McGuinness grabbed his shoulder-mounted mic and spoke softly into it. “Approaching extraction point Bravo. Two klicks out.”

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It was only out of necessity that he had packed his semi to the rafters with assault rifles and ammo crates. He loathed violence, and guns were most certainly the most vile remnants of a barbaric age.

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The reporter coughed into his microphone, sending a questioning glance at his sound guy for confirmation. The sound guy gave a thumbs up, indicating his approval of the aforementioned cough. The camera guy felt little a left out.

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The architecture was like nothing he’d ever seen. Spires, globes and pathways danced around each other likes snakes, twisting and turning with zero regard for gravity. The colors were blinding; hues of pink and red clashing with acid green and icy blue.

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The dilemma was thus: if he acted now, he could get the jump on the mouse he’d been tracking for the better part of a day, now. But if he did, the nearby humans would almost certainly spot him immediately. His red, furry coat stood in stark contrast to the grey, dead husk of the city.

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He transformed into a much nicer person when nobody was around. He’d fuss around the house in an apron, humming to himself as he cleaned and cooked. He’d post positive and constructive reviews online; often to the frustration of the Internet People.

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The stunt was one she’d done dozens of times: crash car, get thrown through front window and roll into a crouch. Her heart beat like a hammer against her ribs as she floored it.

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Leading Shannon along the trail, Jimmy couldn’t help but smile. He’d spent weeks worrying and obsessing over how to approach her. When he’d asked her if she fancied a hike, her face had lit up like a new sun. When she’d said yes, his had done the same.

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His quest was a grand one, and it had taken up the greater part of his life. He’d traveled all over the world, met people of every age and nationality, vanquished foes of every size. But still his target proved infuriatingly illusive.

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He heard the birds calling his name. They circled above him, a swirling cloud of ebony ravens, beckoning him to join the flock.

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The pile of stacked bug corpses covered the battlefield like anthills. It hurt just looking at the twisted, broken things. Not for the first time, Jimmy wished he was back home.

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The base was under attack. This was nothing new, of course. Base Alpha had been under attack for about three years now, Jimmy reckoned. The bugs threw themselves at the defenses – automated now, thank God – and were crushed, shot, impaled and incinerated in their thousands. Still they came. Jimmy had long since grown used to the acrid stench of burnt flesh and chitin.

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He pressed backspace furiously, deleting the words he’d so carefully and painstakingly written just moments before. The footsteps came closer, urging him to greater button-mashing speed.

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The engine roared as Jane put the pedal to the metal, and Betty flew across the tarmac. A car full of baddies got in their way and was quickly crushed under Betty’s massive wheels.

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Insects covered Jake from head to toe. He didn’t move. He didn’t even breathe. He didn’t dare. If he disturbed the swarm, they’d descend on him in a torrent of pincers, stingers and claws.

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“Disregard the fact that you’d be six feet under right now without me. Wait, no. Don’t disregard that. Regard it! I’m the only reason you’re alive, mister, and I’ll have some gratitude out of you if I have to kill you to get it. Wait, no.”

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Lending money to people is risky business. If they decide that they don’t need to pay you back before the deadline, you might have to break a few kneecaps. Most people hire some muscle to take care of that stuff. Not Jimmy “The Bones” Malone. He lives his life by that age-old axiom: If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself.

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The luggage was filled to the brim with bombs. Yes, he’d packed the bags himself. No, he wasn’t a terrorist. No, he didn’t know where they’d come from. Yes, he was aware explosives weren’t allowed on planes. No, he didn’t hate freedom.

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The primitive awoke. Reason were burnt away by a raging flood of raw emotion and instinct. His muscles shook and twitched, blood rushing like fire through his veins. Darkness obscured his vision.

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He was an outgoing man. That is to say, he went out. He met people, and they met him, and some of them were alright. Most weren’t. When he went out – outgoing man that he was – he’d always bring a few base necessities: leather gloves, a knife, a garrote and a bottle of water. You know, in case he got thirsty.

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Tasting other people’s food sounds like a pretty sweet gig. Most people who hire tasters eat some delicious stuff, and so you do too. When the poison shows up, though, you’re gonna feel pretty stupid.

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“She was instrumental to the success of the mission, colonel. She was the one who warned us about the laser defense system. She was the one who took down the Dreadnought. She knew the codes. She saved your ass.”

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When they were separate, they were weak. Without the bond, there was nothing to stop a stray arrow or skilled sword from killing them. When they stood back to back, though…

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A hallowed house – unlike a haunted one – is actually a quite pleasant place to live. Angels pass by every now and then, and occasionally a saint will show up and make sure all the blessings are still in place. The only drawback is the blinding light covering everything. Sunglasses only do so much.

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A sliver of wood fell from his fingers as his knife scraped along the piece of wood he’d picked up back at base. Far-away gunfire came from due west, towards the enemy HQ. He put his helmet back on. Just in case.

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The poster showed the profile of a man. His jaw was strong and set in grim determination, as he looked up at a looming cloud of daggers, iron cogs and fire. Above the picture, the poster read “STAND STRONG”. Underneath, “AGAINST THE IRON ABOMINATION”.

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His lips were chapped and his body empty of liquid. The sun had practically burnt him to a crisp, and there was very little he could do about it. He tried to threaten the sun – did it know who he was? – but it mostly ignored him.

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Her scorn was almost palpable. He got to his feet on shaky legs, scooping up his gun where he’d dropped it. The marine sergeant snorted in contempt as he once again brought it to bear.

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The sound of bullet ricocheting around a metal container was deafening, painful and fairly surprising to Jimmy. He curled into a ball, covering his head with his arms, and prayed to various gods that he wouldn’t catch a bullet to any of his favorite organs.

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The swan sailed through the air far above, gliding in gentle circles before landing in the small, still pond. Ripples flowed through the water and broke silently on the smooth stones that formed the pond’s edge.

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