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It’s time to cook dinner. My husband will be getting off of work shortly. So i gotta start thinking about some healthy ideas to make him for dinner that wont affect his diet negatively. If i can do that and still make the food good then i can eat too lol dieting sucks hardcore.

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dawn dishsoap is simply amazing. It cuts grease and cleans well………. dont you just love my hair :)

» Posted By Kristin On 06.08.2016 @ 2:07 pm


I do not know alot about hiking because I have never been. i am guessing however, that one must be physically in shape to complete this task. Which I am most definitely not!

» Posted By Kristin On 06.06.2016 @ 9:10 am


I feel accountable for so many things. I have been working since I got home. This is after I worked all day at “work”. I am working because I feel like it’s my job to fix the mistakes of others. I feel accountable for too many things. It is stressing me out.

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i like flour, it makes yummy things for your mouth….but my belly doesn’t like flour unfortunately. it makes my belly hurt and then i get sad. i want to eat flour so bad. but thankfully they make other kinds of flour that i can eat.

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He strung the bait on the hook with the expertise that only came from years of fishing experience. He was the best fisherman in the village, because he didn’t let his hunger distract him. The hard knot of his stomach drove him instead.

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All I can think of is how a panda can be the kind of bear you should snuggle with. Think about how much fur they have on their bodies. It just looks so fluffy.

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I actually thought of both Smaug from The Hobbit and smog like in the air. They’re both bad, and they both can be harmful.

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Mercy is when you show someone grace and kindness. It makes me think of church and Jesus, but also about uncle Jesse from Full House (definitely not as noble). Mercy is difficult sometimes. Mercy is being the bigger person. Mercy is showing someone the best in yourself, and in them too.

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The pediatrician was an elderly gentleman. An old soul with old glasses and an even older haircut. His office, though sterile, was homely, like a grandmother’s parlor. Knick-knacks decorated his desk.

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There was nobody on the bridge as she slowed to a stop. Her sneakers squished along the rain-soaked timbers. She dropped her elbows over the railing and ducked her head. Her breath still pulsed quickly out of her chest as the water slipped smoothly away below her.

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I have never been skiing. The wind whisks through the strands of hair escaping from my cap. I look down the long slope of ice and fear, the tips of my awkward extended feet balancing over the edge.

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crazy stupid

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rWhen you feel out of control and there is a lot going on. I feel frazzled when I am running late somewhere or when I can’t find something.

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I walk in and sit. the movie plays in front of me, I only catch bits and pieces of color though. I am stealing every glance I can get at the boy next to me … my first date!

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Trace and color. Fill, hunt for just the right shape and size. Pick a dream or a hobby. Maybe even a holiday. Make something new, something unique, someone else’s yet, new.

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I hit my knee so hard at my desk that I unknowingly winced. One of my students asked me if I was ok and I grimaced as I said yes. I hobbled throughout the rest of the day, trying my best to continue teaching.

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The denim stuck to her legs, a sheath of taught, damp fabric that moved uncomfortably along with her every step. In this heat, she wanted nothing else than to trade the jeans for something less restrictive, but the harsh winds and biting sand required something protective.

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The lemon tree stood sentry in the backyard. Its branches brushed the top of the fence, its fragrant leaves rubbing against the wood with every brush of wind. She stood beneath it, shielding her eyes against the noonday sun.

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He followed his routine exactly everyday. He arose from bed, padded to the bathroom, and brushed his teeth for a minute and a half. He rinsed his mouth with the cup that stood by the sink.

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Her genetics showed through in every freckle that dotted her forehead. Her dark green eyes were flecked with the memories of her mother.

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The flea fled in a flight of fancy. “I shall flee,” said the flea. “Where shall you flee, flea?” asked the fly. “I will flee to wherever a flea can be free,” cried the flea, as he delighted in homonyms.

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Her flee from the mountain was swift. She could feel their eyes on her back as she sped down the rocky slope. Her feet crunched roots and dried leaves beneath her jagged path. Her legs pounded down the mountainside, aided by gravity’s punishing help.

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She stood, baffled, at the spot where her car used to be. The keys hung uselessly in her lax grip. The wind swept through the empty spot, twisting the dirt along the ground. The glaring nothing-ness taunted her.

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Her braid fell over her shoulder, dipping carelessly into the water in the bowl. She splashed her face with the frigid water and shivered as icy drops slipped over her chin and down her neck. She pushed her braid back onto her back.

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Lately these words are not giving me any inspiration. A songwriter seems like a flighty character for a hippie story. Someone in tune with the universe, but not the people in it with her.

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The instructor stood at the front of the room, shuffling from foot to foot. He tweaked his nose, and pushed his glasses up the bridge.

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The scalp dripped blood onto the pavement below. He clenched the dirty black strands in his fist, the other hand still clutching his knife. The smell of death rose up from the ground and engulfed him.

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As soon as the bell rang a stampede of students ran our into the parking lot trying to leave before everyone else to ignore the horrid traffic.

» Posted By kristin On 10.15.2013 @ 3:20 pm

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