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Count. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Breathe in and forget the bitterness. That old rival, felled in duels. Regrown from new loves. Count. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

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The parking lot was empty; everyone had fled. Though it didn’t matter where they were. Death was going to find them all and all at once. There was no escaping this one. Technology wasn’t advanced enough to stop it, no way to divert it. And finally, the Earth will be able to rest.

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Writing this paragraph is a daily dilemma. Which words should I write? How long should each sentence be? Should my vocabulary be robust or simple? Plus, writing self-referential paragraphs is a dilemma unto itself. How uninspired.

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The cat lived a domestic life. It was a change from his alley cat days hunting mice on the street. He was a tougher cat then. Perhaps he was even fiercer. It can be said though that he’s now a much happier cat for his domesticity. Without a care in the world, he’s free to hunt the plush mouse of his fantasies while enjoying a full meal later.

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Something I can’t imagine having in my life is stability. Every now and then I get a glimpse of it, but then it passes. A job interview that looks promising falls through, a potential new boyfriend slips by, even my lease is month by month because around here stability isn’t something that happens to people like me. I suppose that’s how life goes now, it’s just about living on the edge.

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united, as in united states. how ironic. this is one of the most divided countries on the planet. Its so divided that there are multiple worlds existing here at once, but invisible to each other, like different dimensions, defined by class, race and/or ethnic identity, age and gender, and political philosophies. It’s not a different perspective, its a different life and a different reality. people in the USA don’t get along, for the most part and don’t help each other, and are anything but united.

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blurred vision isnt a problem of the eyes; its a problem of perspective. remove the cataracts that grew over your mind to know the Earth and your moment of time here, and nothing will seem so unclear.

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wealth is the moment you give birth to a baby after feeling every pang of your labor, it’s the smile of a truly happy partner and a family who loves your food. its support from a community and a peace and love in your heart. just because someone has material objects and money doesnt make them un-empty, its just a shell of a life a shell of a heart the real wealth is in our experience of relationships and our bonds with people in our communities

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thanksgiving this year wasnt a banquet. Im upset that Nana usurped my celebration three days after i naturally delivered a new baby boy, no pain meds. My father flew in from NC, and everyone else in the family had someplace else to go, including her. But she canceled her plans so that my own father, mother, brother and sister could have Thanksgiving at HER place. she told my in the MATERNITY ROOM that it needs to be at her place because she wont think about trying to walk up one flight of stairs to come to my house for Thanksgiving and see the baby, like MY immediate family planned. Also per the original plan: she was going to Robert’s place with Uncle Tom and Aunt Mary.

And she didn’t even buy enough food. I’ve never met anyone else on the planet who is so concerned that there will be left overs that there is not enough for second plates and the dinner guests don’t take as much as they’d want because they want to leave enough for everyone else to have a couple tablespoons of each side dish. She hems and haws that there will be too much food, but she is the first person at other people’s parties to hawk the leftovers and extra condiments.

Not a banquet.

If I ever had another baby, I will announce that I won’t allow guests other than the people who are watching my older kids, and then will consider who I actually want to visit on an individual basis.

I can guarantee Nana will not be on the list.

She makes so many ‘poor me’ needs for herself that my dad spent more time attending to her than spending time with his grandkids and hanging with me, and I resent it.

At least she was just debating and arguing about my sister’s job situation and guilting my dad into bringing Thanksgiving to her instead of Veda and my family, rather than spewing verbal diarrhea about stillbirths and failure to thrive for 30 minutes like she did with my first birth.

Beginning around 20 weeks pregnant with my first, she would approach me, only when I was alone, and quietly talk about premature babies and 2lbs babies and their struggles. I just avoided her and I rarely see her. I tolerate her for family gatherings, but dont have much to say. I dont feel like im being a better person for it anymore, i feel like I’m disrespecting myself by being quietly tolerant when someone is acting like a shithead over and over.

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I left an anonymous donation on his funding page. After I hit “click”, I bit my thumbnail, unsure of why I didn’t just add my name. What was the big deal if he knew I had given money to his cause? Then again, what if he did and he thought it was kind of stalkerish?

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The teacher wheeled the projector into the classroom and a hush ensconced the students. They all became antsy with anticipation…they waited for the lights to go off, when their spirits would instantly deflate into a state of relaxation and lazy watching. CRINKLE, SNAP, CRINKLE, CRINKLE, BRRRRROOOOOOOOM!

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They called it “Johnson’s Ward” which ultimately served to drive a wedge between The Ward and other neighborhoods due to the connotation that it was a secluded, clinical place for the mentally unwell.

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She picked up the controller and started playing the new game she just picked up from the store. Not knowing if the reviews were true or not, she was nervous for the result. The menu for the game loaded and she was drawn into the new world that awaited her.

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The Hong Kong sky was a thick, alabaster cloud of smog. He glanced up at the reflective buildings, then down at his equally reflective watch. “CHIT!” he spat through gritted teeth. “LATE!” He reaffirmed his grasp on his briefcase and began jogging, then running, down the empty street.

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Look at all of you! Waiting in dire anticipation. The silence in the final moments before the first spoken word is deafening. Palpable. I inhale a breath, on the precipice of a word. A WORD! I relish that you are all waiting with bated breath to hear what I have to say. My followers! My plebeians! My servants of the arts! Listen!

» Posted By Kristen On 02.25.2015 @ 7:15 am


Oh the countless drunken nights of my college days. Although there were so many times that I had fun, I think there are so many women who are struggling with their self-confidence, and they get into a drunken stupor, and get themselves wrapped up in guilt and regret over a dalliance with some drunk, gross, fratty boy. But, experience, I guess! Except for that one time…

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She inhaled the glorious scent of rosemary, roasted onions, and crispy-skinned chicken. “Mmmmm,” she hummed. Her eyes closed in reverie as she imagined just how tasty her dinner would be.

The phone rang. She snapped out of her moment of bliss and walked toward the yellow phone.

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He picked up his toothbrush and scowled…why does mine have to be so weak and hers is so strong? He knew he shouldn’t, but he couldn’t resist. He loved the orgasmic pain that came from brushing his teeth and gums with a hard-bristled brush. He picked hers up, and began to scrub. FINALLY. His mouth felt bruised but clean.

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When I was a kid, we used to have these plastic charm bracelets and necklaces. My sisters and I would always try and find charms that were the coolest or ones that expressed parts of our personality. For some reason, my sister Sarah always seemed to have the funnest ones. Charms with buttons, or charms that had some movement to them. I loved those.

Speaking of charm bracelets, I’ve wanted one for some time.

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When someone is taken by someone else? Or like when an animal is locked up in a cage or some shit. I don’t really know. Like when someone is kidnapped they are captured. Like predators capture kids. Like hunters capture animals. Like people capture pets when they try to escape from their homes. Like spiders capture flies. Like dogs capture cats if they don’t like them and kill them.

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She memorizes the line that makes his shoulders and wishes she could lean against it. Perhaps then, it would not be a betrayal when she presses her forehead in the space between his shoulder blades. “Ichi is at fault…Nagamasa-sama.”


“I’m sorry, Ichi is sorry…Nagamasa-sama-”

Nagamasa grips her hand and pins it against his chest. The armor is cold but underneath she feels flame- a burning warmth that spreads under her touch and makes her remember nothing.

“You simply cannot apologize for everything, Ichi.” Nagamasa quietly scowls. But he keeps her hand in his, and Oichi curls her fingers around it as best as she can.

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“Hey, Mitsunari-sama.” The dice he rolls in his palm clink together like river stones in low tide.
“It’s kind of late now, but I wanted to thank you. I really wanted to! Heh, I guess it’s more than kind of late, right?”

He watches Mitsunari’s retreating back, which is too far away now for him to have heard anything. He molds the shape of his dice into his hand, so deep he can feel the indent of four on his skin. Cho.

Sakon breathes in and speeds off. “Hey, Mitsunari-sama!”

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On nights like this, he remembers himself as a child stepping into sweltering heat and sitting on the porch. It was nighttime, and the moon was out. It’s light made it difficult for him to see- but he could see them- all those dancing fireflies. Many hours later, a page finally found him.

“Why are you out here?” The page had asked. “You should be in bed.”

“I wanted to see why they glowed.” He replied. “The fireflies.”

On nights like this, that memory returns to him. He isn’t sure why, since he’s certain that night didn’t have fire warming his face, making it hot. Smoke wasn’t pricking the corner of his eyes, filling his lungs and making him heavy. He hadn’t wish to destroy on that night. Only to discover, to watch.

Hisahide watches the flames dance and thinks: in a way, it is the same.

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“There’s probably more than a dozen of them.” Todd says softly with conviction. He’s slightly drunk.

Clancey looks uncomfortable, mostly because Todd isn’t laughing like he should be. “Yes, but I wasn’t thinking to that extent. Violet and her team blowing up buildings en masse.”

Todd Allison slowly stands, still able to keep balance. “She has them all helping her, I know it. Ugh- help me, will you?”

The two men stagger out of the library, Todd still muttering on and Clancey filled with foreboding thoughts.

“Do you honestly believe she has that many people following her? Doing what she says?”

Todd Allison glares at him, then looks up. “More than a dozen. I’m not going to repeat myself.”

Clancey thinks about it, and sits in silent dread for the rest of the night.

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He absorbs noise and keeps his expression default. He considers himself commonly quiet, and lets his louder, expressive peers do most of the talking for him. This is one of those times.

“Maki-chan,” Toudou’s abrupt halt of his one-sided conversation brings him back into the world. He hears him hesitate. “Say. I talk too much, don’t I?”

Makishima weighs the question on his tongue and grins. “Is this a trick question?”

“No, I’m confiding in you! Maki-chan, I’m serious.” From the other line Toudou sucks in a breath. “If I talk too much, tell me right now!”

“Huh…” Well, that’s odd. Now it’s too quiet. Makishima can’t hear the cicadas singing outside, or the constant droll of the fan in his room. He thinks he can hear the T.V. from downstairs. It should be a grateful silence, somehow relieving. And yet.

“…Maki-chan? Do I-”

“Does it really matter?” He mutters. “Anyways. What were you saying?”

And just like that, Toudou continues on and becomes noise, and Makishima absorbs it all over again.

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A broken, moldy rafter protruding from the ceiling probably isn’t the best thing to swing about on, but Elijah is doing it regardless. “Do you think I can climb to the top of the barn on this, Dylan? I bet you I can!”

“I didn’t even say you couldn’t,” Dylan strikes a match and flinches. “Ouch. Shit, I skinned myself on that one.”

“You did what?” Elijah is halfway up the rafter, hands smudged with grease and moss, the knees of his trousers stained beyond hope. “I’ll have a good laugh up on the roof, just give me a minute.”

Dylan, having just realized exactly how high up Elijah is, shrieks. “You idiot! Your mum is gonna have both our heads when she finds out you ruined your damn pants-”

The rafter creaks, long and low, and Elijah freezes. “Oh, yeah. Okay. Help me down?”


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“Meredith…” Elijah makes his voice sad, sad and thick and all kinds of pathetic. “I have an awful headache.”

The sound of tape being peeled off it’s roll rips through the room. Meredith looks down. “I’ll make you tea. When we get home.” He tears away length of tape with his teeth.

“But I have a headache now.” Elijah rubs his temples and sighs loudly- hopefully loud enough that it’ll drown out the sound of shoes scuffing the floor and that annoying, blasted whimpering-

“Could you PLEASE be a little more quiet?!” He barks at one wide-eyed, trembling man currently bound on the floor. The poor thing freezes, then nods slowly. “Thank you.”

Elijah smears a hand over his face, and watches Meredith snort and apply more tape over the man’s mouth. It’ll be a long night.

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“Man, I bet someone’s gotten lost here before. Makishima-san’s house is kind of huge.”

“As in, never seen again?” Imaizumi’s tone of voice suggests he’s losing confidence in their spur of the moment ‘quest to find the third years.

Onoda peers into another hallway but follows close behind. “Wouldn’t Makishima-san know about that, though? A random stranger in his house?”

“I dunno- I know I wouldn’t!” Naruko laughs, pausing at one door and turning the knob. “Man, if I had a house this big-”

It opens, and reveals a large parlor-like room complete with corner mini bar, a billiards table, and…well, their senpais. Playing pool.

“Haha, told you, Maki. You shoulda texted them or something.” Tadokoro chides from the corner while he applies chalk to the tip of his pool stick. Kinjou hums in agreement.

“Right…” Makishima eyes the frozen first years, squinting from where he’s poised leaning over the table. “Hey, if you guys are gonna stand there all day, you ought to close the door.”

“O-Okay!!” All three yelp in unison and slam the door shut.

“…that…was really, really cool!”

“I feel like I just walked in on a mafia movie scene…”

Imaizumi turns heel and walks away. “You are both. So. Embarrassing.”

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“I really think Rosings is better suited for the job- God knows he’s been in the department longer than I have.”

“I don’t think I’m familiar with a Mr. Rosings.” Elijah Gabriel smiles at him like a child.

He bursts. “Well! You really ought to- that is, you ought to ask him about being your superior! Let him take you under his wing for the time being, he’ll really appreciate-”

“But what if,” The taller man, the darker man- the man he wishes wasn’t standing in front of him- politely intervenes. “I don’t know how to do that either?”

“You…” He hesitates. “Don’t know how to talk to him?”

Elijah takes a step forward and laughs quietly. “I don’t know how ask. It’s rather silly, isn’t it?” Vague blue eyes immediately sharpen, far too sharp for his liking. “You should be my supervisor.”

He feels the wall against his back and all his will crumble between his fingers. “I…of course. Alright.”

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Makishima looms over his handlebars. He and Tadokoro observe the frustrations of being a first-year that just biked ten kilometers on a scorching summer day with a teammate that just insulted their choice of hair color.

“Hey, are those two ever going to shape up?” Makishima grouses as though he’s already answered his own question, but Tadokoro nods beside him. He’s smiling wide. “Sure they will.”

Days later, Makishima watches Tadokoro finish off three bentos on his own and asks, “Are you ever gonna regret turning into a rambunctious bear?”

Tadokoro grins and laughs. “Haha! Probably not!”

Nearly a week after that, Makishima sighs and leans back against the bulk of Tadokoro’s back. Tadokoro is peeling a wrapper off a power bar. “Wouldn’t it be funny to think I could be the great mentor that Onoda probably thinks I am?”

Against him he feels Tadokoro shift a bit, and offhandedly says: “What, you weren’t already?”

Makishima says nothing. His shoulders ache to slump but he keeps his back rigid against Tadokoro’s and simply exists beside him. “Hey,” Tadokoro calls after a while. “I’m blocking your sun, huh?”

“No.” Makishima chuckles, and simply soaks him in. “Not really.”

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