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What every person on Earth is. Including you. Nobody has been more this than you. The people you see on the street are this. That person who works at the coffee shop is this. Your hopes and dreams are this. Love is this.

» Posted By Kristan On 10.03.2015 @ 12:36 pm


Its hard not to mispel words. Aspecially when we text sooo often.How am i supposed to know who a word is actully spelt? Its crazy that adults thing that we should know who words are spelt when we have spell check and stuff on our computers. I have technology; doesnt that make me smart? Spelling is for sissys. Spelling bee winners are the worst of all. Seriously who knows how to spell tiranisoarusrex? Or onomatapeeah? Or cuagulate? Thats just insane! There are too many words in the world for me to know who to spell ALL of them! Pacifically the english language.

» Posted By Kristan On 06.23.2014 @ 8:54 am


for the children, what about adults with backpacks, why dont they just get a real bag, a tote bag and messenger bag, a breifcase, why do men with suits wear backpacks. why do people always hang on to things like this. backpacks are for hiking and children

» Posted By Kristan On 06.02.2011 @ 9:13 am


I see the executive branch or executives in a business. I think executions, exits, exacts.

» Posted By Kristan On 03.29.2011 @ 9:54 pm


recipes, i don’t have much of them, nor do i use much of them at anytime. Maybe i should? …probably not…

» Posted By Kristan On 01.18.2011 @ 6:56 pm

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