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He spun a tale about the sun, the moon, the stars, the beasts in the brush, the fish in the ocean, all the world around them and why the Gods had created it all for their benefit. Faces around the fire stared intently, hanging on his every word.

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His horse rode on, seemingly on autopilot, begging the question and asking to tailgate the horse in front of him. The rider obliged; he had no other choice. Manes intertwined, tails slapping faces and hooves falling in divots of other hooves.

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He never gave to charity. But there was something about this poor idiot, wasting his time on a Saturday afternoon when any reasonable person would be off indulging in their chosen vice, that made him decide to open his wallet and give. He asked him in, a sly smile crawing across his face.

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He fled as fast as he could, darting in and out of doorways, splashing through black puddles, his heart racing the beat of his footsteps in the gloom. It didn’t work, as the murderer caught him anyway.

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Pleading for his life, the mugger knelt on the wet asphalt, rain mingling with the tears streaming down his face. The Masked Vigilante had caught another one, and loved to toy with his prey like a housecat.

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The moon peeked out from behind the clouds, as it had several times before. He was kind of getting sick of the repetitiveness. The starry night was being obscured both by clouds and by the light of the moon. Why couldn’t things just be exactly as he wanted them to be?

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In his own mind, he could scale buildings by walking up them. All his achievements were of mythic proportions, and everything came easily to him. Those who refused to acknowledge this were mere naysayers, saying nay to his obvious superiority.

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He tipped back the pint, finishing off the last of the foamy amber liquid and slammed the glass back down on the bar. He was thinking, “I should stop,” but heard himself order another. This was sure to be another one of those nights.

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The station spun at a speed designed to simulate earth gravity, which had one fun consequence: if you made your way to the center, walking along the radius of the ship, you were weightless.

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Star gazing was the only thing that got him through those terrible nights after Susan died. Sleep was out of the question; the only thing worse than the days without her was the empty space in the bed next to him. He still couldn’t bring himself to move over to the middle of the bed, as if somehow that would bring her back.

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His lofty aspirations were coming to an end. No other way to describe it, once the disease grabs hold of your body, the only things you can think about are how far it is to the nearest bathroom and who is in the way. Aspirations. Aspirating in an entirely different way now.

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He opened the trunk, half expecting to see what was left of a two week old carcass staring back at him. As usual, it was just the tire and jack.

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The window’s fixed, Smith yelled down from the top of the ladder. “For how long this time?” Marylin smirked and wiped the sweat from her forehead. While you’re up there, could you put the Christmas decorations up? It’s only eight months early.”
“You’re weird, you know that?”

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