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They were on the brink of no return. If they kept going there was going to be no walking away from what they did. Ushio grit his teeth and made Yusei look him in the eyes. “Tell me to stop. Tell me to stop right now.”

Those blue eyes were nearly the color of midnight with desire. The teen shook his head then leaned up to kiss him again. “Don’t stop.”

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The strain in Ushio’s pants met max resistance against his jeans, his cock fully hardening in an instant. The big man grabbed Yusei by the shoulders and met the young man’s kiss with the force of a hurricane. He leaned forward until he had the teen pinned beneath him on the couch. It wasn’t long before he had managed to wedge himself between long legs, their hips grinding together.

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Yusei ran his hand over Ushio’s copper-colored cheek, his thumb gently rubbing over the scar under his left eye. “How about getting to know me better?” He leaned in again.
“Stop,” Ushio said, pushing him back once more, “stop right now.”

But Yusei didn’t stop this time. He slipped past his large hands and kissed him.

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Ushio’s cock was inflating like an airbag. The man grit his teeth as the heat pulled below his belly. Yusei was being such a bloody teasing bastard. He wanted the teen more with every second. “Shit!” One large hand pushed Yusei to arms length away. “Stop it! Just stop it! This isn’t you!”

“Do you really know me, Officer Ushio?”

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Yusei was experiencing a diverse range of emotions right now. Part of him was ashamed for trying to seduce Ushio, another part was eager. While the two of them had never gotten along, he was attracted to the officer. He was curious how the man would be in the sack. It was too bad that he was hitting on him under such circumstances.

He continued to match Ushio’s stare, keeping his expression confident even though he was shaking inside from nerves.

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Yusei shifted his other hand to hover over the growing bulge in his pants. Ushio mentally cursed himself. He couldn’t believe he had already reached that level of arousal just because the teen was practically in his lap. It hadn’t been that long since he had sex, had it?

Well, maybe it had. But it was no excuse.

“It’s alright, you know,” Yusei whispered. “I won’t tell.”

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It was like they were acting out the modern version to a period drama. One moment Ushio was staring intently into Yusei’s blue eyes, the next moment the younger man was leaning forward and touching Ushio’s square jaw with a bare hand. He had removed his glove at some point.

“What do I have to do to convince you otherwise, Officer?”

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He needed something like a mental detergent or a bleach to get his point through. He didn’t “like” Yusei, but he liked the idea of him selling his body in the sex trade even less. “You’re staying here tonight.”

“What?” It was a rare expression for Yusei to show Ushio. The young duelist was the witter one, and the officer couldn’t help but savor the moment.
“I said you’re staying. Until I know you’ve gotten it through that thick skull of yours you’re not doing that anymore.”

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Ushio stressed his tone as he spoke again. “I said no more prostitution. Do you understand?”
“Ah, I do,” was all Yusei responded with.

Yusei wasn’t stupid. The younger male did understand, but Ushio had a feeling deep in his gut that Yusei was going to continue anyway if he didn’t do something more.

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The silence stretched between them for a long moment before Ushio broke it. “You’re to stop it now, the prostitution. It’s against the law. It’s fine if you’re hired for an odd job or what the fuck ever, but no more fucking for money.”

Yusei’s face didn’t show any particular emotion for several seconds before he nodded. However, it wasn’t really an answer, just an acknowledgement.

The officer frowned.

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It was a loaded question, but Yusei already had an answer. “Because I’m a provider.”

It was the main reason a lot of people sold their bodies, whether it was for work or sex. They had someone depending on them. Yusei had his friends back in their subway hideout, and there was especially Rally who was still a kid.

Ushio rubbed the back of his neck. He didn’t like it, but he could accept that.

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“Did you even know the guy?” Ushio’s deep voice finally rumbled.
“Just some American, probably gone already,” Yusei answered without looking away from his glass. He knew he had another opportunity to escape if he wanted to, just throw the water at the officer and run, but he was still curious.

Ushio took in a slow, deep breath. “Why?”

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The social ballet between the two men was more awkward than smooth, but somehow they both managed to be sitting on the couch while drinking their waters. It was the most companionable they had ever been since Ushio had become an officer and he had been sent to capture the dark haired duelist who liked to egg him on.

Yusei was beginning to wander if he should say the first word or if he should wait for Ushio to start.

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Ushio was having issues making a transition from police officer to regular citizen who needs to talk to a younger male about the stupid decisions in his life, bt it was hard. The only relationship between him and Yusei had always been officer to law breaker.

He snorter and brought the waters out. What ind of man was he if he couldn’t do something other people apparently did all the time?

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“Don’t stand there like some salesman, take a seat.” Ushio made a vague wave motion at his old couch as he walked towards another doorway. From what little Yusei could see, it was the kitchen. “I don’t have anything fancy, you’ll have to settle for water.”

“Thanks.” Yusei took a seat. The couch was surprisingly comfortable. He still had no idea what the officer was planning, though.

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Ushio wasn’t sure why he had decided to bring the duelist home. He should have taken him to the station, what with his being off-duty being a lousy excuse at best.

But seeing Yusei in that half-dressed state had almost undone him. He wasn’t blind, he knew the young man to be attractive. And if he was desperate enough to start selling his body for a few credits…

Ushio bit the inside of his cheek and drew in a deep breath to calm himself.

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Yusei was fleet of foot, if he made a break for it now he could probably out pace Ushio and get away scot-free. But he was curious about what the officer wanted to talk to him about. It wasn’t like they had ever really been on the best of terms. Things between them were tense at best.

He followed the man inside and looked around. It seemed… Nice.

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The place where Ushio lived was an unknown factor to Yusei, but it looked like it wouldn’t be for much longer.

The teen followed the officer indoors. They walked up a couple flights of stairs and down a short hallway, then the man opened up a worn white wooden door with a shiny metal key. It didn’t creak when the door opened, Ushio must keep it oiled in the least.


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Yusei supposed he should be joyful or something since Ushio wasn’t taking him to jail. He really didn’t want to have to explain things to his friends, not to mention they couldn’t afford the bail. He was doing the commissions for a reason, after all.

Ushio stopped in front of a normal apartment building, inside a normal parking space that had seen better days. It was lightyears better than the abandoned subway where Yusei and his friends lived.

“Follow me.” Ushio dismounted and walked inside.

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They weren’t exactly the cutest couple on the road, but no one was really paying them any mind.

When they stopped at a red light Yusei finally spoke up. “Where are we going? This isn’t the way to the police station.”
“My shift had just ended when I found you, so we’re going to my place to talk.”

Yusei stared at the back of Ushio’s head, wondering what the man wanted if he wasn’t going to put him in a cell for the night.

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Neither man smiled as Yusei pulled up his pants and fixed his shirt, all without breaking their eye contact.

Ushio’s hands formed loose fists as he thought of what to say, but nothing was coming to mind.
Yusei didn’t make any suggestions either.

Without a word the pair exited the alley and got on Ushio’s motorbike. The engine roared a moment later.
Yusei didn’t ask where they were going.

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What Yusei derived from the look in Ushio’s eyes was that the man wasn’t going to arrest him…yet. But the officer was definitely not pleased.

Yusei mentally sighed. He didn’t want anyone he knew to know about his commissions, and certainly not one who worked for the law. Blue and brown gazes met.

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He couldn’t claim to have any heartfelt feelings for the younger man, but when he saw Yusei Fudo in the alley, waiting to sell his body, Ushio didn’t feel that he could keep his nose out of it.

He flashed his badge, which predictably scared away the buyer, then turned his attention to the proud duelist whose back was still straight even after being caught in such a compromising position.

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He called them commissions. He did them whenever money got tight.

He went to the bad side of town, as if there was really a good side to it, then offered himself up as entertainment to whoever was willing to pay.

Sometimes he was paid to fight, other times to work, still though…most often it was for sex.

This was one of the sex commissions.

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The level of silence was deafening as the two teenaged boys faced off. Their classmates didn’t dare make a sound. Yugi rolled his eyes and loudly clapped his hands, breaking the spell.

There were a few startled screams and one boy fell out of the seat he had been on the edge off. Ryuji and Seto both looked away from each other to gaze at their small companion, Ryuji looking sheepish and Seto scowling.

“Stop being so immature. Anzu-chan’s going to be my project partner.”

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The bandanna Wolf leveled his gaze with Yusei’s, then his eyes widened. He saw no glimmer of recognition there. “You really lost your memory, haven’t you?”

“I don’t remember much before waking up in that alley.”

Jack stiffened when he heard that. This was becoming even stranger than it already was. What was up with these unusual Werewolves? What had happened to the one he had so recently fought and coupled with?

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The shadows pull back but their level of aggression stays high. They wave back and forth restlessly as Jack runs over to me.

“Yusei! Shit!” He stares with wide eyes at the pole protruding from my side. I can see the cogs in his head turning as he tries to figure out how to get me off of it. “No matter how we do this, it’s going to hurt.”
“Heh.” My voice is pained even to my ears. “I should have… enough power… just step back.”

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The boy’s stress levels have been through the roof for days. The reason was sad but understandable.

Some kind of gang, or rather an underworld organization since these people were beyond the mere status of gang, had kidnapped him and his mother.
The reason for that was also simple.

It wasn’t because they were rich or anything like that. It was his fault.

He was a genius, and they wanted his genius under their thumb.

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The danger level wasn’t too high, so to speak, but Satoshi knew he was going to have to be careful all the same. These were wild Bulbasaur and they may think a Solar Beam was the right way to deal with a strange human in their territory.

He made his way through the brush, staying as silent as possible, but then he heard the snap of a vine.

So much for his efforts to get through undetected.

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The 1st year counselor chimed in at that moment. “Jaganshi-kun this level of disobedience is concerning. Has something happened recently, perhaps at home?”

Hiei’s dual-colored eyes narrowed. “No,” he said in a tone that made it clear that he thought the counselors were all morons. “Home is fine.”

Kurama wanted to put a hand over his lover’s mouth.

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