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Under the ruins of the once oh-so-crowded city of Telissa began a new city. All man kind had relocated in order to get closer to the earths core for warmth…stupid winter..

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A call rang in my ear. I answered plainly for it to go away. The monochromatic voice of Shelly said it was an urgent call from Pete: he was in town and needed to talk to me. I’m just now entering the Skyway. It’s beautiful luminescence hovered above and below me and went on for a mile in one direction, straight. How was I supposed to take this call right now? I thought. I don’t have time for Pete’s messy life! He probably just robbed the space telephone of its electromagnetic forces again. He’s so destructive..
-The last thought of the over worked Beth as the Skyfall suddenly gave way and she tumbled down to the earth along with thousands of others who were headed off to work that day in a hustle just to fix the Glaciade again. The future wasn’t turning out so great today.

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It stands looming above me. Once again exposing my thoughts of wanting to know everything. Although i know I’ll never know everything, I hope I can once discover why..

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used in math its a shape, a way to multiply numbers by themselves..yet in life if you are a square/block head your an a**…

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I know someone by this last name. The name suited him because he was as boring as one. Obviously I didn’t deserve him anyways..

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A date. A time. A deadline. No it can’t be over. No.

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One day a breathtaking woman walked up to a church and fell to her knees, because the previous day she had just lost a child to Cancer. His name was Laurence; without his presence in her life she needed a hand to lift her up. That hand was God’s. (republished after creating my account)

» Posted By Kimbrey On 11.20.2012 @ 1:56 pm

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