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As the boy looked up at the hurdle he knew deep down that he could not make the jump. His highest vertical was 3 feet and he was faced now with a 5 footer! He thought to himself in his head “I can do this, I can do this.” He knew he couldn’t though deep down in his mind. He was confused. The things around him started to blur. Faces, twisted and distorted. The hurdle seemed to grow taller and taller. Up, up, up up, up the hurdle went. Then it all went black.

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He was a very smart young boy. Rich family, private tutor but he was notorious for making illogical decisions. He had fallen in with a gang of pick pockets and was running about the streets binging wallets and prat digging.

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The Harry potter are my favorite books. I love them because they are funny and amazing. The Harry Potter Books have many sequels. The 4th sequel is my favorite, The Goblet Of Fire.

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