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“At what cost?” She took her sister’s hand. “He doesn’t love you. They don’t love you.”

She stood up tall, and her eyes focused out the window. I’m not sure if she was looking at the castle or at the clouds. “But this is the only way for me to change things.”

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This tree smells interesting It think someone just walked up it OH MY DOGFOOD IT’S A SQUIRREL Stop tormenting me, foul beast; you have no idea what sort of revenge I would take if I could only reach you and no of course I can’t jump that high what are you thinking come down here and fight you coward–

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We are surrounded by familiar faces, painted faces framed in soft gold hues. Beeswax candles flicker in front of the Theotokos and her grown Son on either side of the altar. The air is thick with incense and chanting; we breathe in the music and the fragrance. Invisible angels sing with us as we approach the Chalice, gulping down our little morsel of the King of Heaven Himself. This is where eternity meets the finite.

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Sometimes when the trains go by, filled with coal and sound and shaking, I think of that scene from The Phantom Menace when Qui Gonn says to Jar Jar “that is the sound of a thousand terrible things coming our way.” But the kids love it; they run to the top of the playground and hold on tight and lean forward, wanting to touch it.

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The birds flew in one day and ever since, they have started a small colony. It seemed benign at first, just some flapping sounds and chirps. Nests and eggs in the springtime. They stole from the garbage and occasionally pooped on costumers’ heads. But eventually we noticed little changes. Who had unlocked the safes and taken only the shiniest coins? Their songs started to sound a bit more sinister as we walked through the atrium to our offices.

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She scribbled furiously, brought to life by the rhyme and meter of her poetry. At the end of each line, a dash, a door to the next thought, a path, a river. Oh, Emily, how you loved to end your phrases with an m dash–

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“You aren’t understanding the point here.” The principal tapped on the desk with her pencil, and her heels tapped also.
George stared back down at his feet. His ears were warm.
“The problem here isn’t the hot chocolate.” Her voice was sharp. “The problem is that you disrespected authority.”

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The children at the clinic love to watch the trains go by. Some afternoons, when the afternoon cargo train announces its presence by gently rumbling the back wall of the clinic, we all go outside and climb up into the clubhouse at the playground and point and watch the graffiti-tattoo-ed cars clunk past us. Even kids who won’t make a peep will point and say “AAA!”

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They toys were strewn across the floor. The little girl sat in the middle of them, crying for mickey mouse. Panicked, her mother dug around the stacks of ponies, teddy bears, cars, and action figures until she found the desired toy. Trying to remember what they had learned earlier that day at the clinic, her mother held out the toy and said “mickey mouse.” When her daughter grabbed for it, mother held on tight. It took all her willpower not to yield to her crying child. “You can say it,” mother begged through gritted teeth. “Mickey mouse.”
“Mouse,” echoed her daughter through sobs. Mother let go.

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The wheels of the wagon squeaked as Joey dragged it along behind him. He was getting out of breath. Here comes the steep hill. His sister’s wailing cry was getting louder as she ran toward him. He found his second wind. He glanced back to make sure that none of his Transformers had fallen out. Bumblebee was leaning out the side of the wagon but everyone was still there.

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They were looking at the list of possible conspirators, deciding who needed to be…taken care of.
“What about him?” Antony pointed at a name on the list.
“Isn’t that my brother in law?” asked Lepidus.
Antony shrugged. “You said he was rude to you the other day.”
Lepidus shrugged.

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Richard was a marked target. Wearing a white shirt and nice slacks in the middle of a room of preschoolers. A young boy wobbled forward, snot dripping from his nose and an open purple magic marker in his hand. “Daddy!” the boy cried out, and threw his arms (and the marker) around Richard’s legs. Richard reached down and picked up his son. On the journey up, the marker scribbled all the way up his side and onto his left ear.

Next time he picked his son up from preschool, he decided to change first.

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“But I want her to speak. Verbally.” The mother pushes the iPad aside. Her son grasps at it, tears in his eyes.
His special education teacher looks over her glasses at the mother. “You just took his voice away,” she says dryly. “I suggest you give it back to him.”
Hesitantly, the mother scoots the iPad back to her son. He jabs at the home button a few times, then gets busy pressing buttons. After an uncomfortably long pause, the iPad chirps in a child’s voice: “I want. Talk. Ipad.”

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“Honey, you can’t wear that tonight,” Mother said, pointing to the high school hoodie her daughter was draping over her shoulders. “Why don’t you wear this sweater? It has your school colors on it.” How could she explain to her daughter that because of the color of her skin, she couldn’t wear her school hoodie to the football game?

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She saw the poster on his wall. Indiana Jones riding off into the sunset. “Oh, I saw that movie,” she said. “I mean, I didn’t frame the poster or anything but I saw it! Some guy got an award up front at the theater.”
He chuckled. “That guy was me. I was the stunt double.”
(True story)

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