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Deranged meaning; Mad or insane. But Einstein defined Insanity as doing the same act more then once and expecting different results. Much as depicted in the game Far-cry 3 in the character Vas who consistently attempts to kill you, the main character.

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Summer. A time for relaxation. A time for fun.


Summer. A time for peace. A time for getting away from it all.


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“Oh god, what IS that?”
“I’m just allergic, okay?”
“But… those blotches…”
“I know, they’re kinda gross.”
“Gross, NOTHING. Those blotches are goddamn necrosis, man.”
“Oh, yeah.” I shrug.
“‘Oh, yeah?'”
“Yeah, I’m a zombie.”
“Oh, okay.”

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To discover is a distinctly human passion. We even have a goddamn channel for it on television. (Granted, it’s more about discovering how hard we can make something blow up.) But to discover, to really find out how something works, is an admirable thing, regardless.

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“Reality through Fiction.” The man nodded. “That is our creed. As Storytellers, it is our duty to shape the world around us by shaping what is not real.”

“That doesn’t make any sense,” Heid quipped.

“You don’t make sense to me, rogue. Stumbling in here, slashing about. Shameful.”

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“That’s such a narrow phrase, Good. What is ‘Good?’ Stifling, is what it is.” He picked up an apple. “Say I rotted this apple, right here. With magic. Would that be ‘Good’ or ‘Evil’?”

“No, you’re just being a dick.”

“EXACTLY. Which is why ‘Good’, as a phrase, is stupid.”

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“I couldn’t help but notice that you’re gnawing on my arm, there.” I looked down at the zombie, trying so very hard to eat through my armguard.

“Stop that. You’re embarrassing yourself. And me, more importantly.”

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I think of the Boys Life magazine where you could order this cool kit. Of course you had to have some powerful vacuum or something and I am sure it never actually worked. I never met anyone who actually had one, but was always interested.

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connect them together to creat storys and fairy tales to entertain people for ages they can be used to pass down history or tell the tale of a lonely boy who was adopted at the age of 6 and passed from foster home to foster home. a string of words that can have so much power over a person and so much meaning that it could make them cry, laugh , smile, or cringe.

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climbing rocks out in the moutain under the sun with a good out going girl by my side the fresh air the wilderness sky so water so blue its like a birror reflects the image of the mountains in it u get to the top of your climb and u feel aco0mplished u rose earlie jsut to see the sun at the highet of its day and now u feel the gratitude for the fun and earht around.

» Posted By kevin Smith On 01.01.1970 @ 12:00 am

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