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My Dad doesn’t like emptying the garbage.
My head is emptying out at the end of the day.
Emptying is a funny spelt word.
River waters emptying in the ocean to stop flooding.

» Posted By Kevie Lui On 06.04.2012 @ 7:53 pm


I don’t like being hassled.
Hassling is bad.
Nothing rhymes with hassle.
It’s a hassle for my mom to drive in traffic.
I think the word is really mean.

» Posted By Kevie Lui On 05.31.2012 @ 8:47 pm


The reporter did a news report.
News reporters write for a newspaper.
There are reporters on t.v.
There are a lot of reporters.
Reports sometime put their lives on the line to report dangerous stories.

» Posted By Kevie Lui On 05.30.2012 @ 7:35 pm


The building have beautiful architecture.
It takes a good architect to make great architecture designed buildings.
To be a good Architect you have to study architecture in school.
Architecture is a hard word to write about.

» Posted By Kevie Lui On 05.29.2012 @ 10:01 pm


I retrieve my school books everyday.
A dog can retrieve a ball.
Retrieve is a hard word.
I retrieve the my ball from the yard.
Retrieving information that I learned to use for a test.

» Posted By Kevie Lui On 05.24.2012 @ 8:57 pm


I go to the lodge at Lake Tahoe.
The lodge can be used for parties.
The lodge is in the woods.
We visit the Moose Lodge.
We have been to a lodge in Yosemite.

» Posted By Kevie Lui On 05.23.2012 @ 8:44 pm

I was in a lodge in the woods.
A lodge is like a house.
Lodges are usually in the woods.
Lodges can be used for dancing and parties.
It can be use by a lot of animals.

» Posted By Kevie Lui On 05.23.2012 @ 8:37 pm


I have a computer monitor.
My mom monitored me as a little kid.
Monitor is a hard word to think of things.
My sister has a colored computer monitor.
The computer monitor is big.

» Posted By Kevie Lui On 05.22.2012 @ 7:55 pm


My quest is for good grades.
I am on a quest to be a good person.
I am on a quest to get into a good school
Quest is a hard word to write about.
I am all quested out.

» Posted By Kevie Lui On 05.21.2012 @ 6:29 pm


The key board has a backspace.
Putting you car in the backspace in the garage.
The backspace of the universe.
I have to backspace to fix an error.
Backspace is the opposite of frontspace.

» Posted By Kevie Lui On 05.17.2012 @ 7:55 pm


To love is romance.
I’m too young for romance.
Its kind of gross.
Romance happens when someone is older.
Romance could lead to marriage.
Being married might be cool.
I think romance happens at different ages.

» Posted By Kevie Lui On 05.16.2012 @ 8:52 pm


My parents car has an engine.
My mom works like a fast engine.
A car won’t work without an engine.
Trains have engines.
Engineers have the word engine in it.
The engine in a car can break if you’re not careful.
My heart is the engine of my body.

» Posted By Kevie Lui On 05.15.2012 @ 9:01 pm


There are insects everywhere.
Insects are only on land mass.
I hate insect bites.
Insects come in all colors.
Some insects bite.
Some insects fly.
Some insects crawl.
Some insects are poisonous.

» Posted By Kevie Lui On 05.14.2012 @ 6:29 pm


The cavemen are primitive.
Sometimes old furniture are primitive.
Primitive means old.
My grandparents are primitive.
Some people think primitive is limited.
Primitive is a long time ago and old.

» Posted By Kevie Lui On 05.10.2012 @ 8:17 pm


I wish I was more outgoing.
My mom is outgoing.
Outgoing people seem fun.
Outgoing mail.
Outgoing people seem to make shy people more balanced if there teamed up.
Outgoing people are funnier.
Outgoing is the opposite of introverted.

» Posted By Kevie Lui On 05.09.2012 @ 8:56 pm


I have a short hand.
Writing in shorthand.
Little kids have short hands.
A good person in the office knows shorthand.
Shorthand can be learned in school.

» Posted By Kevie Lui On 05.08.2012 @ 9:02 pm


Tasting good food.
Tasting life.
Tasting new and different foods from different countries.
Tasting something that looks different and strange.
Tasting means taking a chance with new and different things.

» Posted By Kevie Lui On 05.07.2012 @ 8:09 pm

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