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Don’t be afraid of what you can become. Embrace your feelings and be you. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Stand up for what you believe in. Stand up for the people who’s voices haven’t been heard, defend them, protect them and believe in them.

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He was depressed, she was lonely. They each went on with their separate life’s never knowing that they would meet and embrace each other again soon.

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a comedian is someone who tells jokes for a living

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“I believe that everything happens for a reason,” she said and she closed her eyes and took a drag of her cigarette.
I stared at her and thought, “bullshit. Last week, she would have believed that we are all in control of our own destiny. That nothing happens by chance.

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As I sat in my office in the windy city, I stared out my window and reflected upon the choices that made me move to Chicago. My face looked back at me; it looked older than it did this morning. I was tired. What was I thinking?

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I’m thinking of a bike. They look ridiculous, but really they’re genius. You can sit on the back pretending to pedal while your partner does all the hard work. In fact you can sit behind admiring the scenery and having a sandwich. Huffing and puffing for effect.

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Exploring, experimenting; ever-persistent in their quest for knowledge. They pursue subjects and issues that take us ever further into the future and drive us to progress.

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The wind blew harshly against the pink-tinted noses and cheeks of Evelyn and Lucas; both were wrapped tightly in layers upon layers, though the thick clothing seemed to do nothing against the sharp gusts attacking them.

Albeit her fingers were frozen beneath her woollen gloves, Evelyn bent down to scoop a pile of snow into her hand, shaping it into a ball and soaking her soft gloves in the process. With a grin spread widely across a face she jumped in front of her brother and launched it from her palm.

Lucas froze as the snow slid down his face. Evelyn was barely keeping in her squeaking giggles from the sight and shrieked when Lucas started to stride towards her determinedly.

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“A message, sire.” The corporal says stoutly, quickly passing over the rolled paper to his leader and moving back into his respective form; back straight, head held high and arms by his side. The captain takes it carefully from his hands, before opening it diligently and reading to himself. He scrunches the paper back into itself and looks to the ground momentarily.

“Men, news from above.” He addresses his troops, looking beyond the horizon with a sharp but distant look in his eye. His audience falls silent, anxiously awaiting the announcement, “The enemies are advancing, prepare swiftly and wait for your next orders.”

The troops move hurriedly, now murmuring amongst themselves for what the future may hold. Sighing to himself, the leader furrows his eyebrows, “We’re in trouble.”

(I have no idea what goes on in the army, the roles of certain ranks, though I thought the idea of someone looking to the horizon was a good idea and the idea of an army quickly followed.)

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Elegance. So intricately simple. eloquently rolling off the tongue. Elegance. beautifully designed. Structurally flawless.

» Posted By kerry On 10.15.2014 @ 12:02 pm

Elegantly she walks down the aisle. elegant yet so afraid. For what Is elegance but beauty masking panic. grace masking uncertainty.

» Posted By kerry On 10.15.2014 @ 12:00 pm


I don’t particularly want to write about a bellboy. Sure you could take so many angles on this prompt, but what’s the point? Mystery, horror, love, adventure. Writing can only do so much for the soul. Mine is worn down. Revitalizing it too difficult for the current state I’m in. Sorry guys maybe this isn’t for me anymore.

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The colour of wheat on a midsummer day when the sun is shining bright, the sky is cloudless, and there’s just a whisper of wind. It’s not too hot; but just right, and I picture myself laying on the grass with you, among the gold of the grain and the sun, and I am content.

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zebras, jumpers, scarves, other articles of clothing..lines of colour; one after the other, combining to make a rainbow of aesthetically pleasing art.

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As the snow swirls around the buildings and corners and crevices, the figures on the street disappear into a wall of white, bracing against the wind and snow, never to be seen again.

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A way of seeing over everyone’s heads. a place that allows you to feel equal to all the others standing in the room. One is out standing in his field. Gotta check the crops. Stand alone is a lonely place. Keep standing and give applause. Standing here waiting for this to finish.

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i have never met an euorpean. i don’t know what i would do if i did either. would i ask him or her a lot of questions? or would i dwell on the fact i know nothing about them. what would he or she think of me? would they have questions for me as an American? I’m sure they could c

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Festive….parties, holidays, getting dressed and dolled up and caught up in the spirit of celebration…grand gowns and fancy dress and mannerisms of times past. Feeling giddy and excited as the collective emotions excite every neuron; diffusing through every fiber of your being…..the party; the festivities….await.

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Is it deax? I think not. But oerhaos it is a rare commodity,,, one that has been placed on reserve so to speak, set aside for the deserving by the individuals courageous enough ti stikk exhibit it.

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Life. Life is worthwhile. Everything about your everyday life is worthwhile. We have this one opportunity to exist on this planet we call Earth. Love it. Cherish it. Discover everything that you can. Learn as much as you can. Love as much as you can. Love is what takes us forward into the next realm. It fills your soul. It’s your soul that takes you on the next journey to the better and beyond. Enjoy it because everything is worthwhile. Love it. Love life.

» Posted By Kerry On 08.07.2013 @ 1:11 pm


I sometimes wonder if we were made to be in pairs. If we were made to walk hand in hand through bustling cities or if we were designed to find the very depths of this earth alone, with nothing but a breath that the oxygen felt privileged to breathe.

» Posted By Kerry On 06.17.2013 @ 11:53 am


To be fancy in my description, he was an antithesis to
myself. When I spent my time curled up with a book under the oak
tree in my backyard, he was hopping parties and taking so many
drugs he went under the pseudonym cocktail. Whereas I was dark
haired and brown eyed, he was Aryan. Usually those kinda guys made
my blood boil. You just knew that charming smile hid a vicious pair
of fangs ready to suck out whatever innocence you had left. Yet
somehow he caught my attention.

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A home is somewhere that you feel comfortable. It envelops you in a sense of familiarity and you feel as though you can shed all the necessary layers that society demands of us. It’s where many become their truest self. Though my home is always empty. A family of flight is mine. An occasional hello or watching a t.v. show together is the best I get. Alone time can only be appreciated when you live amongst others. Am I right?

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I pulled myself up on the windowsill, my arms shaking from the effort. I looked down to my friend, Ross, who was holding me up.
“A bit more leverage, if you wouldn’t mind,” I grunted, breaking a sweat.
“Well,” he chuckled, his breath heavy, “how many doughnuts have you been eating, Kate?”

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“Find the geometric mean of this…” my raven-haired teacher’s voice trails off as I stare longingly out the window to look at the summer lit day. I could honestly care less about geometry at this moment.

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“That’s how she died, you know…she climbed up in the tree and then the branch broke and she fell.” I marveled at my friend, Martha, who sat there with a very matter-of-fact expression on her face.

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Deep under the water, I felt my lungs begin to burn. All around me, debris floated around – all the wreckage of the ship that had sunk alarming quickly. Through the dark void, I strained by bloodshot eyes to see the ships anchor, falling down into the depths.

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This is the fourth time it’s happened. I sit down on the noisy cot and sigh audibly. Another uncomfortable bed, another new home. Another let down.

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Tumblr was getting a bit dull as of late. My dashboard had gotten horribly slow and the blue background of the site I saw every day was starting to bore me. Even the people on Tumblr were becoming less pleasant.

» Posted By Kerry On 04.09.2013 @ 4:45 pm

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