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a boy ran through the clearance, he was without a mother and father. They had died in a terrible fire. Now, his grandfather watched him. His grandfather took care of him, took him to school, played with him, everything. The grandfather was Todd’s new father, and new mother. He would forever be raised by him.

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Failing is a word I have had to deal with a lot in the past. I started failing my first class my junior year, and it was the worst feeling ever. I’ve never done that before.

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She stood staring at the starts, wondering how big the universe really was. She knew how small she was compared to the massive size of our world.

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Never again will I make the same mistake. That mistake was you.

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Thomas frowned, tapping his foot impatiently. Was he not explaining this with enough conviction? Is Sierra didn’t listen, she would wind up dead. “Listen, if you do not come with me, you will be taken and you will no longer have any free will of any sort. Hell, you could wind up dead!”

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Turtles were my favorite animals when I was young. I used to print out pictures of them and tape them to my wall, sort of like an underwater collage. I loved the way they would glide through the water so effortlessly, even though they had no speed on land.

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“Goddamnit!” Ryan shouted, running over to his kitchen sink where he kept his fire extinguisher. He was too busy playing on his computer to realize that he left his cake in the over for too long. It had caught on fire and was making the room fill with smoke.

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Meet Estaban. He is a bellboy at the Tipton Hotel. He has been working there for years. This Mexican’s full name is Estaban Julio Ricardo Montoya De La Rosa Ramirez. He loves his job.

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It started when he was fifteen.

Jordan never saw himself being a huge drug lord in the near future. He always thought he would end up a grocery clerk or some other stupid job.

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He was no emperor. He was a dirty, horrible son of a bitch who shouldn’t be alive. I don’t like talking about my father that way, but he always considered himself a king that was ‘under his rule.’

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“Big brother! Big brother! Look at that animal!” Sam shouted excitedly, big green eyes glowing with excitement.
“Ya like the striped zebra, hm?” Alan asked as he looked down to his twelve-year-old sibling. It was a nice day, for once, between the two. Usually they’d argue over something stupid and end up having a pure hatred for each other that lasted for up to a week.

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Sarah smiled brightly as she ran through the playground and away from Jose. They were playing tag, and like always, she was far ahead of him and he was always it. Today was no different.

“C’mon, Jose! Catch up to me already!”

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This damn movie defined what Emrys despised. She hated animated movies, hated stupid sing-alongs, and absolutely was disgusted with unrealistic plots.

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She just wanted to disappear, and all she had to do was take one step forward. One step off this earth. One step into bliss. All troubles would be gone, every problem would just fade to black and all her pain would finally go numb.

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My life just spirals out of control. It always does. It never wants to cooperate with me. Instead of going with the flow and being happy, it just decides to mess with me and make me hate everything in this damned world.

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“Oh! Just look at all these cute, little orphans!” Mary Ann cooed as her and her husband walked into the orphanage. “Oh! Which one should we adopt?” She asked excitedly, bright blue eyes beaming with joy.

“Any of ’em is fine with me…” Eduard said as he let out a little sigh, he wasn’t too fond of kids.

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The sky is so beautiful. Especially at night, in starlit. It just glows so magically, so brilliantly. This can bring anyone inner peace when they look up at the wondrous night sky.

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This movie was boring. Damn cinema only had one movie out. Just one. This was not suited to Dimitri’s taste. This stupid animated film with talking snowmen and, what country was it, Denmark? Pfft, stupid Europeans. America is where it’s at, along with that northern extension of it people call Canada, Canadia, or something like that.

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Ugh… Dear god, why was that stupid show televised? The plot makes no sense, the characters are poorly drawn and are complete fools, and there is no good moral. Hell, it’s supposed to be a kid’s show!

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It was such a struggle; trying to get Miley off that damn wrecking ball, that is. She was too busy singing about her troubles that she had lost her clothes and was convinced that a sledgehammer- a sledgehammer- was her latest boyfriend.

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This was unplanned, she wasn’t prepared for this. Dear god, why was he pressuring her? She didn’t want this, she didn’t need this. She did not expect it in the slightest. Sure she and her love have planned to do it, but not tonight, of all nights.

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What the hell does this mean? ‘Egocentric’? Who in the world would call Stacy egocentric? She couldn’t comprehend why some bastard would call her that. Sure she called herself awesome and beautiful and stunning on a daily basis, but that didn’t mean shit in this situation.

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It was the era of afros and bell bottom jeans and the boots with the fur. All the people were at the disco, shaking their butts and I cannot lie, they were big.

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She wouldn’t do this, would she? Would she really harm her only brother; the one that has been caring for her all these years after their parents passed away? He’s been doing everything he can to take care of her, and now she wants him dead.

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I counted this number over and over. I calculated it in different ways to make sure it was right. People can skip a number or two when counting, right?

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Stanley stared blankly at his computer screen, waiting for the days’ orders from his boss. You see, Stanley worked for a computer company, and everyday of every minute, he was given orders and typed whatever appeared on the screen.

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Look at her fabulous hair, white teeth, flawless skin, damn celebrities have all the perks. Being rich is one thing but when you’re a celebrity you have the looks that go along with that fame and fortune.

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“It can’t! God no!” The engineer shouted, the brakes on the train faltered, causing it to derail after hitting the divide. This was is, the end of the passengers’ lives.

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Strong men, women, children. All ages, races, beliefs. They all are there, standing tall. They don’t take shit from anyone, anything. They are brave, fearless, always there.

» Posted By Kenzie On 12.17.2013 @ 5:52 pm

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