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As they were taking a stroll through the park, hand in hand, he looked down at his shoes.
“my shoelace got untied.”
He knelt down to tie his shoes. Next thing she knows, he’s down on one knee holding a little black velvet box.
“Will you marry me?”
he said looking up at her with a smile spreading across his face and hope in his eyes.
“Only if you buy me some fries.” She said with a mischievous look.
“Deal.” He said standing up and planting a kiss firmly on her lips.

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As her tutor continued to teach her, the gears clicked and she finally understood what she was being taught.

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“My names blurryface and I care what you think.”
“Wish we could turn back time. To the good old days, when our mama sang us to sleep but now we’re stressed out.”

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I love castels they are so preaty i wish i culd visit them somday but i dont think i can.

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She was a prisoner to his love. No matter how much she wanted to she could never escape, She would always be bound by his love.

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She started packing her bags. Throwing in only the necessities and any other things she would need. He thought he owned her. Well, he was sadly mistaken and would find out how mistaken he actually was when he came home to an empty house.

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we went to the movies and had fun buts i will nver go again because it was booring

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He would take her to the movies every week, most of the time she couldn’t even remember what the movie was about. They talked almost the whole time, they shared popcorn and candy and laughed and giggled the night away.

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She gazed around the room. There was dust everywhere, the wallpaper was coming off the walls, and the wooden floors creaked more every step she took. But to her, it didn’t matter. She loved this house because this house had loved and cared for her her whole childhood.

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He has always an achiever, reaching for the stars in whatever he does. I always wished I could be like him but I can’t, because i’m me.

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She cracked. After years of being pushed aside and ignored, she cracked. For some odd reason, it felt really good to be able to do and say whatever she wants, it was freeing.

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“It was accidental, I promise.” Trish said with tears in her eyes.
“It’s OK, I know it was. I could never stay mad at you, your my best friend.” said Kinsley, then pulled her into a tight reassuring hug.

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” Whats wrong?” He asked.
He could tell something was wrong, he knew everything there was to know about her. He acted impulsively, grabbed her, pulled her into his arms, and held her like that for so long he couldn’t count.

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She was looking at him, waiting to see what he would do.
He started to take a step towards her. She acted quickly and fled down the stairs towards the right of her. She could’t let him catch her, she wouldn’t.

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Passing them on the street, they all wore serious expressions cast over their faces. Not one smiled or even acknowledged her existence. She was invisible, and that’s how it would always be.

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I think all humans are psycho in a way. No one is perfectly sane, we all have crazy in us.

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He was a psycho. Chasing her through a crowd of people who would never know. she was running as fast as she could but couldn’t escape his grasp.

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society is messed up, No one understands how to be kind of loving, to care about others. If more people were compassionate society would be better.

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It was a sunny day when he first saw her. There she was the sun shining on her hair basking an angelic glow over her face. It was then he realized he had fallen in love, and couldn’t escape.

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Her secret admirer gazed at her from afar. Would she ever know how much she was loved and longed after? Would anyone ever tell her she was the most beautiful creature to ever walk the earth? Would she ever know how angelic she looked as the sunset shone on her braided hair with flowers entwined in it. These are the things her secret admirer himself would never be able to tell her.

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She powdered her face and looked into the mirror. Was she really that old? She hadn’t noticed the wrinkles under her eyes until tonight. Growing old is odd isn’t it? You become an artifact of what you once were.

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Ariel could’t stop her self from gazing up at the stars as she lay there beside Dean. She wasn’t even sure why she’d allowed him to drag her out to the empty field, nor why she’d gone along with him when he said they were going to stargaze. The last time she’d done this had been before her mother died, and she couldn’t bring herself to do it again by herself.

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It sweeps through the city like ash on the wind.
Tiny, microscopic germs fill lungs and homes, filling hospital beds and morgues. It infiltrates the deepest of bunkers and basements, but manages to avoid planes or boats.
In a matter of days, it goes from a thriving city to a ghost town as the rest of the world watches silently.

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My voice has been quiet lately. It’s barely heard. I didn’t mean for that to happen. But it has. I could be speaking to 50 people and be lucky if one even notices me. I’m gone.

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It’s in my room,
It’s not going to leave,
It doesn’t want to,

And it knows I can’t.

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I’d of mentioned this before, but
i couldn’t quite think of the right way to
Phrase it–
To makes the vowels and consonants
Flow into words,
Structured paragraphs.
There’s no easy way to say it–
I can’t just drop it into conversation,
Dark secret splattering our
Tentative romance like spilled milk
All over my kitchen floor.

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“Go forth,” he murmured. “Walk the paths that lead deep into the forest, and bring back what you find there.”

Her tears fell, shining droplets splashing onto the red cloth of her basket as she walked into the woods.

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So there I was, iPod in hand, headphones on. I had on my big black coat, it was cold out. I could see my breath. That was always my favorite. Being able to see my breath. Anyway, I was sitting at the bench, waiting for the bus to come, when all of a sudden, this little squirrel jumped out in front of me, nibbling on a walnut.

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