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the abandoned hospital stood on the edge of the back road, a forgotten pile of cement and rock that society was now just waiting for it to finish decaying. People around those parts believed the inside to be unstable, but that hadn’t ever stopped youth from going inside in search of old narcotics left behind and for blank surfaces to practice their graffiti on.

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He had washed his sheets so religiously each week that pills had begun to build on the surface of them. At night he would lie awake, sleep disturbed by his feet feeling the rough texture beginning to build, all for the sake of his need for things to be kept very clean.

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he’s coated, dripping and drenched. drowning in sorrows, filling the lake even more with each bottle of beer.
he’s coated, dripping and drenched, and the dizzy feeling in his head is a friend, comforting and lulling him to sleep.

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traditions are like ropes that suspend from the sky. i am wrapped in silk qipao, smothered, and my hands are splattered with calligraphy ink, long black hair twisted and wrapped, like a sobbing mother’s hands around an unwanted newborn girl. the traditional ways were meant to stay, but the people who follow them are not.

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It had been a tradition, between them, to share who they currently had feelings for. Yet this time when she had asked him, he had grown quiet and turned away.
“So it’s serious then” She at last breathed quietly, breaking the silent that had unbearably built up between them.

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They had almost made it to the bank of the river. That was until the others had caught up, breathless and terrified.

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The boxes were all packed up, the reminders of their lives tucked away beneath the brown cardboard, and as they had put the remaining items out of sight into the last box, they began to feel that awful transition that comes with moving; the feeling of home being nowhere, as it is uprooted and having to be transplanted elsewhere, with the added worry of if it could continue to grow and flourish in a new environment.

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Forty years, he had put into the company, Forty years of hard work. That was until they asked for his resignation. “Give one of the younger employees a chance” They had said, “Train them, as you are the best”, until finally, it was “We just think someone younger would be better for the job. Besides,” They then added, as if it made all of the difference, “It’ll be nice for you to retire and spend more time with your wife.” His wife had passed away three years ago. They had forgotten, and it was because of this that he had avoided retiring for so long.

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centered on the small side table was an armillary sphere with an arrow shooting through it, golden in hue. It was still spinning slowly from someone-or something, having just recently moved past it.

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She grasped the compass in her one tiny, cold hand, the other fumbling against the rocky side of the mountain as she tried to find a sturdy grasp. The wind would not abait itself from blowing in her face, throwing startling snow flurries at her so much that she could barely see ahead of her.

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Atlas is my dog’s name and he is sitting right next to me ahaha I can’t take this one seriously and this is all I can think to write.

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The lease was up, the boxes packed. He sat looking at them all in his apartment, a maze that he had been having to find his way through as he had collected his remaining items. He was unsure of where he would be when they were finally unpacked again. Still, it hadn’t been so hard for him to put all the reminders packed into the boxes and finally out of sight.

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The water was moonlit with both the small disk in the sky and the smaller, tiny diamonds that surrounded it, spread out in no perfect order. She walked under them, and somehow, their presence made her not feel so alone. Though their surfaces were cold and bleak, it was their presence, them being the only faces that she could see, that made her feel somewhat comforted.

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sweetheart. sweetie. These phrases commonly thought of as endearing, when I am called them I hear the undertone of judgement, hear how they are said in a way that can only mean that people think me weak, fragile. But I am not fragile. Little do they know. If only they knew, they would not dare to call me such a limiting term.

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Imaginary. Thats what they said Tommy was to me.
“No” I’d cried out indignantly “He’s real, he’s as real as you and me.”
Then I’d turned to my father “You saw him. You talked to him.”
He hung his head shamefully. “I shouldn’t have encouraged you. I’m sorry.”
I stared at him, aghast. Surely what he was saying couldn’t be true. Sure, I had been younger, of the age where it was acceptable to have imaginary friends. But he was as vivid as any real person. What was real, anyway. Who defines reality? My parents? Is reality

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When someone says the word shaken to me it reminds me of a smoothie ohhhh how much I love smoothies and also when someone says “shaken” to me it also remind me of shake and milkshake :)

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There once was a old clever owl. The owl was named mr.owl , mr owl lives in a tree that is also very old.

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there are so many things that remain undone and for no good reason except a lack of passion to get it done. I need to set goals that end up in results and then just do it. no procrastination in the way. look for the results and things will get done.

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The rain was coming down in sheets now and it was all Rengar could do to huddle beneath the canopy and try to avoid the water. Of course it was just too late now but instinct demanded that he attempt to keep himself dry somehow. The cub was already soaking wet so really it did him absolutely no good though he did attempt it. A shudder and full-body sneeze wracked the boy’s body and his teeth chattered so hard he bit into the tip of his tongue. Blood dribbled into his mouth and he whimpered at the pain that grew from the wound.

How had he ended up here, he wondered, though not in so many words. He was a child after all and a very young one at that.

Where are my parents? My mother and father are not here. I don’t even know what they look like, smell like. Where am I? What is going on? Why is this happening to me?

Sounds drew his shivering attention away from his inner thoughts and he watched as a dark skinned creature without fur walked nearby. He’d seen this thing before, somehow he knew it was male, the same as him, even though he hadn’t ever seen such a thing before now. For days the male thing had been trying to find him after spotting him down by a new creek created out of the monsoon season’s rainstorms. It hadn’t tried to hurt him but he didn’t know that and was actively avoiding him with all the wherewithal a six year old possessed.

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is the color of my blue love’s in the morning when we rise..when we rise…that’s the time, that’s the time we are cold est…being, essence, ice blue, and all that the blues entail

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that thingamajiggit, the whatchamacallit. the gadget, the gadjet.. doohickey.. flange torc whatever

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I play piano. I have playing piano for 6 years. I like to play piano. I am good at piano. Still, I am not VERY good at it.

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Oh transmissions. Mine is currently on the fritz gotta get that looked at yanno, kinda important. I like cares and driving around, it can be relaxing. Or sending a transmission with a phone. speak to someone for a little bit or a long bit it doesnt matter as long as you pay for the service right?
As long as there is no transmission of diseases were all good id say. transmission is a pretty good word.

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I clasp you close to me. But you resist. I cannot quite say why, it’s all in the way you look at me. That look that says, “I want to but I can’t, you know I can’t.” And it’s just as well because I know it can’t be so, it shouldn’t be so for me. Even I don’t want it. But I want it more than anything. I think I would be happy if you were with me.

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somebody is special. somebody drives me crazy. somebody is watching me. somebody likes me. I like somebody.

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Almost all of life can be expressed through scientific terms. For most this might take away from the feelings of romance. For me it makes life all the more romantic.

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i configured my fingers are alright then I started to play piano. Wow that feels great hell yeah. Sometimes I check my fingers and they aren’t there. I have to click re-install.

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the odds are , you will never find the love of ur life. but you will only have family….. family is everything and the odds are, the will be there forever
so love love love forget the odds and luv fam!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVEULOVE YU MOM DONT LISTEN TO THE BULLSHIT THE ODDS ARE BS!!!! t(-_-t) the haters and the ODDS…..

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Most of my sleeves on my hoodies and long-sleeve shirts are stretched to hell because when I get hot I push them up. It sucks because at work it gets super windy outside and so then my arms get cold. Its a lose-lose with me and sleeves.

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