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Everything is always so wistful isn’t? like no one ever gets it. Like really get it. But then again I guess tere isn’t really anything to get. Its all over, becasue that’s all we really have. Is it, and its over and that it will end. And thats the truth. The whol trith and nothing but the t

» Posted By Kels On 07.08.2013 @ 7:44 am


Always too soon. Soon is never referred to thankfully, at least, not usually. Everyone wants it to be soon but when soon finally comes it always seems to come too soon. Too soon, too soon, soon is a trivial matter of time. Time is up soon.

» Posted By Kels On 11.25.2012 @ 2:06 pm


a breath of fresh air. awesome. you need to breathe to stay alive. I’m breathing right now. so is my roommate. we’re watching Glee. on Fox. He (Finn) forgot his keys. He’s breathing too, at least I hope so.

» Posted By Kels On 09.27.2012 @ 6:59 pm


Sinking is the feeling you get in your chest when something terrible happens, it’s losing a sense of enjoyment and comfortbility. Sinking in losing your positive emotions in a whirl pool of negativity

» Posted By kels On 08.23.2011 @ 7:26 am


I almost hit one the other day. The same spot as my car accident the week before. It’s been an unlucky month for me – expensive, dangerous, and crazy. I feel like I’m bad luck when it comes to cars now.

» Posted By Kels On 08.18.2011 @ 8:53 pm


Crushes are developed in a mere 5 seconds.
Once it goes on for more than 5 months,
it’s safe to say that it’s blossomed into love
Crushes are the roots to the flowers that one day bloom into love
and without them, couples would have no starting point.

» Posted By Kels On 06.28.2011 @ 12:07 pm


Love and lust are often confused
one may ask, which is better which is more true?
but the world needs lust
just like i need you
you see it started out with that passion and grew to conversation
but without that first inclination, there would have been nothing.

» Posted By Kels On 06.27.2011 @ 10:59 pm


Stations of the cross, train stations, light rail stations. The one outside my apartment that gently lulls me to sleep every night and makes me think of you and how I miss sleeping with the window open even though I pretend to hate all the noise. Stations of the cross which I didn’t even remember to look for while I was at the basilica on Sunday. Lonely cold winter nights spent sitting alone at foreign train stations with a suitcase and Bon Iver.

» Posted By Kels On 06.14.2011 @ 11:56 pm


I never want to forget anything that happens to me. Every memory is a part of what makes me who I am, and I never want to lose that. Forgetting means losing. I have never regretted anything enough that I wanted to completely destroy all evidence of it from my mind, and I hope I never will. I promise to always remember. Everything.

» Posted By Kels On 06.08.2011 @ 12:34 am



» Posted By kels On 04.27.2011 @ 4:34 am


Everyone person in the world wants to feel this way. And if it isn’t sincere, it is hard to forget but you may be able to forgive. it makes you feel significant and cared for like you mean something important to someone in this world. It is simple

» Posted By Kels On 03.18.2011 @ 1:37 pm


Not worrying about what people think by being courageous and bold. It sturrs thoughts and inspires people to think deeply about something. It doesn’t hold back and is fearless. Making something known and noticed.

» Posted By Kels On 03.10.2011 @ 11:46 pm


Recipes aren’t just for food. the recipe for success, the recipe for love? the recipe for friendship?
A recipe is simply the steps to get the final product, so you can have a recipe for basically anything!
The recipe i use most frequently is for my great aunties chocolate chip cookies, mmm i love cookies.
Recipe for success is next on my list however, about to start my life!

» Posted By Kels On 01.18.2011 @ 11:31 am


i have a bad habit of falling for people, then realizing two weeks later i don’t really like them, but continuing the relationship anyway. i should also start flossing.

» Posted By kels On 11.21.2010 @ 10:14 pm


we are created and creating and creative. this. i never knew my body could be so powerful. the cliches are true. i will sing ‘i love you’ from the top of roof tops in the rain. look at what we have created.

» Posted By kels On 08.07.2010 @ 11:15 am


the train was traveling at 60mph down the tracks toward the cars they people didn’t know what to do but to panic they reached for their seat belts to release but the train was traveling too fast.

» Posted By Kels On 05.31.2010 @ 10:32 pm


How much can one provide for the human kind when we are constantly changing what we want out of our lives, what the norm is, what happiness means? So far behavior suggests that happiness is money and excess lovers and the ability to have whatever one wants. But what if it’s simpler than that? I could be just as happy in a rundown little flat than in a mansion. Maybe even happier.

» Posted By kels On 04.08.2009 @ 2:27 pm


a question, is easy to do.
there are no stupid questions to ask, just stupid answers to those questions asked.
ask yourself, why am i here?
ask yourself, what have i accomplised?
ask yourself, hace i made a difference.

» Posted By kels On 08.20.2008 @ 7:11 pm


People? How many people it takes to raise a child? Voice?

I think anthropology when I see the world village, a place surrounded my by trees and humidity. Lots of tradition

» Posted By Kels On 08.14.2008 @ 4:05 pm


The canoe trip. Ahh, yes. I love this place. While there, there are trails to hike. On the trip, while hiking, while canoeing, etc., I feel ALIVE. more than any other time, this is my place. I wish I could just stay out there in the wilderness. Live my life where I love. It’s as simple as that. I love that place. Love.

» Posted By Kels On 06.28.2008 @ 6:08 am


Bill O

» Posted By Kels On 01.01.1970 @ 12:00 am


Savor it. Slide it in the grooves of your tongue.

» Posted By Kels On 01.08.2010 @ 5:04 pm


cool happiness. rejuvinating, love, my friend mike would like mist if i asked him. refreshing free. i love rain and mist!

» Posted By kels On 09.29.2009 @ 1:28 pm


yellow stripey fun little lines that go across tee shirts like wheres waldo and maybe also elmo there are also polka dots and plaid that come on tee shirts too. one time i saw a guy wearing horizontal stripes and it made him look really fat. vertical stripes probably make you look skinny. who knows? this is ridiculous i dont know what im doing.

» Posted By kels On 11.22.2009 @ 7:55 pm


the birds and the BEES are something we all learn about. but what exactly does that mean “birds and the bees” hmm idk wonder who came up with that one, cause im sure it has many o us wondering what it truly is about, bc clea

» Posted By kels On 12.01.2009 @ 11:52 pm


I arrived late, as usual. It was one thing to be late, but a totally different thing to actually show. I didn’t think I would make it… It turned out to be worth it.

» Posted By Kels On 12.13.2009 @ 11:22 am

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