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When she opened the door, he immediately barreled at her. She tossed her tote bag to the side, as he leaped up and knocked her to the ground. He pinned her down, attacking his face with her tongue. She smiled and rubbed his head. She didn’t think it had been possible for anyone to miss something more than she missed her dog, but she realized maybe her dog could give her a run for her money.

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The thing about Heaven is that you’re so far from the ground. When the Lord lifts you up so high, the only place left to go is down. Fall from grace and fall to Hell. A fall so far it’ll break more than your back. It’ll break your soul.

» Posted By Kaylyn On 11.06.2012 @ 12:02 am


I promise you: Everything is going to be okay. For every problem you face, I promise you a solution. For every bad day, I promise you an infinity of good ones. For every tear you shed, I promise you a thousand smiles.

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Go forth and do great things. Spread love. Create joy. Make the world a better place. Go forth and succeed. Leave your mark. Exceed expectations. Create a legacy. Go forth and live. Go forth and be alive.

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I was raised by a village. My entire community served as mom, dad, aunt, uncle, sister, brother. Every person I met became a mentor, and every person I loved loved me back.

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What does civilize even me? I know civilized, I know civilization. Well… scratch that. Even those words seem so arbitrary and subjective to me. How can someone be civilized with no savages to whom they can be compared? How can we have civilizations without the ashes from which they are raised? How can I define civilize without first learning to define myself?

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I wish I could bury myself, cover my body in dirt and return myself to the earth. Bequeath my flesh the worms, to the soil, to the grass, to the trees. Make some difference to the world, a much bigger one than I ever made with my life. I wish I could bury myself. I wish I could set my soul free.

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The girl wandered through the farmer’s market, basket on her arm. She tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear as she bent down to examine the fruit on the table before her. She lifted an apple up to the sun, it’s shiny red casing casting a glare in her eyes. She put it down in front of the man across from her. “This one is good,” she smiled, drawing her wallet from the bag at her hip.

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what can i say about carbon? for one, it’s the building blocks of life. on the other hand, it can be as bad as Death. carbon gives us our poison, lets us create plastics. while, it gives flora all the life and beauty we can ever want.

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want. what do i want. what do we all want. want want want. something a lot of people get confused with “need”. what do we need? simple things. what do we want? complex things. want. it’s a funny word, to different people it mean different things.

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I used to own one when I was like..fifteen. I remember going to a house party, taking pictures of everything and everyone. It was my first time drinking. I was wasted with my camera. When I woke up in the morning there was lemonade In the battery holder, and a cracked screen…

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The tortuous path weaved left and right throughout the golden field. The girl smiled as she watched memories from her childhood come into light. It was beautiful and perfect. She laughed and cried as she thought of all the blessings that she was leaving behind.

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baskets, interwine, my mind weaves my thoughts my thought weave my dreams flow in the ocean weaves will weaving in the sand. We become one. Weaved in time.

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He was cursed, from the inside out. Everyday his soul blackened and the blood slowly drained itself from his heart. He was dying as the demons inside him came to life.

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The girl ran through the maze, darting around sharps corners and sprinting down endless corridors. Panic began to settle in as she considered that, perhaps, there was no way out. She thrashed against the walls screaming, but it appeared the was no escape. Frantically, she continued to run, tears streaming down her face at every turn she was unsure of whether of not to take.

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The couple sat down at the table, across from the woman. She asked question after question, trying to gauge how well suited they were for parenting. The pair gleamed with smiles that spread from cheek to cheek, and she realized there was no one better to give her baby to. The dog barked in the other room, and the woman smiled to see the delight on the couple’s faces.

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She swore one day she’d spread her wings; she swore one day she would be gone. The swamp suffocated her, hiding her colors among its mud and dirt. She took a deep breath, she closed her eyes, and she flew, flew, flew away. And she never looked back.

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She sat on the edge of the wall everyday that summer. Her feet dangled into the water and her eyes cringed in the light of the rising sun. She waited there. Every single day. But he never came, he never came, he never came back. He was never coming back.

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He was the sun and she was the moon. Wait… that’s not right. She was the Earth and he was the moon. Better, but still too cliche. He was Mars and she was Deimos, she was Phobos. No, no, no! That’s not right either. Their love did not come from orbiting one another. Their love was not obsession, was not gravity, was not sheer force. She was Andromeda, and he was Orion, and together they lit up both the night and one another’s hearts.

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He sits on the edge of the bathroom, watching the girl as she gets ready for their thousandth date. They’ve been together so long that comfort comes as almost a second-thought. She wraps her bangs around the curling iron, perching it atop her head as she looks over at him with her classically wide smile. He lifts the camera that always rests around neck up to his eye, and she sticks her tongue out as he presses his finger to the shutter. Another memory that will never be forgotten.

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The epic stories of star-crossed lovers sacrificing it all, of ambitious heroes fighting with reckless abandon, and true friendships last longer than Heaven itself serves to fill our hearts with larger imaginations than the universe can contain.

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The little boy toddled down the street, tugging his red wagon behind him. His older sister followed, walking slightly behind to allow the child what little independence could be allotted at such a young age. The wagon overflowed with the treasures of youth: a smiling teddy bear, a box of cookies, a half-full pitcher of lemonade, and tub full of crayons broken into a myriad of sizes.

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The lights shown around them, a world of color surrounded by an atmosphere of black. Shining bulbs illuminating the night that seemingly encompassed the couple.

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She liked to play against the odds. The boys would laugh as she repeatedly bet the underdogs, the long shots. And every time there she was, smirking back at them as the drown their sorrows in liquor and paid her her dues. She knew the way luck worked, and it always worked in her advantage.

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The group of teenager drove out to the cabin, ready for a chilly, late winter weekend, isolated in the woods. Finals where coming up and that meant one thing: studying. Well, maybe it meant a few more things, too…

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The old house was beautiful in it’s own dilapidated fashion. The front door was barely hanging on by it’s hinges, and strips of paint chipped across the front revealing the worn, splintering oak underneath. The floor boards creak with each step taken inside, and any light managing to stream through the windows was filtered with dust.

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Give me liberty or give me… no, honestly, there is no choice. Give me liberty. You’ve promised me liberty, and I won’t stand by as you break your vows, as you break our country. Give me liberty.

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She still liked him. After all this time, all those feelings, he could still make her heart race. His smiles still gave her butterflies. The sound of his laughter still made her blush. The way he kissed her still made her sigh. But, most of all, the way he loved her still made her love him back.

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Everything is all about artistry, isn’t it? You may be able to do something well, but if you don’t package it up and make it look nice and fancy, it really doesn’t mean shit. Humans are aesthetic beings: we care about looks and that’s it.
Personally though, I’d take an ugly duckling over a swan princess any day.

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Shepherds make the best heroes.
They’re honest and simple and so easy to paint anyway you like.
They be complex loners or they can be modest fathers or they can be daydreaming romantics.
A shepherd can be anything. A shepherd can be anyone.

» Posted By Kaylyn On 10.25.2011 @ 8:19 pm

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