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She was the toughest person I’d ever met, so when she cracked, I crumpled. If she couldn’t do it, then how could I? But as the creature reared its ugly head, I found myself chopping at its neck, and drawing thick, black, noxious blood.

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There are millions of thoughts swarming, buzzing, inside my head. Anxieties about tomorrow, next week, next year. Did I do my chemistry homework? Am I going to get my project finished on time? Can I pass next year’s finals? But whenever you walk into the room, I feel calm. You are my rock, and if I hold on tight enough, I will never be lost.

There are millions of thoughts swarming, buzzing, inside my head. And you make them all fall silent as an august night.

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The worst can come out in people sometimes. But is the worst something subjective or soemthing objective? Who defines what is the worst? Is ist you or is it the people around you? I think everyone has to decide for themselve. But on the other hand, is something not something bad if you yourselfe are oke with it, but everyone else is not?

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He was stalking me. Had been for months. My friends all said I should be happy about it, that someone finally loved me, but I don’t think it’s love. I don’t really think they’re my friends, either. He threatened to cut off all my hair while I slept, and I asked him to stop.He said no. He threatened to cut of my head while I slept, and the police told me he didn’t really mean it, and not to trouble them with my lovers’ quarrels. I don’t sleep anymore.

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The hospital lights blinked twice and then went out for good; just like that, the last safe haven on Earth was gone. The fight, the war was over. The darkness had won.

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One by one, the ghosts swirled out of their graves and into the Annapolis sky. They lay among the stars, casting a hazy rainbow glow across the city. It was really quite pretty. It was a shame that only Harlie could see them.

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The late afternoon rays of sunlight reflected off the blonde girl’s hair and made her blue eyes shine even bluer. The fact that she was outside meant that she wasn’t one of them, so why was I afraid to get close? There were rumors, of course, that a select few could survive the sun, but how true could they possibly be? I closed my eyes, gathered my wits, and walked over to her. She smiled, but it didn’t quite reach her eyes.

The next thing I knew was the inside of this stupid cell that I can’t for the life of me escape from.

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The box was locked from the inside. That was peculiar, there was a key on the desk, but the side of the lock that had the keyhole was on the inside, and there was no way to unlock it from this side. Frustrated, Charlotte slid the box off the table, and onto the floor. It smashed in a puff of lilac, glittery, odorous smoke, and reappeared, unharmed, on the table.

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The environment had all but vanished. Days were hot, nights were hot, and so were the mornings and afternoons and every other time of day you can think of. All devastatingly hot, all year long. It had been this way for generations, and just because Mazee was accustomed to it did not make it alright in her mind.

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I thought I was fast, but she ran circles around me.


She lapped me twice and won the race by far.

“How can she be human?” I said to no one in particular. (Spoiler Alert: she wasn’t)

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It ran like clockwork. The little “clunk clunk clunk” that it made was as soothing to listen to as the ocean.

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I hate the dentist. I hate sitting in a chair with my eyes closed, while some stranger pokes around in my mouth. I hate the taste of the toothpaste they use. But the part I hate the most is the hot new dentist my regular practice got. Because she is beautiful- I mean, uh….

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The incessant barking was driving me mad. It only happened at night, but since it kept me up, I had to intervene. My apartment building doesn’t even allow dogs!

I knock on my neighbor’s door, to be greeted by a cute puppy, in the arms of an even cuter girl.

“He- you aren’t who I was expecting,” she says, and then looking down at the squirming shih tzu in her arms, “Don’t tell the landlady”

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“I was discontent with my life before I met you. Now every day is an adventure, and I never want to go back” I said, and then, a little quieter, helplessly even, “Please don’t make me go back,”

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“This room is soundproof. Nobody will hear your pathetic cries for help. Don’t even bother trying.”

So this was it. I had met my end. And her name is Emilia, and she’s gorgeous. Fuck, I’m gay.

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I stared at the unopened box on the table in front of me.

“What’s in it?” I ask.

“The end of the world'” she says gravely.

“The end of the world?” I stare incredulously at her.

“Yes,” she replies. “Which is why I’ve invited you here. The lid is cracked. They say you can fix anything. Can you fix this?”

I didn’t think anybody could fix what they’d done, not even God.

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“You’re burning up. Don’t go into work today,” she told her.

“I have to,” came the reply, “They already don’t take me seriously as it is-” she burst into a coughing fit at that. “They don’t like that I’m gay- if I miss one day, I’ll get fired, or worse,”

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“You can’t catch me,” he taunted.

She laughed. “No, I definitely will.”

“No you won’t, mama, you really really won’t,” he yelled as he scurried up a tree, out of her reach.

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“There is no lack of love for you in my heart,” I say.

She laughs, but it contains no humor. “Oh really? Then where have you been for the last two years?”

I sigh. “You know I can’t tell you that. But you have to trust me now, okay?”

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It was dark out, but she still felt bright inside. She was alone, which was strange. Nights of friends, strangers, and lovers were the usual. But tonight she was alone, a bottle in her hand. A celebration of herself.

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Anger. Overwhelming, consuming, bitterness. She didn’t have the right words, the right timing, the knowledge to navigate. And the rage overtook her, consumed her until she was numb.

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It was cold. Cold, and dark, and he had never known that it would be like this. Well, of course he knew it would be cold and dark. But he would have never predicted the light he found inside. The warmth. Because even in jail, humanity is present. And humanity is both cold and warm. Both light and dark.

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It was cold, and I was afraid. I didn’t know what to do, or where I was. I could feel it around me, engulfing me like a blanket. But this blanket offered no warmth. Instead, it offered fear. Fear of what I had come to be. Of what I had chosen to become.

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It was soooooo hot, she regretted wearing a shirt with sleeves.

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He took a slice of bread and spread peanut butter on it. Then he grabbed another an put some jelly on it.

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They built towers out of Legos for a replica of a city. There were red towers, green towers, and blue ones.

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They transformed the old, run down farmhouse, into a beautiful modern home.

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She told them the tale of Cinderella.

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She did her hair in a waterfall braid, but while she was climbing a tree it came undone.

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They had a dilemma, their child went missing in the middle of a giant theme park!

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