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“I’m going on a quest.”
He said the words quietly, his voice measured, just as he had practiced. A hush fell over the dinner table as his family processed what he had said.
His older brother was the first to speak, “A quest for what? To find your brain?”

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You have been chosen. You are one of the select few who will keep this world alive, now that the virus has been defeated. You have been selected because of the superior genetics that you possess. You will help create the new race. You will be matched with someone with different, yet also superior genetics, to give your offspring the greatest possibility of being extraordinary.

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I love the sandcastles that we built together. I wish we had taken more pictures. I miss your love, and the love that those sand castles represented.

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They say that Jesus had only 12 deisciples, and that’s why we are supposed to be okay with having only a few close friends. I don’t like that idea. I like having many people around me at different times.

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We were trapped in the compound. They tried to tell us it was safe here, safer than the outside. But I had been outside not so long ago, not like these children of the compound who had never seen real sunlight or grass or felt the autumn breeze cool their faces. I didn’t understand what was happening when they trapped me in this underground box, but I so regret having allowed it now.

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The cold air was a bit brisk for my taste, and biting. It ripped through my coat and my shirt and my skin, right down to my bones. This is the winter that I ought to be used to, but it’s still too bloody cold. 5 years I have spent fighting the ever cooling falls and winters and I still can’t help but complain. The weather never satisfies me.

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He grabbed my hand and shouted, “Run! ”
There was something chasing us, something that by all rights shouldn’t exsisit. It was like a strange shadow, but it was alive, and it burned me when it grabbed my arm. I’m scared. I don’t understand why this is happening, and I don’t even know who this man is but I think he is saving me.

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I’m so confused! What does this all mean? This crazy thing that we call life? It’s maddening, and it doesn’t make any sense, and who decided that this would be a good idea? That we would have to procreate by interacting with other people, and ripping ourselves in half, and screaming to bring into this world a tiny new spirit so that they can grow up and realize that all of this isn’t worth it.

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I’m a lyrical poet. A songwriter they call me. Writing a song is just like any other sort of composing, except instead of working with an orchestra or the beauty of the English language alone, I meld both together. I write words to music that has never been heard by living ears, not until I’m done at least.

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She’s so easy.
That was the sentence that often accompanied her name. She had many lovers, and she saw nothing wrong with that, but many people saw it as her being too easy to fight for. She saw it as being easygoing in a romantic way.

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“You really need to work on editing this.”
I sigh, this is the fourth student today who I really just want to say ‘scrap it, and start over; you’re missing the point!’
But we’re very focused on the editing process here. So we commence the upteenbillionth rewrite of this two page essay, and we’ll see if it gets any better this time.

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“All aboard!”
The conductor called his age-old saying to the mostly empty platform. Few people in the states took trains these days, and even fewer even had their ears open to hear his call. New technology filled the ear canals of the new youths with music or conversation. Sometimes he thought about stepping off of the train after it had pulled away from the station to see if anyone would notice him then.

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“You have stolen my heart.”
The Dashboard Confessional song played over the radio as your hands slid up my spine, pulling my shirt up with them. I have never been this close to someone before. One hand unclasped my bra, the other tangled in my hair. My heart felt as if it was going to leap out of my chest and into yours. You had truly stolen me.

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“What is that?”
She squinted against the heat of the sun at the horizon. The wavy lines of heat coming off the ground made the distance waver and bulge in weird ways, as if she was high.
“I don’t have any idea.”

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Sam Winchester keeps a ruler by his bed and every morning when he wakes up he measures his willpower to continue fighting through the day, through the nightmare that he’s living, through the hardships of his existence. And his penis. That too.

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They keep saying that it takes half the time you were together to get over someone, and that anything before that is just a rebound. I was with him for five years. How can I be expected to wait three and a half years to date again? I want to be married in two!

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Complexity is a funny thing. Different things can be complex on different levels. Some people find the grammatical nuances of the English language complex, but can do integration of polynomials in the head with no problem.

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The railway stretched long and far into the distance. It tapered down into a little pinpoint on the horizon. Where does this railway go? We have never seen any trains or carts carry on down it in either directions. So why is it even here? We aren’t even allowed to leave this place. Is it to taunt us? Probably…

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Tiny bottles of alcohol lined the counter, intermingled with larger cups and containers. She was a collector. A collector of things that happened in her life. Unfortunately, her collections made her seem like an addict. She kept pretty bottles from her nights that were hazy with the booze induced stupor. She kept ones that she kept saying she would do some sort of artistic project with. But the bottles just sat there, reminding her of the nights where she used their contents to forget the things that she didn’t want to think about…

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The casting around my ankle was uncomfortable and itchy. I hated the injury. I hated the circumstances, the treatment I was having to put up with, and the flesh and bone that had gotten injured in the first place. The casting was temporary but the pain was there longer, and the scar was permanent.

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I am the sediment at the bottom of the glass when you place the sugar cube on the slotted spoon over the green liquor and light the fire. I am the fragmented memories you can feel behind your eyes but you can’t ever see. I’m am the granulated specks of everything you wanted me to be as I sink into the Earth, dissolving away with time and forgetting.

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As the night ensued, Katarina grew more and more tired. All she desired was to finish what she had started, but the man could just not find an end. He had paid for the full time and wouldn’t be sent away and till he had fulfilled his needs. She stared at the ceiling ignoring him.

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