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Enjoy the seaside; even if only in your thoughts. I love the seaside.
Thank you Lord, whom I love most of all and and more than all, for creating the seaside.

» Posted By Kathi Luana Bailey On 03.14.2019 @ 10:07 am

seaside is a sight
allow your eyes to lavish
upon the exceeding beauty
seaside is a sound
allow your ears to linger
upon the ringing chorus
seaside is a smell
allow your nose to tingle
upon breathing all singing perfections
seaside is a taste
allow your tongue to engulf
upon all luscious flavors
seaside is a feeling
allow your body to dwell
upon the releasing touch
seaside is a love
allow your heart to swell
upon the throbbing grasp
seaside is a heaven
allow your spirit to set free
upon dancing in the glory

» Posted By Kathi Luana Bailey On 03.14.2019 @ 10:05 am

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