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He tips his hat.
He twirls his gun.
he mounts his horse and, grabbing a young damsel, rides into the sunset.
He hooks his thumbs in his belts and swaggers through the street of some dusty town.

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My dad is the greatest. He is responsible, practical, nosy. He is strict, stern, gentle. He is happy and sad. He is fun and boring. Everything he is makes him who he is to me.

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Dawn is the time of new beginnings, of starting over, of being a better person than you were yesterday. Waking up and seeing the sunrise, promising that today will be a better day than it was before. Dawn is knowing that you can live with no regrets, live recklessly, without the fear of ruining a tomorrow that lives inside your imagination.

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My heart pounds in my chest as I hear the snorts of horses behind me. I can’t let them catch me. I can’t. For the sake of everyone i love I can’t.

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She took a sprinkle of sage and tossed it in the cauldron. “There,” she said, “it is almost finished.” As the concoction bubbled slowly, she thought about all that had led up to this point. She thought about her life and the things she had ben through and how she just wanted it all to end. When it was finished brewing, she dipped a cup into the slimy liquid. She raised it to her lips and drank every last drop. Minutes later, she collapsed to the floor, a smile gracing her lips.

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They say that many trees grows from the ashes of a forest fire; that it takes a cleansing of fire for a period of regrowth. In my city , Purity, the elders use this idea when dealing with criminals. No one knows what really goes on in our capital, but according to all the rumors, it is certainly not pleasant.
Of the 3 cities, it is our leaders who are most concerned with cleaniness. Our twin city, Beauty, are simply concered with the appearance. And the third live in darkness. Their city is called Beast.

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Ever wonder what’s out there? Out beyond the known into the unknown?
I sure have.
And it was my curiosity that started it all.
Unlike my mother, who was a natural born follower, and my father, who was away serving in the military, I had the curiosity of a young child and the

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