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Take an idea and spin it around
in a big washing machine of a brain.
Then shut it down and let the ideas spill out
while they’re still sopping wet.
Then hang them out to dry without checking the weather.

» Posted By Kat Marsh On 10.03.2013 @ 11:28 pm


You ran right into me on the street,
I thought you could have been a pick pocket,
until you handed me food right from your bowl.
I declined, friendly stranger.
But your eyes caught me.
Then your words came pouring over signals,
and I was bound.
You showed up at my door,
a welcome thief in the night.
You came through my house
and left in a matter of time.
You didn’t take anything that wasn’t yours.
But my heart left with you.

» Posted By Kat Marsh On 09.30.2013 @ 9:10 pm

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