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smoothies are so great because if you dont want to have a huge meal you can replace it with smoothies. also i wish i lived in a tropical place so i could get mangos and bananas out of my garden to have in my morning smoothies. i would also do smoothies as snacks and plant other fruits in my garden so so many different varieties

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There were three of them. Mostly girls. I don’t really know where the last one falls on the spectrum. They had eyes. dreams. Dreams they could see with those eyes. Dreams of stealing things that they only dreamed of. Sometime they were told they couldn’t have which is why they became everything they didn’t want to be.

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It’s a different world from every side. From his perspective, I wanted it; I was asking for it. From everyone else’s perspective, I put myself in that position; I drank; I wanted it. From my perspective, I didn’t want it; it scared me; it was rape.

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This was not simply a haircut; this would be the start of my new life. I knew, somehow, this haircut would change me in to the confident, beautiful, catch-your-breath, stop-traffic woman I always wanted to be.

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She walked in, simply wanting a haircut; she didn’t know she’d leave with a new enemy. It may have been the color, the cut, the conversation. Or maybe, it was meeting her husband’s lover.

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She was never involved with others: she never felt close to them. She felt apart from society, from caring, from loving, from being involved – entangled – with others, with anyone else. That’s not to say she was a psychopath or sociopathic or even apathetic. She just didn’t allow herself to feel for otherrs deeply. That way lay madness and destruction, and it was to be avoided at all costs.

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The words fed my imagination. I was hungry for more and in trying to satiate my need for more, I scoured the thesaurus for pairings to my favorite appetizers.

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It was clear to him that the snow was falling at a faster rate than the previous night. He knew it was only a matter of time before it piled up in his drive-way and it would be near impossible to leave his home for supplies. He’d have to clear it soon.

(yeah, I just wrote this, but now I signed up, so I wanted to re-post it, haha)

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There in the backyard kneeled the Gardner. Her hair was white as silk and the wrinkles on her faith betrayed her lack of youth, but her laugh.. Her laugh was the real gem. She smiled at the pot of tomatoes in her hand and laughed such a joyous laugh that the plant, though startled as it was, began to grow!

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Aryan Brotherhood.
White power gang.
Most members are incarcerated.

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I just had this one so I am not even going to do anything. UGHDSKDF I am just done with tdfakl;. I want to go eat now. Too bad I will get fat. Stupid calories and mind and fat and body and everything. Stupid.

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them they yourselve

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Ancient things have some unique quality in them that is just beautiful. Ancient artifacts hold so much inside that give so much information. Ancient doesnt have to mean just “old”, its just something with history.

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Fried. Fried food. Fried food is disgusting. It tastes good, sure, but it’s just really awful for you. I try not to eat it.
I’m Fried. I’m tired…I guess thats what this means. I never really use this phrase but other people do a lot, and I often admire those who do as I find it sort of vintage.

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Sleeping is such a bliss when you have a soft, comfortable blanket with an amazing print and texture. Not only do you feel good while sleeping, it also makes your bedroom look gorgeous during the day. Anyone you invite to your house will love the look of the bedroom with your beautiful bedspread, and all the surroundings handpicked to match.

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a statement can be many different things. it can be something you say, or something you wear, even something that you do. words, actions, objects. what kind of statement do you want to make? i just want to live my life knowing that i touched someones life with either something i said, did, or gave them. thats why i want to teach. i want to mean something to someone. even though i know most kids hate their teachers, i feel like ill be that teacher they like. the one they remember. the one theyll tell their kids about

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it reminds me of death. death is following everyone even if those people don’t want to admit it but its there… Everyone has a certain amount of time before death comes before them but no one should be afraid of it its natural even if we all despise it it has to happen.

» Posted By kasey On 07.18.2012 @ 8:10 pm

the hospital injuries the injured a possible career i want to \help the injured and nurse them back to life i want to help people i want to be a life saver i want to be someones superhero even if its for sixty seconds

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to be sent away. or to be fired. to be set aside. to be waved off. to be put behind other more important things.

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Sometimes I like to think that I conduct myself professionally. Ultimately I end up fooling myself and start laughing uncontrollably.

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The crew of the ship began to feel sick after the boat began rocking. the violent storm had raged all night and morning was just a moment away. The sun began to rise and we knew instatnly we would need to take warning for the next day.

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I am horrible with plans. Well, no. I’m great at making them. It’s the follow through that I suck at. Procrastination may be my middle name, but giving up is my first. I get frustrated, or bored, or I forget to do some part of the routine and feel like it throws the whole thing off… Whatever. Katie + Plans = No good. And since I can’t make habits, I’ve learned to go with the flow…

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I walked around the empty stable and watched as the snow fell from the sky. Everything seemed slower tonight, like the world was moving in slow motion. But my mind was running far too fast for me to keep up with. Inside, i was thinking about him. His smile. His laugh. Everything about him. I couldn’t get him out of my head, but this was really nothing new.

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A patent is a friendly sea creature. They swim around all day doing whatever they want and helping people when they can. They live in the Atlantic Ocean. They aren’t mermaids, but they are their pets.

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n means you dont judge. compassion means you forgive. Seriously, forgive her. You don’t know where she is coming from, but then again she doesn’t know where you are either. Maybe you should both just grow up and get oer it. Maybe just having compassion means being friends no matter what, through anything, being there for one another. Maybe that’s what life is about. Compassion. Christ calls us to compassion, nothing could be more important that that.

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today the word is mystery. that has me thinking about the mystery that is my parents divorce. suddenly there are funds appearing that evidentally were saved for my education as well as my ounger sisters. I have no idea what to think now. i’ve been lied to so much. but like David says…it’s out of my control so I may as well let it go. what happens next? sometimes it feels like I just can’t breathe. I’m sure we all feel that though. it’s just hard to accept.

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apple, men, marriage, bastards, snakes, trees, sex, alcohol, hats, lies, government,

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The smirk on her face while the blade was pushed up to his neck was not just amusement. It was as if she got a sick thrill of torturing and killing people. Like she thought it was a game. It appeared so, anyway, while the flesh parted to let the knife through.

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I was walking down the street, around Christmas time. I was looking slightly off to the left, at the flyers on the telephone poles. I saw some interesting ones, about jobs, and want ads. But there was one about the need for a drummer. I thought, “Well, I love to hit things with sticks,” and took down the number.

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Up and above someting, tat is a rise. You can rise to te top or you can rise to te best you you can be. Rising is all about up. Weter tat is up and over, or just up continuously as to do wit te person. To rise above a callenge means to defeat it. Rising is never bad, unless you rise into a fan, ten it’s bad.

» Posted By Kasey On 06.10.2011 @ 4:13 pm

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