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Her skin was like caramel, smooth and sweet. I could taste it when I looked at her. I was brine and she was perfection. I longed to get caught in her soft skin with more than my eyes.

» Posted By Kaitlin On 11.13.2014 @ 10:07 pm


The sight of the manor before him caused him to falter. He’d never seen anything like it.

The outside was adorned with statues and gardens full of tulips and roses. Pools of water dotted the landscape, as well.

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Some cops are merciful while others are not so graceful with their duties.

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I felt graced to have shared these moments with Phillip. Even though he was no longer with us I felt so blessed to be the one who got to hold to his, kiss his lucious lips, rub my hands through his soft brown conditoned hair. The cancer took over his whole body but even while he was on the cold hospital bed, in the cold white room he told me I made him feel alive.

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She would sweep the dust, the dirt, and all the little random pieces that no wonder ever noticed. She would throw them away so they would be gone forever. Making them disappear to forget them never actually worked though, because within a week they would be back. They told her “you cannot simply sweep things away and expect everything to subside and become better”..
So she started to let people know the things they never noticed, that she always tried to hide did matter and she was no longer going to sweep every little thing away. Rather accept her indifferences and imperfections.

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I wanted to feel more adventurous and become like the earth beneath my feet. I twirled with laughter but I wanted so badly to just feel the leaves between my fingers, the water between my toes, and the air through my body. I just wanted to feel worldly.

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i got my Bowtie on and i was sitting on the couch wondering what to do so i sat there for a while and thought i was thinking since it was a lazy Saturday and i have my dress up Bowtie on i can do a show so i start dancing and wait until anyone comes in the living room and notices that i am dancing then at one point everyone was in there watching me dance i was happy my little sister came in and she was playing monapoly so she was throwing me fake dollars from the game so really after all it wasn’t a bad Saturday i enjoyed it that is how i spent my Saturday afternoon

» Posted By kaitlin On 02.27.2014 @ 4:12 pm

long as i got my suit and tie was on the sing was loud untill i turned it off it really git annoying anyway even funnier i was wearing a bowtie hslf og persuasive writing as in the heading

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“You must try.” He told me.

“Try?” I replied, and then scoffed, “You try under these circumstances. You, the one who strives for nothing. Or, rather, things that amount to nothing. Like you’re a good judge of these things.”

“Better than you, I’d say. You leave things be, until they rot under the circumstances.”

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While waiting to meet the new therapist that had been appointed to me, I aimlessly wandered about his or her office in hope of finding something out of the ordinary; something other than the generic things I’d found in the previous therapist’s offices, but this office was typical. It was a small, vanilla colored room with a heavily curtainted window, outdated art on the walls, fake ferns sprouting out of almost every corner, archaic furniture that faintly smelled of old cigarettes which included: a large wooden desk and a gaudy armchair that were far too grand for the room, a simple end table in between two blue tub chairs, under which was a stained area rug that seemed out-of-place with its modern print, a wastebasket and dimly lit lamp next to one of the ferns, and a bulky bookshelf and file cabinet next to the door. The bookshelf was of course overflowing with books like “Principles of Psychology”, “A Guide to Emotional Intelligence”, “The Diagnostic and Statistical Book of Mental Illnesses”, “Touched by Suicide”, “The Manufactured Identity”, and every other cliché title that could be conjured up. At this point, unimpressed and growing more bored by the minute, I turned my attention to smaller details; like what was on, in, or under the desk. After doing a quick top-to-bottom visual sweep, and opening a few drawers, the only thing that seemed moderately interesting and worthy of further inspection was an aged copy of the Merriam-Webster dictionary that was “casually” sitting on the desk. I idly flipped through the gold leafed pages and stopped at a random page. I read the first entry I saw aloud, “ir•rev•er•ent adj. 1. Lacking or exhibiting a lack of reverence; disrespectful. 2. Critical of what is generally accepted or respected; satirical.”
“Ironic isn’t it?” A voice came from the doorway.
In a hasty, chaotic maneuver, I slammed the dictionary on the desk, knocking over pencil cups, piles of paper, and just about everything in my wake, and then buried myself in one of the tub chairs attempting to soothe my embarrassment.

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Stilts make you stand taller to get a view of the world. With stilts you can view the world in a different perspective. Stilts are heaven to short people. They make them less angry. They make you taller and brighter with the things you can see with them

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The animals came in pairs to the ark. Unfortunately, they were uninformed of the tole to the Ark, one pear. So all of the pearless pairs had to go back to their homes and died in the flood. Except dragons

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That is what it always is. Just a rating of who is popular. Who is slutty. A rating where people either make it or they don’t. One where they are hot or they aren’t. It is where little girls dreams are crushed and little boys just aren’t good enough.

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I did it. I finally instilled the idea into his brain. The idea that he should treat me right. It was easy, all I had to do was reach out and grab his hand. I slipped my fingers in between his and the smile on his face lit up my world. He finally knows.

» Posted By Kaitlin On 03.02.2013 @ 5:05 pm

I had to instill the idea into his brain. The idea that I was worth more than what I was given. The idea that he should treat me the way I wanted to be, not the way John had. I could see it in his eyes that he wanted to, but he was so afraid. I reached out and grabbed his hand. And then he knew.

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I don’t have a husband. Someday I might, but I honestly can’t take care of myself right now, so I can’t even think about a boyfriend or a husband or a family. The other day, I make a key lime pie and thought “why don’t i have a boyfriend? oh well. i don’t care. I have a pie all to myself.” It was equally hilarious and sad. Regardless, whoever gets this, I love you and am happy that you’re there to get my short minute story.

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features.. every human being has their good features and bad features, each of us having different opinions on which is which. unfortunately some of us judge o

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I applied to college really with no hopes on getting in. But I managed. I can do it. I need to be the best I can be. I need to apply myself more than just in application form but in my spirit. I want to be extraordinary.

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I don’t cry very often. But when I do, it is when I’m truly sad. When I cry , it is when I’m most vulnerable and I feel like even a feather could cause me to collapse.

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I have a large amount of money that I don’t know what to do with. It makes me so nervous because I have no idea how to spend it. I hate to spend money on myself because I feel like a terrible person, so I hoard money until I pop and spend it all.

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I’ve been mentioning you in conversation quite a bit lately. Trying desperately to keep on getting that affirmation that you feel for me in some way, and to brag, to make the others jealous. Because as you’ve said, it takes a lot for you to take a second glance, and I made that happen. How? I don’t know and I’ll never know, but I’ll try my hardest to keep your attention.

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you spent your $20 on love instead of a gift for your love. you spent years trying to find yourself through multiple men, hoping to feel just a tiny bit of affection through their motions of lust rather than caressments of affection. you spent your youth questioning yourself ,how could someone love me…this thing that I am…what is it? am I even capable of doing anything? how could someone love me when I haven’t found myself? when will I find myself?when do the self-explorations lead me to the treasure. the treasure chest of all of the forsaken answers hidden deep into th cr

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Tooth Brush

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I want to entrance my story. it is my baby now, i want to work harder on it than anyone else ever has on their story. i have time. now i just need to put pen to paper and do it. i have some of it done but i really need to forward it. finish it. hopefully this will help me.

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As I walked into the store, I glanced up at the entrance sign above me. It got me thinking about all the new entrances present in my life. I was entering a new school, entering the lives of so many new people I was meeting, entering a whole new phase in my life.

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too many things with no connection. variety and options. nobody needs this. just pick something and stick with it.

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Various. I already had this word. Apparently there aren’t various words. But various can be used in various ways. Like, I am on Pandora radio, listening to various songs. My friend just wrote about how she has various cats, but alas, she does not. So now here I am, ranting on various subjects. Not so much ranting as I am rambling, but I ramble on various subjects quite often.

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She had paints in all the various colors. Blues, reds, yellows, all of them. Painting was the only way she could make it through the day. The screams she would release, the pain that would go along with it. All she wanted all the time was to use her paints. The paintings weren’t exactly beautiful, but they had so much

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