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the dust sets on the streets
yellow for trees
rainbow for oil
black for city
the water catches it all
i step into a puddle
ankle deep
and uncaring

» Posted By Kairn On 09.28.2016 @ 6:02 pm


i thought today’s word would be wizard
or maybe lizard
salmon is a color
and a taste in my mouth
from a plant called blue belle
it was so small in my hand,
it made no sound in the misty

» Posted By Kairn On 09.18.2016 @ 6:17 pm


they sing
but mineral
a latticework
of notes that i cannot hear when i press my face to the granite countertop
there is a pain in my lower back
if i can’t hear it at least
she is cool on my face

» Posted By Kairn On 09.12.2016 @ 3:21 pm


it was a weak line
of reasoning
they thought the beast had no self control
her wild mane and dirty pelt
but of course she ate them
spat out white bone

» Posted By Kairn On 03.02.2016 @ 11:38 am


the leaves
had started to curl
like sleeping fingers
when the wind blew softly on them
and then slowly i realized
that i had made a fist every time
you spoke her name

» Posted By Kairn On 03.01.2016 @ 4:19 pm


the toy had a secret inside
but she didn’t try to open it
there didn’t seem a point to this
mortal body
but when we sat on the grass
and tried to talk about our feelings
i couldn’t still my hands
i wanted to pry it apart.

» Posted By Kairn On 02.28.2016 @ 1:18 pm


flashes please clean the filter
some day we will not be able
to see through the grime
today i schedule a time
to wipe my glasses with
instead we go to the bar
and decide it’s too stuffy
outside on the bridge with some traffic it’s
noticeably more flicker, less sound

» Posted By Kairn On 02.26.2016 @ 9:02 am


it was a little unusual
but the lizard seemed polite
it tipped its hat
and walked with a grace
that betrayed years of bipedalism
it seemed to be its way to
a hot date
or maybe a quinceanera

» Posted By Kairn On 02.22.2016 @ 8:32 pm


or something about silver in clouds
a plane passed by us
in at least three
and maybe a few dimensions
i told you to duck down
and hear the whow whow
but instead you laughed
loud enough to startle

» Posted By Kairn On 02.19.2016 @ 12:38 pm


i’m afraid of getting my
hand caught in yours
like i’m afraid of pulling
the stickers from my

we will stick and it will
be painful except
nothing good will grow from this

» Posted By Kairn On 02.16.2016 @ 9:04 pm


they rush across
carrying grains
on their heads
backs bowed like
the plants
paying supplicant
we will eat well
tonight they will
ache and feel blessed
to be alive in the land of opportunity

» Posted By Kairn On 02.15.2016 @ 9:02 pm


opened in a slice
halved like a pear
at the center
is it the flesh?
the skin?
the seeds?
you hold a rock in one hand
and your smartphone
in the other
Siri who am I
Siri who made me
Siri am I a we?
Siri will I be you
Siri is my name Siri?

» Posted By Kairn On 02.14.2016 @ 8:53 am

opened in a slice
halved like a pear
at the center
is it the flesh?
the skin?
the seeds?
you hold a rock in one hand
and your smartphone
in the other

» Posted By Kairn On 02.14.2016 @ 8:52 am


they’ll be in attendance
just look straight ahead
and smile the shit out
of your face
shitfaced, eh?

they won’t even notice
the tremor in your voice
as you wrangle with pride
and nervousness,
standing on the precipice
of privelege

» Posted By Kairn On 02.11.2016 @ 7:29 pm


my mother called you such a pill
little did she know
that when i took you into my mouth
i felt like anything
but dying

i think my father knew
he cut his meat very purposefully
but laid his knife very gently
down, angled in like \

» Posted By Kairn On 02.10.2016 @ 8:20 pm


he did in fact go quietly into that night
on an empty stomach too
no one looked twice at an old dog
there was no strength in his legs
and he could no longer bark
even if he raised his eyes
he would see no Odysseus

» Posted By Kairn On 02.09.2016 @ 7:03 pm


she kneels in the soil
and prints grass on her knees
there’s a hole in this flower
with a flap opening out
i watch and pray
that she doesn’t crush
the snails i love

» Posted By Kairn On 02.08.2016 @ 3:14 pm


or fateless
i found out my jeans
were meant to be ripped
by the tree that you climbed
and i fell
off the empire state
in a dream
because i’ve never
been to New York

» Posted By Kairn On 02.07.2016 @ 3:17 pm


we hear about
the last jaguar
(or maybe it was the cheetah/panther/leopard?)
but we live in a stainless
steel society
and there’s bigger problems
like did you see this cat video?
it has a gun.

» Posted By Kairn On 02.06.2016 @ 8:25 pm


not sure whose hands
put me to bed
is it my mother?
my father?

either way, i’ll take their
council and drift off at maximum speed
hit the dream at running
and eat up the night’s black tongue

» Posted By Kairn On 02.03.2016 @ 12:38 pm

the clock struck an o’ clock
and started a feud
the council, fueled by the need to stop
the violent gonging
was convened.

someone had to explain the difference
between dusk and dawn

» Posted By Kairn On 02.02.2016 @ 8:28 pm


oh boy i guess we’ll talk about how color works
in this country
how we all talk about the black and white
and print the same goddamn things
but you know what’s cool nowadays?
they can 3d print shit like kidneys
and i’ve been hitting the bottle more
so maybe it’ll all come ’round

» Posted By Kairn On 02.01.2016 @ 8:45 pm


the fox furs dangle with some semblance of life
vixen is not a word i would’ve have thought of.
there was once a film with george clooney.
it is very cold tonight and i don’t think having a tongue
will do it.
maybe tomorrow you can try again, i

» Posted By Kairn On 01.31.2016 @ 8:48 pm


it’s a bad day
my lip keeps bleeding
because i’m worrying
and i secretly like the taste of blood
everything is kind of falling into place
with the slow fall of cinematography
i take a sip of monster
and remember that yes,
i once had two kidneys

» Posted By Kairn On 01.27.2016 @ 5:33 pm


i’m a little concerned
that we’re getting hazy
that it’s going to be more about blurred lines
and less about the facts

I look down at the side walk cracks
and realize that there are names here
and people only thin-soled shoes
will recognize

horizontal bodies to walk with

» Posted By Kairn On 01.26.2016 @ 3:06 pm


the pen
and pick the pencil
i’m afraid it’s vanity
that keeps my handwriting
strewn about the books
i buy each time and leave
each time
perhaps we
see ourselves
in the loops and curls
of each confession
but sometimes it’s still unclear whether
i’m saying veggies
or leggies
and that shit gets
weird on a grocery list

» Posted By Kairn On 01.24.2016 @ 5:28 pm


aw yis this creft is so gud
look behodd the detale wow
eech handcrefted by sum munk on a mtn
this must sell for millions of $$$

» Posted By Kairn On 01.20.2016 @ 2:46 pm


like a frickin bunch of stupid ass tadpoles
they were
young and not even ready to swim on their own
yet belching and boasting about flies
and jump distance
ugh she stabbed another
worm with her hook
and threw it forcefully into the dark

» Posted By Kairn On 01.19.2016 @ 7:25 pm


i see them lining up
they’re all shapes and sizes
some have been camping outside for days
tents and sleeping bags and folding chairs
i try to negotiate
and stay hydrated
but they just want to get in
and stay too long for hospitality rules
it’s hard staying the same
when the universe is in flux

» Posted By Kairn On 01.17.2016 @ 3:49 pm


she dropped her pencil
stencils were always no good
b/c following the edges and holding at the same degree
just didn’t fly
her pencil however, must’ve had an avian past life
sometimes she wants to be an art major

» Posted By Kairn On 05.04.2015 @ 10:39 pm

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