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The little teacup clattered against the tiny plate. “No no NO!” Alyssa snapped. “This place setting just won’t do!” The boy across the table rolled his eyes. “You are your mother’s daughter, Alyss.”

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Dirt and grime and filth and dust- All these things were something he always DESPISED. So he took great pride i his work of cleaning every little speck.

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You’d think she’s be use to it by now, holding out her hands over the open air. Channeling the spirits and beginning to cast a spell. She held her breath as he hands began to make a faint glow. “Here we go.”

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It snapped so easily in her fingers, she hadn’t thought twice about it. The beautiful petals had been calling her name all day as she stared at them from the schoolhouse window. She took one breath of it’s sweet aroma and instantly fell asleep.

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A bird, standing the water. The light reflecting brightly on the lake. The waves hit the shore as he cawed peacefully. The calm was promptly broken by the crane fluttering away.

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In a small paper package, with a little red bow, was the girl’s newest surprise. She would never believe the silver bell would one day save her life.

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It always took at least six minutes to get ready, but Bethany always tried to braid her hair. She started when she was a little girl, or, her mother did. She would always do it for her every morning, and if it was sunday, she would put in little flowers. Bethany missed her mother, but she knew she was close whenever she began to put the tiny flowers in her auburn hair.

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