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There was a toadstool growing in the backyard, right where all those weeds used to be. I could’ve sworn that I made sure that none could grow again, but there it was, sitting there like it owned the place and like it’d been there. It was not welcome in this yard, though, and I grabbed my shovel warningly, exclaiming “You’d better watch out, buddy, your time is up!”

» Posted By KING of ELI On 11.26.2014 @ 5:56 am


I had to transform in order to fit in the world. I had to transform, in order to become what was inside, what was truly me. The transformation was so fast, I didn’t know it was happening, to be honest. A true transformation happens right before your eyes. It happens, and then it’s over, leaving you in a daze. When will you transform?

» Posted By KING of ELI On 11.17.2014 @ 9:29 am

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