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Please give me a voice,
To ask for help.

Please give me strong grip,
To pull myself out.

Please give me some clarity,
To find some peace.

Please give me some options,
Please, someone, please.

» Posted By KEROALMA On 05.28.2015 @ 1:56 pm

I’m watching the clock tick away the minutes –a rabid clawing feeling growing stronger in the centre of my chest– and all I can do is worry about what comes next.

It’s all up to me now.

Nobody else.

And I can’t help by feel like I’m out of options.

» Posted By KEROALMA On 05.28.2015 @ 1:50 pm


I’ll run my fingers over the notches in your spine, if you’ll run yours through my hair. Let us just be, I don’t need a provider.

» Posted By KEROALMA On 03.24.2015 @ 8:57 am


Come one, come all to the land of the Free!
With our big credence in convenience, we’ve got everything you need!
24/7 only $1.99,
There’s corn in December and two gallon boxes of wine!
Take a turn down our streets, we’ve got sideshow acts lined up!
So what if they didn’t consent? Sit down, shut up!
Huddled in twos and threes, Febreeze-fresh, don’t fret!
Put that blindfold on, it smells like American Debt™!

» Posted By KEROALMA On 03.23.2015 @ 10:28 am


Climbing to the top.
The King-crowned
Knows how
Slick-slinging never stops.

» Posted By KEROALMA On 03.20.2015 @ 9:23 am


Rock your cause all
Because, dearly, darling,
You’re quite the treat.
A white knight dressed as a sanguine dream,
Adorable love,
The sugar to my cream.

» Posted By KEROALMA On 03.12.2015 @ 7:43 am

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