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there was a burning fire storming through out me and I had to let it loose.
“this is all your fault” I shouted at him.

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she thought it was all her fault her wave of the wand set up this tower of destruction, but what she didn’t know was it the person who was after her.

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she just stared as her house came to crumbles. the fire teared up the streets and no one could stop it. This is all my fault she thought.

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She thought she smelled something burning in the oven. It had been a long day and the cookies were a treat she wanted to surprise her two beautiful girls with. Suddenly, the smoke alarm went off and she ran downstairs to find the counter with the pizza box on fire!

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The daisies scattered the yard that was overgrown from lack of care and love. Their beauty reminded him of the care his wife had taken in planting each group as a ‘cluster’ around their yard. That was 15 years ago. Fifteen years before they had met, married and were lost in the day to day survival known as life. Now the daisies stood as a reminder of her. He missed her more each day. Each daisy encompassing the memories they held of better times. She was gone now. Lost to the other world.

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The wheels moved slowly across the hot pavement. The encrusted dirt still wedged between the tracks from last nights late night trip. Although the sun shined brightly, his dark soul turned like the wheels on the hot pavement.

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Scattered among the trash. Living quietly among the streets. Who do they belong to? A college student comes by, gathers them and makes a dime at the return center at the local walmart. A homeless man see them as an opportunity to survive. Many colors and shapes finding their way into lives…

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