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Ushio concentrated on the pain of the table corner digging into his hip as he reminded himself that killing fellow officers was a no-no. Familiar snickering caught his attention and his dark eyes focused back on his suspect.

Yusei smirked. “Are you going to finish my cavity search or will I have to do it for you?”

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The situation Ushio’s fellow officer painted over the radio was as confusing as it was annoying. The man groaned and rubbed his face with one hand. “Tell Takana, not me. Like I said I’m in interrogation right now.” Yusei snickered some more.
“No buts! I’m busy! Just tell me before you get the camera rolling again.”

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“Are you there?” continued the voice on the other side. “I’m serious here! I’m pretty sure the screen isn’t supposed to be plaid.” Ushio blinked in irritation and wonder before finally pulling himself away from Yusei’s fine, clutching ass with a wet sound to grab his radio. Yusei snickered quietly, his shoulders shaking.

“I’m in interrogation, ya moron. What’s this about plaid screens?”

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Suddenly the screech of Ushio’s radio broke through their pants and moans like nails on a chalkboard. Yusei let out an undignified yelp of surprise, and Ushio himself almost jumped and dislodged the other male from his embrace.

“Ushio! Answer dammit, the camera isn’t working again!”

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The fluorescent lights burned overhead, casting shadows on their copulating bodies. Ushio didn’t hold back as he slammed into Yusei hard and fast, making the sounds of their slapping flesh echo in the small room. Yusei bit his lip and pressed his face to the wall, but Ushio could tell by how the young man’s body moved that he wasn’t suffering. The boy was silently begging for more.

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He held both of Yusei’s hips firmly and carefully pushed inside the tight body. His groan mixed with Yusei’s and he rocked his hips hard just to hear the smaller male cry out. “Big enough for you?” Yusei gave a shaky nod, Ushio’s ego swelled. “Good.” He bucked his hips and grinned at another cry. “Very good.”

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Ushio trusted that Yusei was ready with how the young man was demanding the next step in his “cavity search.” He unzipped his pants and released his aching cock, hissing in relief as the pressure was removed. Then he moaned as he applied lube to the thick member. “Mnh, here I come.”

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“I don’t think there’s anything hidden in here, but I may have to prob deeper,” Ushio chuckled. Yusei groaned and bucked his hips.
“Then do it.”
“Is that an executive order?” he purred, pushing his fingers in even deeper.
“Yes!” Yusei shouted. “Do it already!”
“Yes, sir.” Ushio retracted his fingers.

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Ushio rethought his last sentence. He would make a copy of the digital file THEN he would erase it. No need not to have a copy for his personal collection. He grinned as Yusei started to move with his thrusting hand, then slid in a second finger. “Nnh!” Ushio leaned forward and nipped at Yusei’s ear.

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“You don’t have to be so quiet,” Ushio urged. Yusei glanced over his shoulder at him with a blue eye.
“Don’t we have an audience?” Then those eyes flickered to the security camera in the corner of the room.
“No one’s ever in there and I’ll erased the data later.” He thrust his finger deeper and Yusei couldn’t help but arch with a cry.

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Later on Ushio would think that what he was doing was a classic case of sexual harassment, but for the time being if Yusei didn’t want it the young man would be the first to complain… Right? He slipped one thick finger pass the pink ring while still playing with a nipple. It slid inside easily with the expensive lube easing the way. Yusei pulled in a breath and a tremble shook his slim body.

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Ushio had structured his life around the rules of the police department, but never had he thought that structure would work against him in this way. He swallowed and lightly ran his slick fingers over Yusei’s exposed opening. The thin hips shook but didn’t move. “You need to relax or it’s going to hurt.” He reached around with his other hand and gave a dusky nipple a squeeze.

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Ushio had ended up getting his personal lube. He tried to concentrate on the almost intricate, woven patterns of scars along Yusei’s flesh as he slicked up the necessary fingers to properly check the young man’s body for anything illegal. He watched as Yusei’s ribs slowly expanded and contracted as he breathed. Ushio was surprised that Yusei hadn’t said a word yet.

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Ushio started at Yusei’s feet and slowly slide his large hands up the formed legs. However, when he reached the young man’s ass he wondered if he should use the standard lube he was given or if he should fetch his personal stuff. It was a random thought to have before performing a cavity search just because he knew the suspect.

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Ushio approached Yusei silently. The teen looked up at him without a word. “Stand up and strip, or I’ll do it for you.” Yusei didn’t utter a sound as he followed the order. His clothing gathered in a pile in a whisper of cloth. “Now hands on the wall and spread your legs.”

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The policy was stupid to say the least, but Ushio would carry it out if necessary. He looked in on the small captive in the examination room. Policy stated that the boy be striped searched and even his cavities checked. He swallowed and ignored a stirring in his pants. He never thought he’d do this with Yusei Fudo.

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He dialed the number on the small strip of paper and swallowed. This was the moment of truth. Will the call be picked up, left to a message, or even rejected? He crossed his fingers and prayed to God above. Please let her answer and say yes to a date.

There was a click. “Hello?” He grinned even though there was no one to see.
“Uh, hi.” Here goes nothing.

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The crowds worship him like a God. That’s how things should be. He’s the King! He always was and always will be the King. There is only one thing he still has to do. He has to have someone by his side, a Queen of sorts. The trick is to prepare his ‘queen’. Jack watches Yusei and smiles, planning for the future.

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Hikaru feels like an idiot, and that’s an understatement. He had the perfect opportunity to tell Akira how he feels for him, to let him know he wants to be more than friends if the other young man will have him. But no, his stomach had to growl.

“I can’t believe I asked him out to ramen like I do every week.”
“Did you say something , Hikaru?”
“Nothing!” He sticks his face back into his bowl.

He feels like such an idiot.

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The muffin was taunting Goku by hiding behind that glass wall. Well, not so much as hiding as mocking him with its deliciousness that he wasn’t allowed to touch.

“Goku, get away from there!” Chichi shouted as she laid out placemats.
“But, Chichi, it looks so good! I want to eat it now!”
“You can wait for the party to start like everyone else!”

Goku pouted and waited for their friends to arrive.

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It was an inspiring sight to be sure, but he wasn’t certain what use a D-Wheel would have in Satellite. Yeah, the rider could probably get away from the cops more easily or some other trouble, but maintaining a regular bike took a lot of money and effort let alone one of these advanced machines.

“What are you planning to do with it, Yusei?” Yusei smiled to Nerve.
“Ride into the future.”

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The drops of rain slid down the window glass, making streaks like tear trails. Yugi sighed to himself and laid his head on his arms, curled up against his desk.

He used to love rainy days because Atemu was fascinated by them, but now they only make him want to cry.

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The tomato was squished in between the lettuce and meat, which in turn was between two slices of white bread slathered in condiments. Honestly, it was so sloppily put together that it looked disgusting, but his daughter was staring at him with such a proud and hopeful smile at her accomplishment that he steeled his nerves and bit into it.

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The timing was off, he knew it would be the moment that he approached the other man. But at the same time he knew he would never have another chance.

“What is it?” his Captain asked as he approached. His deep voice echoed in the halls around them. The young cadet braced himself.
“Sir, I have something to say before we go into battle.”
“Go on, son, what is it?”
“I love you.”

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