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I’m dangling off a ledge. My skin is pale grey and I have black tipped claws that are digging into the rock, keeping me from falling into the abyss. Karyna screams and I reach to catch her, but I’m too late and I hear her screams echo for several minutes later as she falls. I squeeze my eyes shut and mutter a prayer to our patron goddess of the dead, Lareya. I open my eyes and resume my scramble back onto the ledge. I’m almost up and Al is next to me, offering to brush me off and check me for any signs of injury. I shake my head diagonally up and to the left, signalling “no” as I shake my limbs and look at them.
Same pale grey, same black-tipped claws on my feet as well. I look down the front of my body and pull the thick, black mesh bodysuit away from me and stare down my torso to ascertain that I am indeed in one piece and not leaking my life-juice. I let the mesh settle back into place around me and start walking, tapping Al’s shoulder to let them know we were going to gather the group and continue on to the nearest temple to properly mourn Karyna’s death.
The rest of our group is straight ahead, having been taking down camp while Karyna, Al, and I took down our wards and sensors. I raise my arm and wave it in a wide circle as I point in the direction we’ll be going, their heads bow slightly and they stand in unison, grabbing all of our bags and swinging them to their backs. Al brings me the tent bag that Karyna and I had shared, bowing his head in respect to the loss of my lover. I grab it and swing it over my shoulder, pointing stiffly and starting toward the fissure we were going through, moving quickly through and ducking due to the low ceilings.
I see the light at the end and move quickly toward it, becoming more cautious as I got closer, slipping my bag off and darting to the corner. I snapped my hand shut and the group halted, waiting for me to declare it was safe. I peeked around the edge of the dark blue rock to see what appeared to be an empty expanse. I held out my hand palm up toward the light, gathering energies before focusing in on lifeforms ahead of me. There were no signs of life, not even a small animal.

I turn around and grab my bag, swinging it over my shoulder as I slowly step into the light, squinting as I pulled my hood up and over my head, concealing the skin on my face. The others slowly file out in single file, their hoods already protecting them from the harsh rays of our sun. Al stands next to me and grabs my shoulder. I look at them and nod, starting to walk ahead, the group following cautiously. We continue walking through the night, slowing our pace considerably when it grows dark to appreciate the beauty of our planet’s 8 moons.
We reached the outskirts of a small city shortly before dawn. The city’s gates were closed so we set up camp to sleep and regain our energies. Al, Lonar, and I had first shift watching over the cap to prevent our numbers from dwindling even more. We were already down to 23 from the original 47 we had. Our shift lasted about half a sweep of the small moon, and five of our next capable members of the group settled into a new shift.
I was woken by Al’s hand gently shaking my shoulder. The suns were higher in the sky and the gates were slowly opening. The group had already packed up the camp around me, letting me catch a few more moments of sleep before waking me. I stretched, letting out a soft moan when my back cracked and I felt warmth flush through me. I leant down to pick up my back, swinging it onto my back and pulling my hood back over my head. I trilled my hand in the air above my head and began walking toward the gates, the group slowly following me.
Inside the small city there is a market just being set up. There are only a few that look like us, this planet has become very culturally diverse since the big ships started arriving and dropping people off. A lot of them have pinkish skin and weird proportions, and they make a lot of noises with their mouths. And there’s a big fountain they had us build for them.
We stop by the fountain and I let the group know that Al, Lonar and I wil be going to Lareya’s temple to set Karyna to peace. Two of them want to come with us, the others decide to go look at the wares and attempt to haggle for them. We nearly get lost a few times before we look up at the spire that seems to be peircing the sky, deciding that must be Lareya’s temple and walking determinedly toward it. Al sees it first and quickens their stride, opening the doors for us long before we reach them.
We cross the threshold and immediately we all drop to a knee, elbow resting on the other one, fists at our chests. We keep this position of great respect for Lareya and her children for several long moments before straightening up and walking to the altar, where Her priestesses are. They look at us puzzingly, their faces varying depending on species. I go to the Head Priest and kneel, grabbing her hand and holding my forehead to it. She looks down at me and smiles, signalling for me to stand tall and proud in front of my patron. She starts a low, humming melody that the other priestesses pick up. The five of my group that is here close our eyes and hum along, feeling connecting to our planet, and the priestesses. This is an old tune, one that is sung to us from birth until death. It is one of love, loss, desperation, anger, melancholy, and happiness.
It brings me back to my first days with Karyna, and I stifle a choked sob as the memories flit by, as if being carried off on an errant wind.
The High Priestess grabs my hands and squeezes them, silently urging me to send Karyna’s spirit on her way through the valleys. I shut my eyes tight and ball up all my happy emotions relating to her, my joy whenever she laughed or smiled, my anger when she got hurt, my sadness when she fell. I ball these up and I direct them toward her, hoping that these will help to keep her warm on her journey. I squeeze my eyes tighter and a tear leaks out, and I smile. A big, ear to ear grin that showed all of my pointy, white teeth. Karyna was at peace, she would wait for me to be reunited with her, she wanted me to love again.

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