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There was that dirty money he had got from her. He knew not to touch it but he did need it. How would he feed his family with such disgusting, ill-gotten bills?

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My heart raced as the snake leveled its head with mine. Its eyes were yellow, and they wanted nothing more than to kill me. The snake reared back, its fangs oozed with venom. Then all i could see was black.

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Laying on the bar floor, wondering how the hell she had gotten like this. Her clothes were shredded, her wallet was empty, and there was glass all over the ground around her. There was a note on the ground too, it was a little piece of receipt and the bold scrawling of the words “Two Days.” Then, it was all back. She remembered everything that had happened. The bankruptcy, the stripping, the bar fight with that noisy customer, the talk with the gray man, then this. Wait. What had that man said.

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The little baby girl was wrapped in her little blanket all warm and soft.
Her father walked up to the open hospital crib and kissed the baby on its head. They had tried so many times to have this baby. Six miscarriages. All the doctors had told them that it wasn’t possible even remotely.
Here she was.

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The prayers had all been answered in that little pink blanket, she was beautiful, and healthy. The happy, overjoyed mother looked at the father, and all was right with the world. Her name, would be Faith, because that was all they needed.

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The brisk air caressed little Arabella’s white face as she clambered up the stairs of the empty mansion leading to nowhere. For some reason she needed to go up, up, up. She couldn’t stop herself from moving, every step was involuntary. Finally she saw the moon above her, through a gigantic hole in the ceiling. It was a gorgeous, almost yellow moon.

» Posted By K. M. Mortensen On 04.06.2014 @ 10:01 am

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