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I turned to my side and reached out. Thin air is all I got. I had been dreaming again. This dream was the window to the parallel world. I reached out to jump into it, only to get a bump in my head. That time was gone. That touch was gone. All I was left with was the sensation of the possibilities and ache in my belly of having had a chance. Only if I had reached out more or maybe had not reached out at all. The all too familiar what ifs, the all too familiar curl in a ball sensation!

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Towers have different meanings in different context. Towers are meant to be high, rather too high.

» Posted By Jyoti On 05.25.2016 @ 12:17 am


fun things are done in events. there are many programs and workshops held to entertain and enlighten the audience and participants in various aspects of the main theme.j

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caring is one thing and showing that u care is another. right or wrong! can any body believe that just by saying that u care, somebody may feel good and start believing in that there is somebody who cares! cares about you.

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sage is a color. it reminds me of gold, the desert, and a simple way to live life. is sage a food? If it were, it should be a desert drenched in caramel and chocolate!It’s a beautiful word!

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